Conservatories & Garden Rooms add value to you home

There is no getting away from the fact that summer 2012 was a total washout, wettest on record I believe, it was lousy. In fact I’m convinced that garden rooms, conservatories and the like are so popular because they give you that little feel of the outdoors indoors. Garden rooms and conservatories, in Lazy Susan’s humble opinion, are the best ways of improving your garden and adding significant value to your home. They are stylish, practical and still allow you to enjoy your garden no matter what the weather is doing. For me, they feel even better when its raining, take that mother nature.

On a more serious note though, if you compare them to say a brick built extension, they are significantly cheaper, but if done right can easily add as much value to your home. The purse strings of most UK families are pretty tight at the moment, which is why many people would question why would want to purchase a garden room or conservatory at this point in time? But hold on a second, it is not as daft as you might think. A garden room or conservatory can totally revive your home, transforming the way you use it. Just a few of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Value for money
    Installing a garden room or conservatory can increase the value of your home. And as I’ve already said, they’re significantly cheaper than a brick extension, but the cost of purchasing and installing is justified when you sell your home and earn a profit because of the wow factor they create, especially garden rooms.
  • Increased living space
    The longer you live in a home, the more the space around you seems to slowly disappear. As families grow the amount of space you have at your disposal becomes less and less, so a garden room conservatory can make up for this. They will restore useable space to your home and there’s a wide variety sizes, styles and designs to suit every taste and budget.
  • Better views outside
    For me this is what its all about. You benefit massively from the best view in the house of your garden when you are sat inside a conservatory or garden room. There’s no better place to keep an eye on the kids as they play outside in the summer or to relax on a weekend with a coffee and the morning papers.
  • They can be used for many different things
    Whatever you want to use it for, a garden room or conservatory can make for the perfect setting. The garden room is detached from the home, so it makes the ideal home office for example. While a conservatory is the perfect setting for breakfast, dinner, lunch or just drinks with friends and family.

The garden room is a personal favourite for Lazy Susan out of the two. As a structure it offers space that can be used for many purposes, including a home office or gym just to name a few examples. The possibilities are endless, they can be used for virtually anything you want. The most popular use is as an office, particularly for home workers, however, with relevant permissions and the addition of bathroom and kitchen facilities, garden rooms can become a guest annex. Garden rooms can also be used as playrooms, recording studios and we’ve even seen yoga/pilates rooms.

Conservatories on the other hand enable homeowners to fully enjoy the outdoors, enabling homeowners to bring the outdoors in. There are countless benefits of adding a conservatory to your home. From the extra space it brings for you and your family to the added value it offers to your property, conservatories are a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. At Lazy Susan we always advise homeowners to give their conservatory an outdoor theme (see below), add decorative items such as plants and flowers to their conservatory as well as rattan or wooden furniture to complete the look.

Get the design right

The great thing about garden rooms and conservatories is that you don’t need to be an interior designer to create the perfect finish. All you need is a clear plan and a few tips and you can create the ideal space for you and your family. The structure itself should do the talking, so keep things simple, stylish and you don’t even need to spend a fortune. A garden room or conservatory are truly unique spaces, and with a little inspiration, they will definitely become your favourite room in the house.

  • Create contrast between the interior and exterior
    The exciting thing about a garden room or conservatory is the merging of indoors and outdoors. Take opportunity to play with these two different spaces and bring the outside into your conservatory or garden room. You can easily achieve this by introducing plants, natural colour schemes of pale greens, blues etc or garden style furniture as shown above ornaments. If you are choosing artwork, pick prints or photographs with a natural theme.
  • Pick a theme and stick to it
    You don’t have to go overboard on the nature theme, there’s a variety of themes that will work. The extra light these spaces get will enhance any bright, minimalist, modern look, whereas darker hues, rugs, lamps and candles etc can help to create a more cozy feel. Purchase home and garden magazines, there is much inspiration to be had from looking at what others have done with their conservatories and garden rooms. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then do a little internet research and shop around online.
  • Keep things simple and practical
    Always keep in mind that the items in your garden room or conservatory will be heavily exposed to bright sunlight and foot traffic from the garden. This can cause certain furniture or artwork to fade and damage certain types of flooring. Choose durable materials when selecting your furniture and flooring, such as rattan and tiles respectively for example!
  • Maximise use of the space you have
    If you are plan on using the conservatory to entertain guests or the garden room as an office, then make sure you utilise the space as best you can. You want the space to be light and airy, and you won’t achieve that if you’ve used it as junk room. Keep them clutter free and look around for some of the cleaver storage solutions such as sofas with drawers etc.
  • Keep the heat in and out
    Not only can garden room and conservatories get pretty hot in the summer, but they can get cold during the winter. You can shade yourself in August and stay warm in December by installing good blinds that also have the added benefit of hiding any expensive items when you aren’t at home and providing a little privacy from the neighbours. Make sure the space is insulated and install a heating system. The last thing you want is a room that can’t be used when the weather turns cold, so make sure you can make the most of it all year round.

About Lazy Susan

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a small family business that specialise exclusively in wicker, rattan and metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium. Visit to find out more and view our complete product range.

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