How to buy the right size garden furniture

Buying the right size garden furniture is a a problem for many of our customers. Purchasing too many pieces of garden furniture, patio table sets that simply don’t fit, or furniture that is just too small for the patio. These are all common problems, and we always help our customers, making sure that what they buy works in the space they have available. Its all about proportion and having enough room to move comfortably around the space once the furniture is in position.

Look online or any garden furniture showroom showroom, you’ll be confronted with stylish oversized contemporary garden sofas and large inviting dining table sets. However, before you make that purchase, you need to make sure you have the space for the garden furniture you want to fit. And it works the other way too. You don’t want to purchase a sleek 2 seater bistro set if its going sit lost in the middle of a large patio. You need to think about what size of garden furniture pieces will best fit your needs and the space you have available.

June 6 Seater Oval Garden Table

June 6 Seater Oval Cast Aluminium Garden Table with clear ‘pull out’ space behind each seat

Start by setting a firm budget, and stick to it. Next step, carefully measure the free space you have available on your patio, decking, wherever you plan to put the garden furniture. Make sure the space you plan to use doesn’t interfere with access on/off the patio, into your home etc. Spend a little time thinking about how often you use your garden furniture, for what purpose you use garden furniture, and how many people you need to seat. For example, is it used for entertaining friends, outdoor dining or just relaxation? Answer these questions, and your armed with all the info you need to go online or out to choose your new garden furniture. With it, the task will be much easier, and you’ll be much less likely to purchase pieces that simply don’t fit.

Today’s garden furniture market is bursting with innovation, both in terms of materials, and styles. You have so many choices to make. And when it comes to the style of garden furniture, sets can be as small as a two-seater bistro table or as large as an outdoor dining set that can accommodate as many as 12 people. From the outdoor sofa to chairs that swivel, you need to be clear on how much space they take up to function, as well as the footprint of the piece. There is no point in buying swivel chairs, if when you pop them on the patio, there’s no room to swivel. So as you would with any big-ticket purchase, it is important you take you time, and do a little research first.

When it comes down to what size garden table you should purchase, be careful when it comes to chair space. This is the part that catches may people out. They buy a table that fits in the space they’ve measured, but once the chairs are added into the mix, people can’t actually pull them back to sit down. That is why at Lazy Susan, we clearly specify the ‘Required Floor Space’ with all our furniture as well as the basic dimensions of each piece. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to garden dining sets, if you have 2 metres squared of free floor space on your patio, then you can calculate it as follows…

The vast majority of your standard four-legged garden furniture chairs tend take up about the same amount of floor space. For example, ours are around 44cm deep x 63cm wide. However, to ensure people have sufficient elbow room, leg room and room to pull the chairs out to sit down, we advise our customers that you need to allow for around 70cm squared per chair. If we take a 4-seater rectangular table as an example, on a 2m-squared patio, you should look to purchase a square table that’s no bigger than 130cm long x 130cm wide. This will give you ample room for two people to sit comfortably on each side, clear room to pull the chairs back from the table and plenty of space to walk around the table when people are seated.

Madison 8 seater rectangular garden furniture

Our Madison 8 seater 260 x 120cm rectangular garden furniture set needs a required floor space 400 cm x 260cm.

Using the same rule, if you wanted to purchase a larger 8-seater rectangular set with 3 chairs down each side and 1 at each head of the table, and the table is say 260cm long x 120cm wide, then you would need a patio that has around 400cm long x 260cm wide of free space available for it all to fit. This would give you the room you need for the two chairs at the head of the table at 70cm each.. And in terms of the side of the table seating, again you would have the 70cm for all the chairs, plus that crucial 40cm pull out space. After all, if you want to entertain outdoors, then comfort is key.

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