2018 outdoor furniture trends

This is a regular feature on the Lazy Susan blog. We’ve done several of these type of posts each year since we started blogging.

It’s nice to see what’s happening in our industry, especially overseas, where there’s demand for very different types of outdoor furniture. Well, different to what we have need for here in the UK anyway.

Large sofa sets, daybeds, fully functioning outdoor kitchens etc, sadly we just don’t have the weather or (for many of us) the patio space for them.

Our outdoor furniture choices have to be a little more multi functional, a little more suited to how we tend to use our gardens, and what ‘fits’ with/in our homes and gardens.

Alessia Square Bistro Set

Hopefully our new Alessia Square Bistro Set in Slate Grey will be one of the top 2018 outdoor furniture trends

I don’t have any research to back this one up, but I would place money on a BBQ being top of that list of things we do in the garden. As soon as we get some decent weather, most of us fire up the BBQ. And a good outdoor dining set is the perfect companion in my humble opinion.

2018 outdoor furniture trends

So as we’ve done in previous years, the Lazy Susan team and I have pulled together our 2018 outdoor furniture trends.

The design styles and pieces with think will be the must haves on our patios this summer.

Living room style outdoors

This is one trend that has been around for a few years, so we’re nailing our colours to the mast, and predicting it’ll continue to be one the leading 2018 outdoor furniture trends.

Technology in our industry is improving all the time, we’re striving to make our furniture more ergonomic, more durable, better suited to the Great British weather.

No garden or patio is complete without stylish and comfortable garden furniture. You can’t enjoy yourself when you’re afraid that the split and faded rattan chair you’re sat on could collapse at any moment.

Furniture and fabric innovation, means we’re now seeing fully upholstered furniture, outdoor throws, rugs and a whole host of weatherproof soft furnishings that bring indoor comfort outside.

I know the bring the ‘inside outside’ thing is a bit of an overused media term but this truly what the market is demanding. People want to use their outdoor spaces, and to use them in comfort.

Helena outdoor sofa set

The Helena outdoor sofa set from Summer Classics

Take the Helena collection from Summer Classics (pictured above). Just at home in the living room as it is on the patio.

Upholstered in Sunbrella Cast Dove outdoor fabric, which is 100% outdoor approved, the Helena collection features a luxurious deep seated design that’s as comfortable as any living room sofa!

Al Fresco Dining

No surprise, we’ve been a champion of the concept of al-fresco dining for a number of years. It is a term we love to use when describing our sets. However, many of the 2017 shows were showcasing outdoor dining sets significantly more than they have in recent years.

Our industry has been focussed more on the outdoor sofa style sets, that we sometimes felt like the only ones still pushing this trend. However, good design always comes back around as they say.

We love a BBQ here at Lazy Susan, and many of us simply don’t have the time (or the weather) to lounge about on some oversized garden sofa all day. Plus who wants to eat with their knees up by their ears? No, for that, you need a comfortable table and chairs.

So we’re predicting that al-fresco dining is set to be even bigger in 2018 with homeowners looking to create dedicated outdoor dining areas.

Modern Florence 8 Seater Set

Our Modern Florence 8 Seater Set in grey is perfect for a spot of al-fresco dining with family and friends.

A comfortable outdoor dining set such as our modern Florence set (pictured above) is the ideal starting point. Pair it with a BBQ, some good patio lighting, and a sunken fire pit or patio heat to extend the party into the long into the evening.

Bistro sets

Another trend we feel we’re ahead of the curve with is bistro sets. They’ve been part of our collection for a long time now, and have always been incredibly popular. And long may that continue.

The bistro table has always been the popular choice for those with very little space, as we’ve discussed in detail in our recent Small garden furniture ideas post.

Alessia White 2 Seater Bistro

The Alessia White 2 Seater Garden Bistro Set from Lazy Susan

However, this year we’re predicting they’ll play a big part in the rise of balcony gardens. And what could be better than sitting down with a cup of coffee on a balcony with a view of your back garden?

