The advantages of a modular garden room

So what is the main advantage to buying a modular garden room? Well the simple answer is flexibility.

You can design your modular garden room to the configuration and size you need, specifically for the outdoor space you have available. Sections can be added simply and quickly to the initial module, expanding your garden room to grow with your needs.

Are you looking for a modern, yet classical looking comfortable garden office, dining room, guest room, sauna or just a little extra space in your garden?

Your new Modular could be:

  • A comfortable garden office
  • An attractive guesthouse
  • A practical extra space for your house
  • A full of light garden house for a quiet retreat
  • A cosy home spa or gym
  • A small functional summerhouse
  • A holiday park home

It gives you the opportunity to create a unique-looking building that’s designed to work with the space available. They are is easily constructed within a day or two, simple to purchase, and easy transport.

Modular garden rooms offer excellent value for money and they can be dismantled and moved to another place, if required.

Some people think of the garden room as nothing more than a ‘posh shed’, but they’re so much more and far exceed the average garden shed, both in terms of appearance, and construction. Unlike a garden shed, a garden room will significantly increase the value of your home. However, the key to a well designed garden room is careful planning, and being sympathetic to the surrounding homes and gardens.

Lazy Susan’s garden rooms are constructed to last, and designed to withstand the harsh winters of Scandinavia. As long as you have the space in your garden there really aren’t many reasons not to get one. A garden room could give you and your family additional space to express yourself with say a dedicated home art studio? Or how about a detached guest room that can be used for visiting friends and family all year round?

An inspirational and inviting space that could help you get yourself motivated when considering a home gym? Or just a room for some me time – to read, listen to music, watch your favourite film, or just to let the kids hang out and play on their games consoles with friends?

The possibilities are limitless!

EasyHome Modular Garden Room

EasyHome Modular Garden Room by Lazy Susan

The majority of single storey garden buildings do not require any planning permission, so long as they are within a specific size and meet certain criteria. However, as par for the course, we always advise our customers to contact their local planning department, and out of common courtesy, if your neighbours can view the structure, then please contact them too and inform, them of your plans.

In terms of location, try and pick a spot where it will get a little shade, but avoid overhanging trees if you can. Falling leaves can block gutters and cause damp if left. And always avoid anywhere that water collects during heavy downpours.

Lazy Susan’s Easyhome Modular Garden Room with Integrated Covered Terrace

Our modular EasyHome garden room is a very exciting new concept in garden building design…

Modular Garden Room Configurations

Modular Garden Room Configurations

Developed in the Northern Baltic by as a cost effective way of designing and constructing a flexible but bespoke summer house, the system is based on a standard 4.2m x 2.95m fully insulated module that can be used as a stand-alone garden room, or multiple modules can be combined to create larger, more complex garden buildings.

Modular Oak Flooring

EasyHome’s Modular Oak Flooring

Over time families grow and circumstances change. The end result is ever changing requirements for more living space. The Easyhome Modular is a fantastic future proof garden building, with its ability to both grow in size and configuration, it is ready to meet your future needs.

If you are looking for additional contemporary styled accommodation to both supplement and complement your existing property, the Easyhome Modular will have an option that meets your needs.

What are the advantages and options of the modular garden building?

You can design your modular building to get the exact configuration and size you need.

  • Easy to purchase
  • Easy to transport
  • Expandable from 11 sqm to 44+ sqm
  • Excellent alue for your money
  • Flexible floor plan
  • You can design your own sliding shield
  • It takes two men only one day to build
  • It an be dismantled and moved to another place if required
  • No construction permits or licenses required

Manufactured from the technically advanced SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) and incorporating four full height floor-to-ceiling double glazed panoramic windows, the stylish modern design also includes as standard an integral 4.2m x 1.5m terrace with its own cantilevered overhanging roof, providing additional protected space for alfresco dining, working, relaxing and entertaining.

The specification for the floor, wall and roof insulation was developed to cope with the extremes of the north Baltic climate, ensuring that you have a building that is genuinely useable all year round.

EasyHome Modular Garden Room

EasyHome Modular Garden Room by Lazy Susan

Included as part of the standard specification is:

  • A fully engineered oak floor fitted inside the module
  • Solid pine decking on the terrace
  • A full electrical installation consisting of a consumer unit, two double sockets, four concealed low energy interior strip lights and remote controlled independently dimmable LED terrace lighting)
  • Full length pleated blinds inside each of the panoramic windows.
Modular Optional Screen

EasyHome’s Modular Optional Screen

Following the changes in 2008 to the ‘Permitted Development’ planning regulations, subject to the geographic location of your property and the proposed position of the garden room inside the boundaries of your plot, planning permission is not generally required.

We are happy to provide help and guidance on planning related matters and assistance is offered on the rare occasions that a planning application is needed. For further information please see our Planning Permission Info Page.

EasyHome Modular Garden Room

EasyHome Modular Garden Room by Lazy Susan

We have a fully assembled, decorated and equipped demo Easyhome at our Chichester showroom, alongside examples of our full range of timber garden rooms and buildings.

Please call the Lazy Susan team on 08450 737 136 if you would like to make an appointment to view or if you have any further questions.

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