How to buy new outdoor furniture

When you buy new outdoor furniture it is a long term investment, and making the right decision can be a tricky one. Over the last decade we’ve seen significant product innovation in our industry, and with that a raft of new product materials and styles. Choosing the set that is right for you is harder than ever before. We’ve even had customers tell us that a fear of making the wrong choice, thus wasting money, has prevented them from replacing their old tired looking furniture.

So here at Lazy Susan Furniture we wanted to impart some of our knowledge, provide regular buying advice that’ll help you get the most out of your new garden furniture. And no I’m not going to simply promote Lazy Susan garden furniture, well maybe a little. Although to be honest I don’t need to do that, it speaks for itself, the links just above if you want to click on it though. No, I want to try and give a few pointers on how you choose the right set for your needs. The pieces of garden furniture that will fit with the lifestyle of you and your family. That will fit with how you all use, or would like to use, your outdoor space.

Florence 8 Seater Slate Grey Modern Outdoor Furniture Set

Florence 8 Seater Slate Grey Modern Outdoor Furniture Set from Lazy Susan

We’ve recently blogged about how to make the best use of the space you have available in your garden or on the patio, and how to choose the right size pieces for your patio. Careful measurement, selecting pieces that will fit in that space, and buying garden furniture that you’ll use. I wanted to try and follow up our ‘How to get the most from new outdoor furniture‘ post up with a little more advice on how you can go about making that purchase. Just expand on some of the themes I touched on in that post, but also look at how you can select the right materials etc.

Quality is key when you buy new outdoor furniture

We touched on this in our opening paragraph and last months post. Long term investment is the key phrase. When you buy new outdoor furniture, it isn’t cheap, so it’s important you’re getting good ‘bang for your buck’ as they say. That quality matches the price tag. You’ll pay more for a premium material such as cast aluminium, but if the construction is poor, or the seller has poor quality control from their factory, then you could be throwing good money away on pieces that won’t stand up to the often awful British weather.

From bad welding to a poorly applied paint finish, one bad winter will expose that bargain all-weather DIY superstore set for what it really is. We’ve all been guilty of buying garden furniture as somewhat of an after-thought, treating it as less important than say a new sofa or dining table. However, in reality, the opposite should maybe be the case. The pieces of furniture we put on the patio, or even in our conservatories for that matter, have to work just that little bit harder. Garden furniture has to stand up to mother nature as well as the day to day of family life. The sun’s UV rays, wind, rain, debris and not forgetting our feathered friends, that garden table and chairs is gonna have a lot to deal with.

If you’re buying online, as you would from a company such as us, it pays to be even more vigilant. Making an expensive purchase without being able to physically see and touch the product is a gamble. On the plus side we don’t have the overheads of those on the high street, we can beat them on both quality of product and remain competitive in terms of price. And in my experience, if the price sounds too good to be true, then ask yourself why? Our customer reviews are testament to the quality of our products and service and we offer free metal and fabric swatches so you can see the finish before you buy.

Outdoor Furniture Samples

At Lazy Susan we can supply you with free metal and cushion fabric samples when you look to buy new outdoor furniture from us.

If you do find you’re dissatisfied with a purchase from Lazy Susan, then please contact us within seven days of the original purchase. You can either arrange to return the goods to the us at your own cost or ask a collection to be made at the cost of £75 which will be deducted from the refund.

Refunds will be issued within 30 days of receipt of goods and after we have inspected them for damage. We reserve the right to withhold all or part of your refund if items are returned damaged. So if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, then please contact our customer service department on 01243 717197 and they’ll endeavour to help you in any way they can. Full details of our returns policy can be found on our Delivery & Returns page.

When you do come to buy new outdoor furniture, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at pieces in a store, or taking delivery of from an online supplier, it is vital you inspect the full set. Painted metals should have a uniform finish with no pitting or blemishes. Timber is a natural material, but even still it should be smoothly sanded to the touch and any varnish/wood stain evenly applied. Even check the bits you don’t usually see, such as the underside of the chairs and tables, as these can be a sign that corners have been cut.

Amelia Patio Furniture Set

The Amelia patio furniture set from Lazy Susan

No matter what the intended use or style, when you buy new outdoor furniture it is better to select durable and easy-to-maintain pieces that will last for years to come. You want well fitted, secure joints, well constructed parts and fixings. Any welding should be of a high standard, there should be no chips/scratches or discolouration in any painted finish/coating. Chairs and table legs shouldn’t wobble unless the patio is uneven. If that is an issues you have, then you need Wobble Wedges.

Nobody, Lazy Susan included, will have a 100% perfect defect free manufacturing process. Errors and flaws do occur, plus things do get damaged in transit. That’s why we have our Clearance section, its not just end of line stuff, we sell manny irregular sets too. Those that have been dented in transit maybe, painted finish might be a little patchy. We clearly state the issues (photograph where applicable), and if you can live with them, then you can grab a bargain.

I’m off track a little here though… So, if you do purchase a piece and find an issues when you get home, especially for an online purchase, then the key is the companies return policy. As a small family run business, well small for the furniture industry anyway, we’re in the enviable position of being able to closely monitor the quality of our products and customer service throughout the entire buying process.

And in order to maintain our reputation as a trusted, customer-centric company, we offer all customers a 1 year guarantee on all our furniture in the rare event of any design or manufacturing related damage etc.

Lazy Susan Customer Service

Lazy Susan Customer Service

Our customer testimonials demonstrate that we’re fully committed to service. We take particular pride in customer satisfaction and the high-quality of our furniture. We make mistakes, we’re only human. But we’ll always try to rectify them as quickly as we can. And unlike many of our larger competitors, if you’re not happy with your product or our service, then please just pick up the phone and call one of the Lazy Susan team direct on 01243 717197. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and always happy to talk.

Our maintenance-free patio furniture is something we truly believe in. So much so that all of the Lazy Susan team have Lazy Susan furniture in their own gardens! And if you need it or just want to read it for piece of mind before you buy any new outdoor furniture from us, then you can find full details of our Returns policy on our Delivery & Returns page.

So that’s all for this month peeps. Keep checking back as we do like to share our patio furniture buying tips etc. Hopefully they offer some unbiased advice, I try not to push our furniture too hard. Anyway, take all these things on board when you buy new outdoor furniture from any retailer, not just us, and you should be OK!

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