Lazy Susan Garden Furniture Europe

Some of our customers have spotted that we have been shipping our garden furniture all over Europe, including regular deliveries to Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Eire.

In fact, we have delivered sets far further afield than Europe this year – with Lazy Susan garden furniture orders shipping to the USA, Japan and Jordan to name but a few.

Such has been the demand from certain countries that we have established a number of targeted foreign language websites.

And we are not just talking translations of our UK shop, each site has been specifically created and tailored for each country.

Lazy Susan France


Lazy Susan Germany


Lazy Susan Holland


Lazy Susan Spain


In 2013 we shipped more than 100 sets to Europe, with all of them arriving quickly and safely.

If you have any friends living in these countries, then please forward them the link to this page, or drop us a like on Facebook, Google+ etc. Please spread the word!

The French, German, Dutch and Spanish sites are live now. Italy is launching very soon and the Portuguese site will launch early January 2014.

The new garden furniture europe websites launched for France, Germany and Holland have been very well received and our furniture is proving to be a big hit.

All items are dispatched from our UK warehouse and you’d be surprised at how fast delivery of garden furniture to Europe can be…

For example a set to Portugal will leave us on Thursday, arrive in Portugal on Monday and be delivered to you the very next day!

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