About Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Cast aluminium garden furniture is long-lasting and practically maintenance free. We have chosen to sell it instead of cast iron or wrought iron garden furniture for the simple reason that it does not rust.

June 6 Seater Oval Garden Table

June 6 Seater Oval Cast Aluminium Garden Table by Lazy Susan

Iron garden furniture is both very heavy and susceptible to rust. Our range of cast aluminium patio furniture is totally maintenance free, it will not rust. Simply keep it clean with soapy water, the same way that you would wash your car. 

Our metal garden furniture is designed to be left outside all year round, and unlike teak or wooden garden furniture it does not need sanding, varishing or regular staining.

Lazy Susan Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Based near Chichester in West Sussex our small family run business is a specialist firm of garden furniture suppliers and specifically cast aluminium garden furniture.

For some time we attempted to maintain teak garden tables and other similar furniture but to no avail.

So it was decided that the best long term solution was to sell cast aluminium garden furniture, due to its numerous benefits and suitability to the UK climate.

Cast aluminium garden furniture does not rot nor does it rust, furthermore, it is pretty much maintenance free and will not need to be replaced every few years as is the case with other materials.

It can also be left outdoors all year round so you don’t have to worry about constantly taking the garden table and chairs indoors or covering them up each time it rains or when it gets cold.

In March 2007 we launched our range of furniture after spending a lot of time searching for the perfect furniture sets.

Our aim was to find the best quality aluminium garden patio furniture on the market that was built in a classic design that would still look in fashion in years to come.

Since then we have sold thousands of different furniture sets all of which have been successfully delivered to all corners of the country.

Overall we are confident that customers will love our furniture as an alternative to cast iron or timber garden furniture for the main reason that it will never rust or rot.

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