The advantages of shopping online with Lazy Susan

The Internet has revolutionised the way we shop. As a business, without the internet, Lazy Susan would be a very different animal indeed. The advantages for us are many. We can sell direct to the consumer. We aren’t restricted by location. We can keep our overheads low as we don’t require a network of showrooms. I could go on…

However, it is not just us that benefit. There are numerous advantages for you, the consumer. More and more people are opting to shop online over the conventional method of going into stores. And not only that, we are prepared to purchase a broader range of products than ever before. No longer are we afraid to purchase just small-ticket items like music and books. Everything from holidays to cars are now purchased by shopping online.

Shopping online with Lazy Susan

Of course the decline of the high street is a sad thing. Clearly the internet has played a significant part in that. However, there are other factors. Spiralling rental prices and rates in our city centres is surely the biggest culprit? But that’s a whole other post. At Lazy Susan we saw an opportunity to sell high quality garden furniture direct to our customers from our warehouse.

Traditionally, garden furniture was never really a high street product as such anyway. It was more in the domain of the large DIY store and garden centre chains. That’s who we wanted to compete with. We wanted to offer an alternative to their stack it high sell it cheap modus operandi. To focus on a core offer of just garden furniture. Nothing else. To position ourselves, and rightly so I feel, as an expert in our field.

So what are those advantages? Why do people choose to shop online with Lazy Susan, rather than say driving to their local DIY megastore or garden centre? Of course, quality, service and price are probably the three key reasons for why you’d buy your garden furniture online from us. Our customer testimonials are testament to this. However, they also identify several other reasons for choosing to shop for garden furniture online rather than in a store.

The advantages of shopping online with Lazy Susan for new garden furniture


For me convenience has to be one of the best advantages of shopping online for a bulky item such as garden furniture. I’ve been that person in a garden centre carpark trying to shoe horn my new outdoor furniture into the back of my car. Yes, many of the larger stores will offer a delivery service on bulky items, that’s if you can find a member of staff to sort it though. Howvever, for me, convenience is more than just ease of delivery. There’s no queuing at the tills, enter your address and card details, press click to buy. No waiting for the store to open or getting there to find it closed. 24/7 shopping from the comfort of our homes. And if like me you hate crowds of people, especially on weekend, or having to fight for a parking bay that’s too small for your car, all that goes away when you shop online.


This is a one we at Lazy Susan pride ourselves on. We know we can offer a better quality product at a highly competitive price. And whilst we don’t have the buying power of a large DIY chain, we don’t have the overheads they have. Shop online with Lazy Susan and your garden furniture is sent direct from our warehouse in Chichester via courier. We don’t have a network of expensive stores, and that enables us to compete with the large chains. The other price advantage of shopping online is it significantly easier to compare prices and find the best deal online. Retailers like us have regular sales and promotions, the prices are all clear before you buy, so you know what you’re paying for both the furniture and delivery. Factor in the fact you are saving on the cost of fuel and often you’re making some big savings. I’ve also ripped the headliner in my car forcing a bulky item into the back. Not garden furniture but the same is potentially true. It was expensive to fix.


As the saying goes, it’s the spice of life. Although, this might sound like a bit of an odd advantage at first with regard to Lazy Susan. We are focused on garden furniture, and garden furniture only. We don’t offer variety as such. Not like you’d find in a garden centre at least. We’re a specialist. Proudly so. We focus on cast aluminium garden dining sets. However, as part of the wider web, we are part of that more variety. The internet gives you the opportunity to shop around. To find the right furniture for your garden. Lazy Susan may not be for you, but there are many companies in the UK who specialise in other types and styles of garden furniture. No longer are we limited by location. If you wanted designer Italian garden furniture, then you can order and pay for it to be shipped to the UK.


Many of us like to go shopping in an actual store. Myself for example, I like buying music on vinyl. I’m old fashioned. Or is that hip again, I’m not sure? Anyway, my point is that I like to visit a record shop and have a dig through the racks. The problem with that is you’re restricted to purchasing the records they have in stock. Buy online and you have full control over what records you buy. Visit your local DIY superstore or garden centre and I can guarantee you will spend a lot more than you envisioned and potentially end up buying garden furniture that isn’t exactly what you wanted or needed. We will buy just because that is what’s available. By shopping online for garden furniture, we don’t have to let what the store has in stock dictate what we buy. With Lazy Susan, you can see what is in stock, so you know exactly what you can get. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, then you can head to another shop with a simple click or wait until what you really want from us is back in stock.

