Buy a cheap patio set, buy twice

I recently read an article promoting a new budget patio set from one of the leading discount supermarkets. I won’t mention any names. I don’t want to get in any trouble.

However, the article annoyed me a little. And it was in one of the leading home and garden style mags too.

The article was promoting the fact you could transform your garden with this budget patio set. If I was to be even more cynical, I could say it read like a paid for public relations puff piece for a big brand. But that might make me sound a little bitter.

Lazy Susan Alice Table With Mary Chairs

Our cast aluminium Alice patio set is a furniture material that is designed to be left outside all year round and offer maximum dining comfort.

I have no issue with that. I have no issue with the idea of transforming our gardens on a budget. I even agree with the fact that said budget patio set will look good when you first put it out there.

I appreciate many of us are on a budget too. But as somebody who’s purchased (and regretted said purchase) cheap garden furniture in the past, I always adhere to the old adage that if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Buy the best patio set you can/h3>

My argument is, whilst it may look good for a summer or two, it will not be constructed to last. And more importantly, it will not be designed for all day comfort.

The patio set in question even looks very similar to the rattan sofa set I purchased 5 or 6 years back. It lasted next to no time and the cushions offered zero comfort. You just couldn’t sit on it for more than 15 minutes, and you had to sit forward as the back rest was awful.

I would always advise that you stretch your budget, buy the best quality patio furniture that you can afford.

Go for classically styled pieces that are constructed from materials designed to stand up to the elements, to last for many a summer to come.

Chairs that are ergonomic, designed for all day comfort are also essential.

We don’t get enough good weather to waste them, especially weekends when we’re off work like the recent early May bank holiday. When the sun’s shining, you want to get out there and enjoy it.

If you are on a tight budget, then I would suggest you even look at up-cycling over a budget patio set. Buy a quality second hand set and bring it back to life.

Shop smarter

Alternatively, spread the cost. Don’t purchase it all in one go. Buy a garden bench first, then a matching table, add chairs at a later date.

The downside of this, you risk the possibility of the range being discontinued. Contact the supplier, see if the is a possibility, if its a best seller it’ll be going nowhere.

Also look out for end of season, summer, bank holiday, or flash sales. Any opportunity to grab a real bargain, quality pieces with a discount.

At Lazy Susan, we have our Daily Deals, incredible new offers that we change every 24 hours.

Then there’s our Clearance section. This is where you’ll find our best deals on items across our entire product range.

Ex-display models, mostly used only for photography shoots, all at fantastic low prices. Products with slight defects in the paint etc, Stock is limited so grab it when you can!

There is ways to grab a bargain patio set without the need to compromise on quality or comfort.

But even with all that said, you should never dismiss something as poor quality just based on the price. It is rare these days, but there is still good budget patio furniture out there.

Know your patio sets

Always make sure you understand exactly what the set is constructed from. If you can, try it out for comfort before you buy. Buying online, then a little research, check the Customer Testimonials etc.

Of course, being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money. It is about spending your money smarter. Not just wasting it.

So if things are cheap to buy today, but then cost you more in the long run, well it’s a false economy.

Generally, with patio furniture especially, and furniture in general, it makes more sense to spend more now for that better quality, constructed from longer-lasting weather-proof materials.

Consider price and quality

In fact, no matter what you’re buying, be it a new car or a pair of shoes, there’s two factors you’ll consider as part of the buying decision process, and that’s price and quality.

You can go for cheap if it’s things you don’t care about, or when it comes to things that are of a comparative quality but a lower price. After all, just because something is cheap, doesn’t always mean poor quality.

However, we have been in this industry a long time, and with patio sets that is rare. You generally get what you pay for.

Cheap patio sets are cheap for a reason. They will be uncomfortable, I can guarantees you that. Plus, they will not be constructed from materials that will last, that will stand up to all mother nature can throw at them.

If they’re more for show, you don’t tend to sit on them for long periods, or you move house regularly, then yes, less-durable, easily replaced patio furniture can be better than a large, long-lasting set from Lazy Susan.

For me though? It just makes much more sense to buy long-lasting, classically styles pieces that are built to last a decade plus with very little maintenance.

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