Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

I wanted to share a few garden furniture ideas based on some of the trends that are popular in our industry at the moment. However, I wanted to make this post a little different to our usual trend pieces.

In the past whenever we’ve posted a latest trends article, I’ve tended to focus on a variety of different suppliers, and maybe included one or two pieces from The Lazy Susan Collection. We want this blog to be a source for all things garden furniture. We don’t sell wooden sets but you’ll find many an article praising the virtues of timber garden furniture for example.

But in this post, I want to try and present a selection of garden furniture ideas based on just our furniture. Look at what’s popular, what pieces can help you achieve a certain look and hopefully share a few ways you can pair multiple pieces to transform your outdoor space into a practical and functional space. And if nothing else, maybe just try and inspire you a little.

On top of that, to set myself a further little challenge. I want to take the all the images I use to illustrate these garden furniture ideas, trends and inspiration from the photos we’ve been tagged in and sent from our customers as part of our Do Some Good charity initiative.

We’ve been sent some truly wonderful images from many a savvy homeowner. Our garden furniture taking pride of place in some stunning gardens.

This post will help me showcase a few of them. Often with these trend type articles it is what we predict will be popular, this is what our customers are buying and how they’re actually arranging our pieces on their patios.

That’s the plan anyway, so lets kick things off…

Romantic Styling

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

White is definitely the new ‘in’ colour for garden furniture, and many homeowners are embracing the trend of adding a little romantic chic to their gardens. It’s not a trend as such, as a colour it doesn’t sell as well as our Antique Bronze, but there’s definitely been an increase in sales. It should be a trend in our opinion.

As a colour, it definitely brings softness to stone patios as shown in the beautiful photo we were tagged in on Instagram (above). However, whilst our furniture looks beautiful, what really sets this patio off is the styling and the homeowners attention to detail. It all combines to make for a very inviting cosy chic space.

Coffee Style

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Many of our pieces can be coordinated, so dining sets can be matched to a bench, side table and so on. The idea of combining different styles of seating option in different parts of the garden is integral to the outdoor room concept. Making your garden a multifunctional space. Dining, relaxation or total chillaxin’ if you go sofa or sunlounger.

The photographs above and below show how many of our customers are pairing Garden Benches with Bistro Sets and a Side Table to create the perfect little relaxation spot to sit back with a coffee in the morning or a glass of wine on a warm summer evening.

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Bistro Style

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

For those with limited space or a small balcony, the bistro is the perfect solution. That said, it works just as well in a large garden to create the perfect al-fresco breakfast spot for two.

There’s a reason these little two seater tables are so popular, and everybody’s outdoor space needs a little Parisienne style in our opinion. Bistro sets are the perfect set for an intimate dinner date or an evening glass of wine with a friend.

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Outdoor Dining

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

The core of our offer is the outdoor dining set. If you purchase a garden dining table, you’re ready for your next garden party. It has always been the 4 and 6 seater sets that are the most popular, but during the lockdown we have seen a sudden increase in the sales of the larger 8 and 10+ seater sets.

Now you need the outdoor space for such a set, I’d be lucky to get one in my own back yard, but if you’ve got it, then they make a dramatic statement. My thinking is demand for them could be based on the lockdown itself, a need to keep to the rules of social distancing maybe? People are concerned about returning to restaurants, and there’s nothing better than outdoor dining when we get the weather, be it BBQ, cooked yourself or ordered from your favourite restaurant.

I don’t know, I’m just speculating. My family and I have had way more BBQ’s than we have in previous years. One thing I do know is nothing invites people out into the garden better than these larger dining sets!

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

The lockdown has been tricky for all of us. Not seeing our friends and family has been especially hard. However, with the government starting to relax restrictions, from the 4th July we can see friends and family, with social distancing of course.

We’ve seen a big increase in recent months of sales of our larger 8 and 10+ seater sets. I can’t help but think this might be linked to the pandemic. Restaurants aren’t going to be the same, emphasis could be switching to entertaining at home? Just look at the photograph above, I know where I’d rather be sat with my close friends and family the the sun is shining!

Extra Guests

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

I suppose a follow on to the idea of outdoor dining above, our Extension Tables are another item proving to be popular with customers. Again, you need space, but it provides the opportunity to free up a little when not in use.

Our rectangular extension tables such as the one pictured above allow you to organise small family dinners and larger celebrations. They can accommodate up to 10 or 12 people when extension chambers are fully extended and you can see a demo of our Deborah set in the video below:

Outdoor Room

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Bringing the inside out and the outside in has become a bit of a cliche, we hear it all the time. Fads, trends and buzzwords aside it works on a practical level, hence why we see the terms used so frequently.

Our gardens are spaces we should and could use more. By bringing the inside out, we are basically taking cues from the inside of our home and applying them to our outdoor spaces. Blurring the lines between the two. Creating a patio that functions as a room, be it for dining or relaxation.

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Keep It Covered

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

What can you see about the humble Parasol? Well, it’s an essential purchase I say! We don’t get many summer days, but trust me when we do, you need some shade in your garden, a place to cool off, somewhere to read the newspaper.

They let you and your family or guests linger over that meal a little longer, enjoying the pleasure of eating outside without the sun beating down on you all.

Our Parasols are carefully chosen to co-ordinate with our seat cushions. They are made of fast-drying waterproof acrylic and available in a choice of colours – terracotta, blue, green or stone.

You can also purchase a sturdy cast iron base in either antique bronze or white. They’re fairly hefty, so will help stand up to windy conditions and ensure that your parasol doesn’t fly off into the neighbours garden.

The Lazy Susan

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Not only practical, they make a great focal point. Many of the photographs we see show the Lazy Susan dressed with a planter rather than condiments. And why not, it looks great!

You can easily pass food, drinks and snacks around larger tables with our Lazy Susan turntables. These cleverly designed serving platforms are designed to fit comfortably on our larger tables such as the 6 Seater+ Sets.

Perfect for entertaining, these useful turntables will come in handy when passing round drinks or nibbles, sauces or salads. Because of the hard-wearing nature of our cast aluminium, they need very little maintenance, just simply wipe clean with a damp cloth should suffice.

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Clean Lines

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

And it is not just the classical, if you want a more contemporary look then the clean lines of our stylish range of Modern Garden Furniture is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

As with the majority of our collection is is constructed from a lightweight yet strong, high-quality sand-cast aluminium. Our coordinating chairs in this range combine cast aluminium with a hard-wearing outdoor mesh fabric.

The Lazy Susan Modern Collection comes available in a range of colours including white, black, grey, and white/champagne. One final point to note is that we have some great discounts on many of our modern sets, so don’t miss out on the chance to grab a bargain in our Clearance section!

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Well that was easier than I thought. Sifting through the customer photo folder in Dropbox I was spoilt for choice, I could have included many many more customer photos and garden furniture ideas. I limited it 1 or two for each section, however, this will definitely be an area we’ll revisit in the future.

Our Customer Photos are a constant source of inspiration… So please keep sending them in and watch this space for more garden furniture ideas and trends!

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