4 Seater vs 6 Seater Garden Tables

Can’t decide if you need a 4 seater or a 6 seater garden table? Not sure if you have the room for a 6 Seater? Or maybe a 4 seater might look a little lost on your patio?

Lazy Susan is here to give you the benefit of our wisdom. After all, we know a thing or two about garden tables.

As a general rule, we recommend that you allow for at least 75cm either side of our tables for a chair to be placed. This will give ample room for a person to comfortably rise and push their chair back from the table.

What size garden tables?

Alice Garden Tables
This customer photograph illustrates how well our 4 seater Alice garden tables can work on a smaller patio.

Ideally, you also need a minimum of 75cm between the table edge and the edge of a patio or decked area, more (100 to 120cm) is better, especially if the decking/patio is raised for example.

That space has to function, it has to provide enough space for people to sit down, pull the chair out and move around safely.

What size garden table do you need to create visual balance?

Unlike say a dining room, the boundaries of our gardens can be a little more blurred. You’re not restricted by four walls. However, the key to good garden design for me, is to apply those rules regardless.

A well designed garden will often have defined zones. If you have a stone patio for example, you want any table and chairs to fit within that space. Chairs overhanging is a big no no.

Proportion is crucial. That is what will help the space to flow, to look good.  You don’t want a garden set that is too big or too small. It must ‘fit’ with its surroundings.

Space to move around your garden table is important

Another thing that has a big impact on patio size and layout is circulation. How you move around the space.

The location of patio doors for example will impact on where your garden tables will fit on that space. Design elements like walkways and planters will also have an impact on how the space is ‘centered’.

Before deciding if a 4 or 6 seater garden table is right for your garden though, calculate which of our table sizes will fit on the space you have. Take our best selling round 4 seater Alice set as an example. The dimensions are shown in the illustration below:

Alice 4 Seater Round Garden Table Dimensions
Alice 4 Seater Round Garden Table Dimensions

The table has a diameter of 120cm, so add the necessary chair space of 75cm to that and you need at least 195cm of free space for this set just to sit comfortably.

Personally, I would add at least another 100cm to that figure if you want room to pull that chair right out, and walk around the table with ease etc when people are seated.

Our chair dimensions are below, take these, look at your space to work out if it will work:

Lazy Susan Garden Chair Dimensions
Lazy Susan Garden Chair Dimensions

For all of our garden furniture, you’ll find the dimensions in the product description section (pictured below) on each individual product page.

Product dimensions can be found under the dimension tab in this section.

Carefully measure the space you have, see if it will fit, check that the space will function as you’d like it to.

Shape of our garden tables is also a factor to consider

Shape as well as size of garden table, also needs to be considered, so that movement around the table is not impeded when the patio is in use.

For example, a round table allows for greater free space and flow around it, while a square table can be pushed up neatly against a wall if needed.

The shape of your outdoor space can often dictate the best shape of table but as the say opposites can attract too.

A smaller square patio looks great with a 4 seater square garden table set. However, a round table can work just as well. For me they always feel more cosy and intimate, everybody can see each other, conversations flow better.

Rectangular garden tables are common in the UK, and there’s a pretty good reason for that. Most patios in the UK are rectangular, especially in new homes, so it fits well.

Amelia Patio Furniture Set
The Amelia patio furniture set from Lazy Susan

If you go for a 6 seater, then an oval table functions very much like a rectangular. A best of both square and round if you like. Visually, it appears to occupy less space than a rectangle though because of the rounded corners, but that means that it has less surface area.

I always advise customers to consider an oval table if they have a narrower or smaller patio, but they want to seat 6 people.

Larger round tables on the other hand are not always ideal for big groups. Yes you can still see each other, but people can feel far away, you may have to shout across the table to be heard.

If you do prefer a round table over a large rectangular one, and you think you may need to seat 6+ people, then make sure you get one of our Lazy Susan’s (pictured above) to help with serving food and drinks.

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