How to achieve the perfect patio

We’ve had some great weather here in the UK over the last few months. Well it certainly feels like we’re in for a better summer than last year, so lets keep those fingers crossed that it continues. I know this weekend is forecast to be a good one, so why not get outside and spend a little time prettying up your patio with Lazy Susan’s on-trend tips for your outdoor space.

Lounging about on the patio, enjoying coffee in the garden on a sunday, or dining al fresco, is quite often a dream rather than a reality in the UK. But that is no excuse for forgetting about it, take the time to ensure it’s looking its best, be prepared for any opportunity for a little outdoor relaxation.

Gloria 8 Seater Oval Garden Table

Gloria 8 Seater Oval Garden Table by Lazy Susan

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, then in our opinion, it deserves as much attention as the rooms inside your home. A recent survey by Lloyds TSB Insurance estimated that in 2013, we spent £14 billion on garden improvements in 2012.

As a nation, we might not got the weather, but we love our gardens and patios. Holiday budgets are still tight, the housing market is still sluggish, s for many of us, we’re looking to invest that money into improving our gardens, rather than going or abroad or moving house.

Many homeowners simply don’t have the time for gardening, we want it to look good, but keep future work to a minimum. Decking, garden rooms and and high quality garden furniture have moved into prime position in terms of budget allocation. Its is estimated that on average, we each spend around £900 on outdoor furniture alone!

So how do you go about achieving the perfect patio? Well don’t worry, Lazy Susan is here to help guide you through the simple process of design and planning with a few pointers to get you started…

  • Size & Use
    What do you plan to use the new patio for? This may seem an obvious question, but it’s one that often gets neglected in the excitement planning a new patio, choosing new furniture and decor etc! Is it a space for two people to relax, a family space, or do you want to create an outdoor room, an extension of your home? Carefully measure out the space you have available and create a design that delivers the requirements you have. As a rule of thumb, a 3m x 3m patio will comfortably fit a Lazy Susan 4 seater dining table with space you to walk around the table, pull chairs out etc. However, its better to have a patio too large than too small!
  • Position
    Does the patio even have to go next to the house, could it be detached in a sunnier part of the garden? The area adjoining your home is normally the most convenient place for a patio, but is it the best?
  • Privacy
    Following on from above, one of the major considerations for many a homeowner, is privacy. You want to relax on your patio, without being on show to the neighbours. Positioning the patio adjacent to your home can offer this. However, screens, pergolas, shrubs etc can also help create a private secluded space.
  • Light & Shade
    If you want to use your patio in the evening, then investing in the installation of electric lighting is essential. Likewise a little shade is also important, especially for your patio table. A parasol or awning are the ideal solution if you like to entertain outside and want to ensure you can continue outside whatever the weather!
  • Shape
    What shape patio do you want? Think about what works best with your home and the rest of your outdoor space. A squared patio always works well in a contemporary setting, and whilst its not the most creative of forms, it is often the most practical and cost effective. Round patios are also quite popular. Often, a round patio will feature a focal point at the centre, such as a dining table and chairs. And finally you have a free-form shaped patio, which incorporate broad, sweeping curves, or unpredictable angles and shape changes. The key to a free-form patio is to give it an asymmetrical, organic feel.
  • Materials
    The materials you choose will have the biggest impact on the final appearance of your patio. And trust me, there is a vast array of materials to choose from. Concrete, sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, travertine, as well as gravel brick, block, setts… The list goes on! As with shape, just think about what works with your home. What will work with how you use your patio? If you like to BBQ, don’t go for a material that shows up stains etc.
  • Colour
    You can raise the temperature in the garden no matter what the weather by styling your patio with bright coloured garden furniture and bright accessories. The recent revival for bright colours and bold patterns is being reflected outdoors too. Vibrant colours such as bright yellow, sky blue, pink and leaf green are on trend at the moment and perfect for really bringing your patio to life.

Patios are perfect for outdoor entertaining. The design and build of one can seem a daunting task, but it’s worth spending the time getting it right – a patio is not something you want to replace every five minutes. If unsure, always enlist the help of a landscape professional!

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