Get your garden furniture ready for spring

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential if you want to keep your garden furniture looking at its best for many years to come. As outdoor furniture and outdoor accessories are available in such a wide variety of materials, each requires a different method of care. 

At Lazy Susan we can advise you exactly how to clean and maintain our garden furniture, but you should always follow any specific manufacturer’s instructions if applicable to your furniture. In this post, we will explain the commonly recognised methods of cleaning for the popular types of garden furniture in the UK.

Anna 4 Seater Outdoor Bistro Table

Anna 4 Seater Outdoor Bistro Table by Lazy Susan

At the end of the day, keeping your garden furniture clean and looking new is one of the key elements to having a beautiful garden. No matter how expensive your garden furniture is it will not be attractive or welcoming if it is covered in bird poo or worn and faded with rust spots. 

While most types of garden furniture will only require some simple action with soap and warm water, some will need a little more work than others so consider this carefully before you purchase any new furniture for your garden too – if you do not have the time or inclination for constant cleaning and TLC, it might be better to choose easy-care cast aluminium than say timber or cast iron!

We’ve tracked down a few great videos on YouTube that will help you keep your garden furniture in tip top condition…

First up is this video from Lowes that shows you how to clean several different types of patio furniture. The team at Lowes always offer some great tips on cleaning outdoor patio furniture and other accessories like your deck, grill, and outdoor rugs etc.

And of course you can’t beat a pressure washer when it comes to cleaning garden furniture. Just be careful not use too much power. And who’s better than Kärcher for offering advice on how to clean and restore your garden furniture to its former glory.

It doesn’t matter if it’s wood, metal, plastic or glass, a Kärcher Pressure Washer can lift the dirt from every surface, prolonging it’s life and leaving furniture to be proud of. They also provides you with smart, time saving tips that will enable you to clean your garden furniture with ease.

And if you’ve got teak garden furniture, try this on for size.

Metal you say? Then this next video is just what you need.

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