Not sure what it is with balconies, but their popularity is definitely on the rise. Not only are many developers including them on more and more new builds, but many homeowners are adding them to already built properties.

We’ve seen a rise in the number of companies offering bespoke balconies, and if you’ve got a balcony, then you need furniture pieces that will fit and function on that space. Our bistro sets are the perfect fit (see Alessia pictured above and top).

Maximum relaxation

Our time in the sun is limited, so when it does shine, we need to make the most of it. We need to get out in our gardens and enjoy it. The sun lounger is the perfect piece for the patio that’s got everything.

Don’t need a new outdoor table or chairs, BBQ just need a bit of a clean, then what about a couple of new modern sun loungers?

Michelle Sun Lounger

Our sunloungers combine stylish good looks with exceptional comfort.

And while the sunlounger is nothing new, we’re predicting it will take centre stage on many British patios this summer. Hence why we’ve decided to bring several new styles/colours to the market for 2018.

Why should we just use the sun lounger on holiday? If we get a nice day here in the UK, they’re perfect for kicking back and reading a book, or relaxing with a G&T.

Admittedly, I generally tend to fall asleep on them, but hey what’s wrong with that if you’ve got a free day to do nothing?!

The Lazy Susan sun lounger range offers you plenty of options. When you’ve worked hard in the garden all year why not take some time to just lie back and enjoy the fruits of your labour?

Micro sheds

Not furniture as such but it functions to free up space for things like garden furniture etc. It’s a bit of a tenuous link I know, but I really wanted to included them in this article.

Anyway, micro sheds are a great alternative to the regular shed, and there’s some great styles etc coming onto the market. Plus I’m writing this article.

For many of us, outdoor space is a premium. We want to have all the latest furniture, planters etc, but that space still needs to function. To flow. You don’t want to be tripping over things as you move around.

Micro sheds are the perfect solution for those of us with limited space. Even the smaller sized regular walk-in sheds can take up a significant chunk of a small garden.

They feature shelving on the outside so that capacity is maximised without internal space being compromised.

And its not just sheds, many of the recent home and garden shows have featured micro pods. Garden studios that can be added to the smallest of plots.

Pod Micro Pod

The Micro Pod from Pod is the garden office for those with limited outdoor space or don’t want something that dominates their garden.

Take Pod’s Micro Pod (pictured above). It measures in at a truly micro w 2.5m x d 2.0m x h 2.5m, but it still creates create a peaceful working environment away from the main home.

Internally there is plenty of space for a desk, storage and shelving. A full height window, glazed door and additional desk height window can be positioned to make the best use of the available natural light and underfloor heating along with recessed spotlights comes as standard.

Average garden sizes are getting smaller, but our need for storage or how we likes to use our gardens isn’t changing changed, solutions like micro sheds and pods help us to make the most of the space we’ve got.

Outdoor Extension Dining Sets

Extending Dining Tables are nothing new to the inside of the home, but we’ve only seen them become more of a feature outside in the last couple of years.

Vanessa 10 Seater Extension Table in White

Our Vanessa 10 Seater Extension Table is a 6 seater set that extends to sit up to 10 people.

Recently introduced to the Lazy Susan collection, we have seen sales steadily increase for these practical dining sets. And we only expect that to continue into summer 2018.

One thing is for sure, you need a good size patio for a 10+ Seater Extension Table. We advise 410cm x 250cm for our Vanessa is a minimum. However, if you’ve got the space, and you like to entertain friends and family outside, then it is what your garden is missing.

Take our Vanessa 10 Seater Extension Table in White (pictured Above). It has proven so popular that we have currency sold out. There is up to a 6 month wait for that set. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options here.

I’m conscious this article is getting a little on the long side, and I don’t want to go on too much, so I’ll wrap it up here.

I do have several other 2018 outdoor furniture trends that I think will be big, however, let’s save them for another day. They’re worth sharing, so maybe next month I will do a follow up post. Watch this space!

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