Lazy Susan’s garden furniture trends 2020

We like to do these garden furniture trends articles at this time of year. We’re officially into Spring, and summer is just around the corner. Yes, I know the weather is still a little iffy, however, you just get the feeling that better days are on their way soon. Or is that wishful thinking?

In our industry you have to remain optimistic. And it goes without saying, we depend on the sunshine to sell garden furniture. So bring on the heatwave I say. This sort of post just helps us gear up for the year ahead. We have some really exciting things happening here at Lazy Susan. Our Do Some Good charity campaign is in full swing and we’ve a raft of exciting new products coming soon.

I would like to think that with over a decade in the garden furniture industry we know a thing or two about the market in the UK. The bulk of our range is more classically styled but there’s significant innovation in terms of materials and construction etc. 

And, whilst we don’t offer the cutting edge design of say a premium Italian designer for example, we do offer a product that appeals to a broad spectrum of UK consumers. Our pieces are designed with the great British home and garden in mind.

The latest garden furniture trends for summer 2020

All that said, we do like to keep our finger on the pulse. The Lazy Susan team and I are vociferous in our commitment to the industry, avid readers and regular attendees at many a home and garden design expo. 

We are passionate about the garden furniture industry, our product range, and we are dedicated to providing good online customer service. It pays for us to know what our indirect competitors are doing. In other words those in our industry who sell different materials such as timber or rattan, or those who offer sofa style seating as opposed to our outdoor dining focussed collection.

This sort of prediction article is also nice as it gives us a chance to talk about and share some of the pieces we think will be the must have garden furniture trends for summer 2020, but that don’t form part of our offer…

Function over form

Madison Table with April Chairs
Our Madison Table with April Chairs is the perfect al fresco dining combination.

Of course we want our gardens to look good but more important is that we can use them. This is probably the biggest shift we’ve seen in our industry since we first launched over a decade ago. There was a lot of furniture that looked the part on your patio but it just deliver function. We’ve seen many an outdoor sofa (and owned I may add) that looked sleek and modern but were uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time. Outdoor dining tables that were too small to entertain with wonky legs and chairs that just didn’t fit right have been all too common over the years.

That’s the reason we focussed on just outdoor dining sets. Aim to get one thing as close to perfect as we can. Generous sturdy tables, revolving lazy susan’s and comfortable ergonomic chairs. Our offer not only looks good but delivers on function. Both to the user and in terms of materials that are designed to stand up to whatever mother nature throws at it. Now I’m not saying we were responsible for this shift, we were one of many. However, we gladly welcome it, and we’re most definitely pleased that it is being recognised in the garden design-led press. Long may this trend continue I say.

The line between interior and exterior continues to fade

Lazy Susan's garden furniture trends 2020
The Ambition outdoor fabric 3 seater lounge style sofa set from Maze Living

The evolution of the outdoor sofa is intrinsically linked to the above trend, and a great example of how we continue to blur the lines between inside and outside. Of course other elements play a major part in this trend, but the outdoor sofa just seems to sum it up best for me. Gone are the days of some boxy poly-rattan set with thin cushions. The style and quality is improving year on year, and they’re become even more like their indoor relations.

Take the Ambition Sofa Set from Maze Living. It would look just at home inside your property as it would on the patio. Finished with quilted La Vita fabric and large soft cushions this sofa redefines garden furniture. Much like our Modern Collection, the set would work just as will inside as it does outside. It combines materials that are engineered to stand up to the elements with comfort and good looks of an indoor sofa.

Outdoor accessorisation

Contemporary Modular Designer Outdoor Garden Pouffe
Contemporary Modular Designer Outdoor Garden Pouffe from Juliette’s Interiors

This is another key trend that has been around for a number of years but is picking up more and more traction, summer after summer. We are looking to make our patios and gardens an extension of our home, and with greater demand, comes a plethora of interesting new garden accessory products. From outdoor soft furnishings and fire pits, to pizza ovens and garden speakers, the increased choice of accessories means our outdoor spaces can function like any room inside the home.

The big accessory trend we’re predicting for 2020 is the garden pouf, pouffe or pouffet, whatever term you prefer to use. The humble foot stool. Many garden sofa sets are being sold with them, but there’s also an influx of standalone pieces that can be purchased separately to complement existing outdoor furniture sets. The stunning modular garden pouffe range from Juliette’s Interiors hits the nail on the head when it comes to our tip for summer 2020. With an extensive range of fabric and colour choices, smooth curved lines, they offer the ultimate in comfort and style. Their simple pouffe modules can be combined and used as a central coffee table, foot rest, pouffe or side table. The perfect patio accessory if you ask us.

Outdoor accents

The Ivy garden bistro set from Lazy Susan
The Ivy bistro set from Lazy Susan makes for the perfect accent seating to pair alongside a larger outdoor dining or sofa set.

Accent chairs are a nice follow on from the above trend but we are definitely seeing a rise in the use of them. From our point of view, people will often purchase a garden dining set from us, and then a few months later pair it on the patio with an additional accent item such as a bistro set or garden bench. It not only adds visual interest, but creates additional seating options for when the number of guests ups, or options around the garden for the family. They add an element of practicality, and you can accessorise them with garden rugs and seat cushions. Our bistro sets (as pictured above) are perfect for achieving this look, creating an additional cosy seating corner away from the main patio for example.

Dining tables with fire pits

Gas fire pit garden table from Moda Furnishings
The gas fire pit table from Moda offers function and form.

Not something we’ve decided to launch but garden dining tables with integrated fire pits have been popping up at many of the garden and furniture shows we’ve attended over the last 12 months or so. If this is just a novelty or a trend with staying power is to be seen, however, they certainly offer the chance for us to extend dining and drinks long into the cooler evenings, not to mention the fact they make for a stunning feature.

Take the 8 seater round table with integrated gas fire pit from Moda Furnishings, not only does it look great, but the fire pit creates a great focal point. However, the benefits of this unique table do not end with its stylish good looks, you also have the option of adding a BBQ grill plate or integrated drinks cooler. The BBQ grill simply places over the gas flames to give you that al fresco cooking and dining experience all from the comfort of your garden table. I guess this one could also fit in most of the trends we’ve already mentioned above, particularly form and function.

Extendable garden dining tables

Lazy Susan's garden furniture trends 2020
The contemporary Lottie extension table from Lazy Susan

If you’ve ever hosted a garden party or large BBQ, then I’m guessing you’ll have also had to bring dining and assorted chairs from inside the home into the garden? If that is the case, then a Lazy Susan extendable garden dining set is going to be the perfect garden furniture trend for you.

Take our Lottie 6 seater set… It comes in a modern black finish with a slatted tabletop design that will look great on any patio or decking area. With the option to effortlessly extend in size from 160cm to 210cm, this table provides all the space you need to host those special, summer family occasions. To pair with the table, you can choose from a selection of beautiful stacking chairs. That way if need be, you can purchase additional seating and efficiently stack/store when not needed on the patio.

More of the latest garden trends coming soon…

So that’s just a starter for some of the garden furniture trends we think will be heating up summer 2020. Please be sure to check back later this month as we’ve got articles coming that look at some of the wider garden design trends, and more of our predictions for the garden furniture industry. Plus, be sure to watch this space for some of the exciting new product launches we have lined up at Lazy Susan this summer!

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