Our favourite garden mirrors for 2018

Last month we looked at all you needed to know about garden mirrors. Our garden mirror do’s and don’ts if you like. And I don’t really feel there’s anything to add to that, we hopefully covered it all in that article.

However, I did want to follow it up. While we mentioned the different types of mirrors you can buy, we didn’t really look at any specific examples. So I wanted to share some of my favourite garden mirrors, where you can buy them etc.

Not so much a buying guide, more just sharing some mirrors that will hopefully inspire you. Ideas you can use in your garden.

And I must stress, we have no affiliation with any of the companies that are featured in this article. They are just a few of the garden mirrors that the Lazy team and I like.

There’s some great products on the market too. A decade or so back, options were limited, but there’s been a real influx of new styles in recent years.

From Mirror Balls that make the perfect focal point to Illusion Mirrors that create a greater sense of space.

So here they are, some of our favourite garden mirrors for 2018…

Pyramid Feeder Mirror

Pyramid Bird Feeder from Home 2 Garden

Pyramid Bird Feeder from Home 2 Garden

This is what I meant when I said an influx of new styles. Think of mirror and you think of the classic picture frame. However, we’ve seen some great mirrored garden art and even furniture hitting stores in the last few years.

The Pyramid Bird Feeder from Home2Garden has a minimal yet elegant look. We love it’s clean lines. Constructed from 100% stainless steel, it is built to not rust or tarnish, and will sit looking all polished and reflective for many years.

However, the great thing about this piece for me, is not just good looks, it’s what those four sides of mirrored stainless steel can do. They’ll reflect the colours of any flowers and planting around it too, making it more than just a piece of art.

Dance Sculpture

Mirrored Dance Sculpture from Home 2 Garden

Mirrored Dance Sculpture from Home 2 Garden

Another piece of garden art that takes garden mirrors to the next level is this Dance Sculpture. Also from the good folks at Home2Garden.

Constructed from inverted hammered stainless steel, it is again fully rust proof.

The Dance Sculpture’s curves are designed to create more abstract shapes and reflect the colours in your garden. So whilst it won’t create the illusion of more space, it will add a visual punch.

This is a piece that deserves to take centre stage, to be a focal point in your garden. Place it in the centre of a border for maximum impact.

Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature

Mirrored Garden Sphere Water Feature from Primrose

Mirrored Garden Sphere Water Feature from Primrose

I’m a massive fan of this stainless steel water feature from Primrose, and they’ve been popular with garden designers for a number of years now.

With water flowing over and around the stainless steel sphere it adds a clean, modern edge to any garden. Plus they add a serene ambiance to your outdoor space.

The sphere also comes with white LED’s to deliver a stunning effect when the sun goes down and is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel.

Easy to install and maintain, it was recently featured on the BBC’s “Digging Deep” garden design show.

Mirrored Stainless Steel Sphere

Mirrored Ornamental Stainless Steel Sphere

Mirrored Ornamental Stainless Steel Sphere from Tidal at Amazon.co.uk

If water features aren’t your thing, or you can’t be bothered with the hassle of installation, then just go for a sphere like the one above from Amazon?

They’ll give your patio or garden the same modern edge, and I like to see various sizes grouped together to create even more of a feature.

Again, they are also constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel, so they are fully rust proof. They can be used both indoors and outdoors too.

They are machine polished to a mirror finish, and will reflect light and objects in your garden to create a truly unique effect.

Garden Gate Illusion Garden Mirrors

Garden Gate Illusion Garden Mirror

Garden Gate Illusion Garden Mirror from Displays UK

When it comes to illusion garden mirrors, then it has to be the garden gate and church window styles for me.

They’re not for every garden, but position them right in beautiful courtyard style garden, and the impact is dramatic to say the least.

The Illusion Outdoor Mirror Gate from Displays UK ticks all the boxes. Is it a gate to another part of the garden that has been left ajar?

Is it real? It just adds a little bit of mystery, creates the illusion of more space, and if done right, reflects back all those pretty flowers you have around it.

The mirror itself is acrylic and frame is constructed from pine. At 6ft 1in x 2ft 8in, you need to have the space to install it, but if you have, this best seller is a real winner.

The mirror/door is supplied assembled, but you do need to fit the iron hinges and bolts etc. That way you can decide which way you want to ‘hand’ the gate. But it’s is a simple task and will only take you 10-15 minutes or so to complete.

Fixing plates are supplied for fixing the frame to your fence or wall to, and they recommend you add a pathway leading up to it with a planters as shown in their photography to really enhance the illusion!

Church Garden Window

Church Garden Mirror

Church Garden Mirror from Great Little Garden

If it’s a classically styled window you want, then this beautiful church style window from Great Little Garden is the one for me.

Perfect for creating the illusion of more space in your garden and adding a little interest to a plain wall or fence.

Manufactured from high grade steel and glass with a waterproof backing, this mirror is finished with a rustic stone effect.

An eye-catching design and finish that is simple and easy to position and fix to the wall, what more could you want?

Garden Mirror with Plant Holder

Well maybe that more could be a plant holder? If it is then maybe this is the mirror for you? I know it is for me as I don’t have this exact one but something very similar that was kindly made for me by a friend.

Garden Mirror Plant Holder

Garden Mirror Plant Holder from Driftwood Interiors

These fantastic mirrors have be hand crafted from driftwood by Driftwood Interiors. Their garden mirrors incorporate a 3 plant pot holder shelf that will reflect back whatever you decide to pop in there.

The mirrors are robustly constructed and are fully weather proof. And at the end of the day, its not all about creating illusion. Sometimes your garden just needs a good looking mirror to reflect back a little bit of the pretty stuff.

Modern Garden Mirrors

Bespoke Contemporary Iron Garden Mirrors from Aldgate Home

Bespoke Contemporary Iron Garden Mirrors from Aldgate Home

Garden mirrors aren’t just classically styled too. There’s some stunning contemporary designs to choose from such as these bespoke contemporary iron garden mirrors from Aldgate Home.

Part of their bespoke collection, they can be commissioned to your personal style and dimensions. Aldgate offer a personal delivery and installation service if required too.

Commissioned to your exact size and shape in iron and then painted to your personal colour choice from the the Farrow and Ball “Railings” range, the trio of mirror panels pictured above can be flush wall mounted at a height to suit with their bespoke wall fixings.

The single inner panel of hand antiqued glass mirror offers a soft and warm reflection, and is backed to offer protection against the outside elements and also act as a safety measure.

So they are Lazy Susan’s favourite garden mirrors. Any you’d like to share with us, please drop them in the comments box below.

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