Be careful when shopping online

That’s not to say there aren’t a few negatives to shopping online. You need to ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable website. Know your rights. Read the testimonials, check their social media, and ensure the online shopping facility is secure. Lazy Susan is fully protected by Comodo Secure, so you can shop in confidence, knowing your payment/contact details are protected. All the information you need to know with regard to security/policies can be found in the footer of every page on our shop site. The other big disadvantage of shopping online is the try before you buy. You want to know you’re buying a quality piece of garden furniture. That’s why our eKomi reviews and approval scores are so important. You can see exactly what customers are saying about our garden furniture. Unlike these holiday sites, we don’t (allegedly) post fake reviews. What is the point? Yes, we get the odd negative comment, but we own that, we look to make improvements to said product or service. Our customer photographs are also a valuable asset, providing a much better representation of what our pieces could look like in your garden better than any over styled professional studio shot. We also offer free samples of our metals and fabrics so you can touch before you buy. You can order all our sample packs here.

Shopping online with Lazy Susan is safe and easy

Shopping online with Lazy Susan

UK Delivery

Lazy Susan are pleased to offer the vast majority of our customers free delivery, Monday to Friday. At checkout you can also note any special requirements or important information to be communicated to the carrier in the ‘comments’ box. However, if you have a delivery query, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] – our customer service team aims to reply to emails within 2 hours during normal office hours. We have three different delivery methods, which are dependent on the combination of items ordered. Full details of which you’ll find over on our Delivery page.

European Delivery

At Lazy Susan we now deliver furniture all over the world, and over the years, we’ve managed to build up a reliable distribution network. If you would like some of our furniture delivered outside of the UK, it is best to email us on [email protected] or give us call us on +44 (0) 1243 71 71 97. We will then obtain quotes from a number of our distribution partners and give the best price possible. We’ll cover a certain percentage of that cost too. We can gain a quote for you for free, there is no commitment to buy. Alternatively, you can click on a number of our European sites over on our European Delivery page, which outline all costs to that specific country.


Please see our Delivery & Returns page for in depth delivery information and our full returns policy.

Quality Assurance

As a relatively small company within the furniture industry we are able to closely monitor the quality of our products and customer service throughout the purchasing process. In order to maintain our reputation as a trusted, customer-centric company, we offer all customers a 1 year guarantee on all our furniture in the rare event of any design or manufacturing related damage. As our customer testimonials underline, we are committed to service and take pride in customer satisfaction and high-quality products. Unlike many of our competitors, if you are not happy with your product or service, you can ring us direct and talk to one of the Lazy Susan team Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and talk through any concerns you may have. Our maintenance-free furniture is something we believe in so much, all of the Lazy Susan staff (including myself) have Lazy Susan furniture in our gardens!


Please complete the form on our Warranty page to receive your 12 month Lazy Susan warranty. Once the form has been completed, your details will be added to our special warranty database and your purchase will be covered 12 months from the delivery. This includes any structural damage and naturally occurring paint damage.

Price Promise

The Lazy Susan Furniture Price Promise is to match any furniture price that is exactly the same as ours. We will require proof of the offer, as well as photographs to show it is exactly the same as our product. Please note; the product has to be the same as ours, as then we can ensure it is of the same high quality. We price our furniture extremely competitively, and we are therefore confident that our prices reflect the high quality product and the fantastic service you will receive. We used to go to all the Garden shows across the country for the first two years of business, however we have now realised the best way to be competitive is to be a purely online business. We can therefore remain flexible, offer our products at the lowest possible prices due to lower overheads, and maintain the highest level of customer service. Our 500+ customer reviews are testament to this.


Even after your purchase with Lazy Susan, we pride ourselves on our after-sale service; offering a 12 month guarantee on all our furniture in the rare event of any design or manufacturing related damage after your purchase. As seen in many of our customer reviews, we really try to sort out any issues as quickly as possible. If there is a problem with any part of your order, we will make sure the situation is resolved as soon as possible and that you, as the customer, is satisfied. This is extremely rare and as our online customer testimonials prove, our furniture is high quality and long lasting.

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