End of summer garden furniture maintenance

The end of summer is the time to think about any garden furniture maintenance you need to do. Give it a good clean, make any necessary repairs now, and it’ll be ready to use next year.

Put it off, and you could find when you come to use it next summer that a minor repair has become a major problem.

Garden furniture can suffer badly from the cold and wet. Even furniture designed to stand up to the elements such as ours can end up covered in dirt over the autumn/winter months. There’s temptation just to leave it until next summer.

Even if you plan to store them inside a garage or shed, maybe pop them in sheltered spot and cover with a tarpaulin, a little TLC will keep your tables and chairs in tip-top condition, and leave them ready to use at the first sign of summer.

Good housekeeping is just as important in the garden as it is inside our homes. And now is the perfect time to tackle any garden furniture maintenance. As Charles Dickens wrote in David Copperfield, ‘never do tomorrow what you can do today’.

The weather isn’t nice enough to use our garden furniture, but there’s still plenty of mild (and some dry) days to get outside and give it a pre-winter deep clean and tackle any garden furniture maintenance issues.

Garden furniture maintenance starts with cleaning

Cast aluminium is probably the most commonly used metal in the world, it has long been the go to manufacturing material. It is commonly used in the production of everything from car parts to the space shuttle.

And the reason for that extensive use is down the resistance to corrosion and rust. It is also easy to both work with and maintain.

All of this means it is the perfect material for use in the production of garden furniture, especially for the UK market.

Our climate is a mixed bag to say the least. Our garden furniture will be exposed to anything and everything. From heavy downpours to the recent heatwave.

However, for me, the big advantage of our coated cast aluminium garden furniture is how easy it is to clean and maintain. A bucket of warm soapy water and a soft sponge is all you need.

Wash it like you would your car. In fact, I tend to use car shampoo to clean my own Lazy Susan set. It will not damage the painted/coated finish, but it will easily remove any stubborn dirt such a bird droppings or tree sap.

Once washed, just rinse with cold water and dry it with an old cotton towel. No need for pressure washers or specialist cleaning solutions. A regular clean every few months through the summer, makes the job even easier.

Touch-up any chipped paint or scratches

I must stress (again, sorry) that our cast-aluminium furniture is also fine left outside as it won’t rust. It is protected by a durable powder-coated finish.

However, that painted finish can chip or become scratched. Especially on the feet if it is dragged over a stone patio for example. This is incredibly easy to repair though, and the video below clearly explains how:

Our touch up kits consist of small bottles (pictured below) of paint specially designed to match your Lazy Susan furniture. And each tub has a built in application brush.

For our antique bronze finish, you will receive a pot of black and bronze paint so you can replicate the stippled finish. Our white and slate grey furniture has a flat finish, so you will simply receive one bottle of colour matched paint.

Antique Bronze Touch-up Paint

The Antique Bronze Touch-up Paint from Lazy Susan is perfect for small chips and scratches.

To apply the paint, simply use the application brush provided. Dab with kitchen roll to remove excess paint and leave to dry. Repeat as necessary until the desired finish is achieved.

With the antique bronze kit, apply the black paint first. Leave it to dry fully, then apply the bronze finish to achieve a match to the finish on the furniture. This sounds complicated but trust me it is easy to create a good match.

Our Touch Up Paint kits can be ordered from the Lazy Susan Shop:

Antique Bronze Touch Up Kit
Slate Grey Touch Up Kit
White Touch Up Kit

Prevention is better than the cure

Back to treating my Lazy Susan garden furniture like my car. I also like to apply a light coat of car wax for a little extra protection.

This also helps to give you back that like new shine, and provides a little extra protection. A small amount on a dry cloth goes a long way.

Takes a bit of elbow grease to polish a full set, but it is definitely worth the effort before you pop it away for winter.

Moving parts

When it comes to our sunloungers and extension tables, they are best put away too. If you don’t have a shed, move them to a sheltered part of the garden and securely cover.

Another thing I like to do before I store my furniture in the shed is to make sure all bolts etc are secure. Give them a tighten if they’ve worked loose.

If you have any moving parts, such as hinges on a sun lounger or extension table, parasol mechanism etc, give them a little extra attention.

I like to apply a little White Lithium Grease to any moving parts. You don’t need much. It is a thicker solution than your regular WD-40 type spray lubricants so it provides a better lubrication that won’t drip or run. It’s perfect for metal to metal applications too as it reduces friction.

I’ve covered the basics here of cleaning and maintenance of our cast aluminium garden furniture, however, if you have any specific garden furniture maintenance or cleaning questions, then please feel free to drop us a line via the comments section.

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