So how do you decide which type of BBQ grill is right for you?

BBQ grills come in many different styles and at many different price points. You can choose from the traditional charcoal grills to modern gas grills. There’s even so called pellet grills that are fueled by compressed hardwood pellets. These are great for for slow smoking BBQ meats like ribs.

The various types of grills can cost as little as £30 to £40 or they can cost you over £1000. Hopefully we can help you decide which type of BBQ grill is right for you, as there’s a number of factors worth taking into consideration before you buy…

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For most people, the price is the main consideration when purchasing a BBQ. If you are only planning on using the grill a couple of times a year, then you probably do not want to spend £500 plus. However, if the British weather is not an issue and you plan on using your grill as many times as you can during the summer, then spending £500 or more may seem reasonable.

Pellet grills tend to be the most expensive BBQ grills, they are readily available in the USA, but a little harder to find here in the UK. However, many BBQ’ers (especially the Americans who lets face it no way more than us when it comes to BBQ) feel that they are well worth the investment.

The location of your BBQ should also be taken into consideration before you buy. If your garden is small then look for a small BBQ that won’t take up too much room and can be easily stored away.

Charcoal grills also create a lot of smoke, so if you have a small garden, then they might not be the best choice. You don’t want smoke in your eyes just for the sake of a flame grilled burger. Gas BBQ’s on the other-hand, don’t create as much smoke as charcoal, but they’re prone to the occasional bursts of flames and they tend to take up more space.

BBQ’s now come with many different types of fuel too, each with its own pros and cons. Charcoal is the cheapest BBQ fuel type to buy but it takes the longest to get up to cooking temp.

Gas BBQ’s are the most expensive but they provide instant heat and the temperature is easy to control. The big question is do they taste as good? For me its a big no, but they’re super convenient and are ideal if you cook big BBQ’s on a regular basis.

However, we’re starting to see more and more places stocking the wood BBQ pellets here in the UK. They’re not as instant as gas but quicker to get to temp (approx. 10 to 15 min as opposed to 30+ with charcoal) and easier to cook on than charcoal. For me, they win hands down on flavour too!

Safety is also an important consideration, but many people are divided about which type of grill is actually the safer. Charcoal grills tend to be the cause of most accidents but I wouldn’t like to be near a gas BBQ if something goes wrong.

Most injuries with charcoal tend to happen when people use the lighting fluids or gels. They use too much and you get a flare up which could ends up with them BBQ’ing their eyebrows off.

But whatever you don’t try and add more after the charcoal is burning. Once the coals have been lit, leave it. It’s not only very dangerous but your food will end up tasting like lighting fluid. I would always recommend buying the fire lighter blocks and a longflame BBQ lighter!

So there you have it. Which route you go down is up to you. Just keep in mind where the BBQ is going, how much space you have and how you tend to use it! Happy grilling!!!

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