Our top ground covering plants

At Lazy Susan we love spring ground covering plants and we make extensive use of them to add interest and break up our showroom garden…

Ground covering plants are the perfect way to pack your garden with colourful plants, adding some structure and creating borders and plots that significantly reduce the need for soil turning and weeding!

You can choose from ground cover plants that love full sun or shade, as well as plants that will give you fragrance, bright floral displays or lush soft carpet that will simply enhance your planting scheme or in the case of our showroom the furniture displays.

So with Spring officially in full swing (the perfect time to plant them is now), and the sun shining for a change as I write this, I’ve gone round the Lazy Susan office and compiled the teams favourite ground covering plants:

Phlox Candy Stripe


Lots of love for the Phlox in the Lazy Susan office. The Candy Stripe will produce a stunning pink flower with elegant white stripe on a low growing, carpet-forming, evergreen plant.

Phlox Clouds of Perfume


Phlox Clouds of Perfume has large, star-shaped icy blue flowers again with the deep green foliage of the Candy Stripe. Its flowers are held on upright stems and provide a beautiful scent.

Violet Dark Freckles


This variety of Viola is fairly fast-growing and produces the lovely freckled purple flowers you can see in the picture in mid-spring. When combined with shade-loving mosses, you can create this lovely woodland floor effect.

Dianthus Sternkissen


A variety of the moderately spreading Dianthus Gratianopolitanus, Sternkissen features blue-green foliage with beautiful clove-scented pink flowers. It requires relatively little water too, making it great for the more forgetful gardeners among us.

Oriental Agapanthus


Oriental agapanthus have these lovely arching leaves that a bit like lilies. It grows in a clusters and will reach aprrox. 2 feet tall, producing these really impressive blue flowers from spring to autumn. The foliage makes it a good mass-planting ground cover for sandy soil but it will also grow in well-drained heavier soils in full sun to partial shade.



Even though it looks more like a ground-hugger, the Vinca is in fact a vine plant that bears large leaves and bluish or white blooms. A hardy plant, Vinca is suitable for shaded gardens and requires very little care once its fully established.



The abundant purple flowers of the Mazus will bloom in mid-spring and remain long into the summertime. It is a drought-tolerant plant and can also be grown in full sun with no shade.

Lithodora Grace Ward


Lithodora Grace Ward is a must have in your garden this summer and is another plant that received several votes in our office. It produces beautiful shiney green leaves with striking bright blue flowers. This hardy perennial will flower from April to May and it tends to prefer a sunny spot.

Adriatic Bellflower


A pretty perennial which will slowly spread to form a delicate looking ground cover to produce clusters of blue star like flowers with white centres. The big advantage of the Bellflower is it will flower all summer long too.

Blue Star Creeper


Easy-to-grow, the Blue Star Creeper produces soft blue flowers that last from Spring right through to early Autumn. It spreads quickly in partial sunlight but can also take full sun too.

Black Scallop


The black leaves and spiky blue flowers of the Black Scallop create a great contrast. It thrives in full sun, which intensifies the blackness but it will need to be thinned out from time to time to prevent it from rotting.

Grecian Windflower


This plant produces one of the best low-growing carpets of flowers you’ll ever see. Its colourful star shaped flowers come in pink, blue, and white, and the attractive fine leaves disappear after flowering.

Japanese Painted Fern


This fern has cool, grey-green, almost silver leaves and a reddish-purple stems that are useful for brightening dark spots in your garden. It is deciduous, and although it reaches only 8 to 12 inches in height, it is easy to grow, takes hold quickly, and is easily divided.

Siberian Bugloss


This woodland plant is all about its flowers and great ground covering leaves. Large clusters of delicate blue flowers will appear in early Spring.



If its fragrence you want, then this is the plant… Enjoy the fresh smell of thyme underfoot in your garden with this easy-to-grow groundcover. Thyme will give you fragrant foliage and delicate pink or white flowers in the spring and summer.

Erodium Bishops Form


And last on our list is the Erodium Bishops Form. This is a mound forming plant that produces elegant, pink, geranium-like flowers. Its a hardy perennial that can be used in a number of ways including containers or in gravel beds.

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