FoodCycle Charity Joins the Lazy Susan Fold

Together with you and your photos and the FoodCycle Charity we’re helping to Do Some Good for people who are in need in our local communities.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to our friends at FoodCycle for featuring Lazy Susan and our top tips for creating a fundraising campaign in their News pages this month! Check out their article here.

FoodCycle Volunteers In Tooting

FoodCycle Volunteers In Tooting

The Lazy Susan Do Some Good Charity Campaign

This year, the Lazy Susan team are delighted to have teamed up with several new charities as part of our Do Some Good campaign, to help put food and drink on the tables of people in need around the world. One of our chosen charitable organisations this year is the FoodCycle charity right here in the UK.

Lazy Susan Customer Photographs

A Stunning Lazy Susan Customer Photograph

Our Do Some Good campaign continues to pick up pace and we’d like to continue to thank you, our fantastic customers for your support. By sending us some truly amazing photos of our garden furniture in situ, it has enabled us to donate over £5000 so far in 2017 to FoodCycle.

Discover more about Lazy Susan’s Do Some Good campaign.

Why the FoodCycle Charity

FoodCycle serve community meals around the UK, helping to support people who are hungry and lonely by serving them tasty meals every day in the cities and towns around Great Britain, by incredible volunteers who serve over 850 meals a week using surplus food.

A very worthwhile cause indeed and we’re proud of our association with a business who is helping do some good every day. We hope the money raised from your photos, and our donations, can help produce even more meals every week.

Many of their guests struggle to afford the basics to eat, and many will eat alone without company or conversation. Their vision is simple… For a society where no one is hungry or lonely, where they can unite and nourish communities using surplus food.

FoodCycle Charity Volunteer

Another FoodCycle Charity Volunteer

FoodCycle wants to strengthen communities by bringing people together around a healthy meal. Encouraging friendships by creating spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun together.

They want to improve nutrition and reduce hunger by cooking healthy meals for those in need. And hopefully, they can change our attitudes to food waste along the way, by cooking with surplus ingredients.

Where FoodCycle are going

FoodCycle have learned a huge amount since their first cooking session in 2009, but some things have always stayed the same: what they do, how they do it and the people they exist to help.

FoodCycle Volunteers

FoodCycle Volunteers Serving Up A Delicious Meal At The Cricklewood Hub

When a group of committed volunteers and an eclectic mix of ingredients come together to create a meal for the community, delicious food is created out of each FoodCycle cooking session. Conversations begin and friendships are made.

Please keep sending us your customer photos

So how can you help? Well please keep the great photos coming in!

We now showcase over 2000 images of our stunning garden furniture sets in our photo gallery and through the product pages on our website.

When you are considering investing in new garden furniture, seeing photos of the furniture in real homes and gardens can really help our shoppers decide the right choice for their garden.

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