White Aluminium Sample

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White Aluminium Sample

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Model Number: H-1-SAMPLE-WH

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FREE White metal and cushion Fabric samples.

The Lazy Susan samples will show you the colour of the white aluminium as well as the cushions. The sample pack will include:

A thin metal slate to show the colour of the White metal and a small cut-off of the cushions to show the fabric and the colour of the cushions

The stone, green, blue and terracotta parasols are designed to match the cushion colours.

As soon as we receive the request for samples, we will pop them in the post.

How to place the order:

Simply add the item to your cart and proceed with delivery information. At the payment screen, simply click on BANK TRANSFER.

No payment is necessary. We will have all your details to send you the samples.


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Weather resistant Metal Garden Furniture

The great thing about Cast Aluminium garden furniture is that unlike cast iron garden furniture it will never rust..

You can leave your Lazy Susan garden furniture outside all year and it will never rot and or rust. Aluminium furniture simply can not rust.

Customer Service is our top priority and we promise that we will always maintain the very highest standards.

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