Q. Why did you want to be an intern at Lazy Susan?

I wanted to be an intern at Lazy Susan because it is a small company. Thus I am able to get a closer look at all the processes and strategies run by the company in the past and the future. Furthermore I have the possibility to work for each department and get involved in different projects during my six months internship. In addition Lazy Susan is a very international company with customers all over Europe and suppliers in South-East Asia. This was a very important aspect for me, as this will help me in my studies and my future work life.

Q. What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

In the morning I process orders on Magento and Amazon which were placed the night before from customers. After I finished this I start working on projects. Currently I am helping in Accounting; filing supplier invoices, working on the SAGE 50 system and also helping to submit the German VAT and Intrastat reports. In the afternoon I take care of the sales ledger invoices, checking that all customers have paid their orders and filing those invoices. Before I finish my day at work I check on Amazon and Magento again if there are any orders to process before I leave. During the whole day I take German customer phone calls. If I am not able to help the customers I will forward to other colleagues.

Q. What have you learned in your first few months working for Lazy Susan?

In my first month of my internship I learned a lot at Lazy Susan. I started using new systems such as Magento, Sage 50 and Amazon from a seller's point of view. I got to know how to create shipments and print labels for our warehouse. Furthermore I learned a lot in Accounting, as this was all new to me. I learned how to prepare reports for VAT and Intrastat, how to submit the tax return, what supplier statements actually are and how the filing process works. In addition I got to know the process of how to deal with complaints from customers.

Q. How do you like to spend time outside of the office?

After work I enjoy a run on the seafront or long walks through Portsmouth, as it is a beautiful city. During my days off I do some sightseeing in and around Portsmouth. Additionally I went on day trips for example visiting Brighton or London.

Q. What are you enjoying about living and working in Portsmouth?

I enjoy living in Portsmouth a lot. It has a very good infrastructure as buses run regularly. Therefore it is very easy for me to get to work. Furthermore Portsmouth is easy to reach because of its three train stations. One is right next to the Lazy Susan office. With the trains you can get to a lots of places for example London, Southampton Airport, Cardiff, Brighton and many more. Additionally Portsmouth has a stunning landscape with the seafront, its green areas and the old city of Portsmouth. Last but not least the weather is remarkable.

 Q. What would you like to be doing in 10 years from now?

I do not have a plan for where I want to be in 10 years. But I see myself working for an international company. I would love to live and work abroad for a couple of years to improve my language skills and to get new experiences. In addition I want to put my knowledge and experiences from my bachelor's degree and the internships into my job. However I can see myself being self-employed as well. I might start a new business or take over the business of my parents. We will see what the future brings.


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