Why purchase aluminium outdoor furniture?

Everyone dreams of having the perfect patio and garden and if you invest all that time and effort into creating your perfect outdoor oasis then also you definitely need to have the best patio furniture. And for us, it has to be aluminium outdoor furniture. If you want to relax and enjoy your garden during the summer months, then you need patio garden furniture that not only looks good, but also offers you great comfort.

Several types of patio furniture, made up from many different materials are available on the market nowadays, that range from the teak patio furniture to the cheap plastic patio furniture. Patio furniture is also available with many other materials like cane, wicker, poly-wood, cast iron and of course our friend cast aluminium.

Lazy Susan helpful hints for placement of patio garden furniture

The most desired feature of patio furniture is durability and its resistance ability for all weather conditions. When you make a comparison on behalf of these features then you will find that cast aluminium patio furniture stands first among all the different types of patio furniture. It is rust-proof and does not require any cover even during the rain, snow or the storms.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture is low maintenance

Also if you are looking at garden furniture from a future maintenance perspective, then you’ll also find that cast aluminium furniture wins hands down. It is the best as maintenance and the need for repairing are very low and extremely easy. Cast aluminium does not corrode like cast iron patio furniture and does not require as much maintenance as say timber.

Cast aluminium patio furniture is also very light weight compared to cast iron or timber and that makes it easy for you to keep it anywhere in your garden, pick it up and move around.

When you start comparing the price of cast aluminium garden furniture with several other types of furniture you will find that prices are far better when you take into account the overriding features and benefits. 

Cast aluminium furniture is beautiful to look at, excellent value for money, and virtually maintenance free. You can simply clean it with warm soapy water and any marks/stone chips on the feet can be easily touched up… Just see our How to Repair Paint Chips on Aluminium Garden Furniture video if you don’t believe me.

Yes we are a little biased, but you can’t argue with the facts and cast aluminium patio furniture is the best choice among all types of garden furniture. When people are choosing furniture for outdoor use, they may already be convinced that cast aluminium patio furniture is the best solution.

And while it is true that aluminium resists corrosion better than most other metals, you need to ensure that the quality of the alloy used to make cast aluminium patio furniture is of the highest quality.

Always look for good quality cast aluminium garden furniture

To be honest it is the main factor in determining how long it will last, not just the generic name cast aluminium. There is cheap aluminium garden chairs on the market where the aluminium tubing is not much thicker than a can of pop.

Even so-called rust proof cast aluminium patio furniture can become corroded and pitted if a little TLC is not taken. However, it will resist the urge to corrode far better than other ferrous metals such as cast iron, but buying aluminium patio furniture and believing that it will last forever is simply folly.

At the end of the day, keeping it cast aluminium garden furniture clean is best protection you can get and a wipe down with warm soapy water every now an then will help prolong your furniture. Saying all that, even a painted wrought iron can have a prolonged life if properly cared for. The problem with cast iron is that to avoid rust to the level of cast aluminium, you need to apply new paint over any scratches immediately. 

Cast aluminium patio furniture can take the pressure of abuse. Keeping it clean of corrosive abrasions will extend its life. Plus, many of today’s modern aluminium patio furniture sets (such as those sold by Lazy Susan) are much heavier than those produced in the past, making them able to last much longer and they’re less likely to get blown away in a strong wind, but at the same time are still light enough to pick up and move.

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