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Garden Furniture

We are seeing a big shift in our industry. Homeowners are savvier. Demanding more from their garden. Patio furniture is no longer an impulse buy.
At Lazy Susan we've got our heads together and compiled our top garden furniture trends for summer 2021.
We’ve discussed what shape garden table should I buy before but getting it right is such a key factor we want to dig deeper.
This month we’re following up our online shopping article with a closer look at how we get your garden chairs delivered to your home.
More and more Lazy Susan customers are asking us why and how best to pair your garden chairs with a garden bench...
If you’re looking to shop online for garden chairs, then at Lazy Susan we want to help you make not only the right purchase, but also a safe and...
This month we want to take a more detailed look at why you should pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions…
We’ve done a number of garden chair articles in recent months, however, one advantage we haven’t discussed is the fact they’re easy to build garden...
If you’ve recently purchased a new set from Lazy Susan, then we want to look at how to protect your garden table so you can keep it looking new for...
If you’re in the market for new Garden Furniture, then we want to help you decide what size garden table should I buy?
Last month we took a look at our favourite Gardening Blogs, this month we want to turn the focus on our favourite Outdoor Furniture Books.
Theft from gardens accounts for 9 out of 10 household thefts, so this month we want to explore how to keep your outdoor furniture secure.
We’ve already discussed how to care for our cushions but let's take that a step further and look at are outdoor furniture cushions waterproof?
We recently discussed how to make and clean garden cushions, so this month we wanted to look at how to care for outdoor furniture cushions.
We’ve done a number of posts that look at how you can make do and mend, however, one area we’ve not looked at is can garden furniture be recycled?
We thought this month would be the perfect opportunity to look at How to get your Outdoor Furniture ready for summer.
With summer fast approaching, one of the most common questions we get asked at this time of year is when are garden furniture sales?
When purchasing a new garden dining set from us, one of the first questions you need to answer is how many garden chairs do I need?
Whilst we’ve touched on it in other articles, one question we’ve shied away from is can I spray paint my garden chairs?
Are your garden chairs comfortable? It’s a good question. An important question too, and one that is often overlooked.
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