Feng Shui your garden with perfect patio furniture

The art of Feng Shui (without us getting all new age) seeks to create spaces that imitate the natural world. It is basically an “ancient Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy around your home”

And one of the easiest places to do this is in the garden and on your patio. All you need to do is carefully arrange your patio furniture and plants. Adding some Feng Shui, especially in regard to your patio furniture, can transform your garden into a relaxing haven that’s as peaceful as possible.

So why not enjoy your garden and bring a little balance to your life at the same time!

A garden for sitting and relaxation

Comfortable patio furniture makes all the difference between a well used and never used outdoor space. Even if you’re on a tight budget, try not to cut corners when it comes to seating. Comfy chairs that you can relax in are key. Get the best quality and comfort you can afford.

For good Feng Shui, your cushions should be in natural/earthy colours such as our Stone or Apple Green. It is said that these colours will help people to relax and spend time in that space.

A garden for talking with friends and family

When choosing a garden table, give a little thought to the shape. A square table is said to promote a sense of stability, but it might not be the best choice for those who like to entertain friends and family.

A round table on the other-hand is great for encouraging us to socialise, but is said to be not so good for making important decisions. Not that I expect boardroom power struggles around your patio table. Whilst a rectangular tables are believed to promote conversation, which I guess makes a lot of sense.

A garden for eating and entertaining

Place a fire pit in the centre of your patio and this will not only generate a little warmth when the sun goes down, but it will create energy and excitement. Even better if its a fire pit slash BBQ as this is a real Feng Shui win win.

It’s not really too convenient to pop just a BBQ in the middle of your patio, so the next best place is in the far right corner, where this is said to add a little spice to your love life. A BBQ in the left corner of the patio on the other-hand will promote peace. Peace and love, the choice is yours!

A garden fit for growing

Adding plants to your patio not only looks nice, but according to Feng Shui should help keep your finances healthy and promote a little family unity. Pop a tall flowering plant in the far left corner of your patio, is believed to help you up your income.

Containers full of flowers on the left hand side of a patio is believed to help create strong family ties, whilst placing plants around your outdoor furniture can bring energy and vitality.

A garden to illuminate at night

If life has become a little dull and boring, then why not place some lighting around the edge of your patio. From a practical point of view, you can place the lightening strategically to illuminate key features on your patio and so that you can enjoy your patio furniture long into the evening.

However, good lighting and fresh air are the key principles of good feng shui, making the patio the perfect place to practice this ancient art!

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