How to protect your metal garden furniture

One great reason to choose a metal garden furniture set made out of aluminium, is that it does not rust.

One great reason to choose a metal garden furniture set made out of aluminium, is that it does not rust. We would still recommend covering it with a garden furniture cover to give it some added protection and also to keep it clean.

Another great thing about aluminium is that it is also very light, which makes it easier to move it around and to store. And because it is so light weight it could be stored indoors and brought out when needed.

However, aluminium garden furniture, like all other popular materials will require a little maintenance from time to time. Chips in the enamelling need to be overpainted or they'll deteriorate for example. And whether steel, iron or aluminium, metal garden furniture needs covering or putting in the garden shed to keep it looking good.

Exposed metal surfaces will eventually rust over time, and to prevent, you need to make sure that the paint has not flaked and its not peeling. You can refresh the look of your garden furniture, as it will fade over time with car polish or wax and as we've already mentioned.

You can also protect your metal garden furniture with garden furniture covers to keep it clean during the winter months. You must regularly check your metal garden furniture carefully for any flakes and cracks. If you have an area that is heavily corroded or oxidized it will require some form of treatment to repair the bare metal surface.

Basically the same method in which you take to care for the bodywork of your car applies for metal garden furniture too. Make sure you use a fine car polish with a smooth cloth, and then once polished make sure the area is repainted or metal lacquer is applied.

Don not use anything rough to apply the polish as it will leave fine scratches. Treat any little chips in the paint with paint or lacquer and always use a rust resistant primer will help keep the rust from spreading. Your local DIY store will have a good selection of paints and lacquers and cleaning products for metal.

Furniture covers are widely available and last for many seasons, so they're and essential purchase in Lazy Susan's humble opinion. Garden furniture covers could also save you the expense of shopping for new garden furniture next year. It’s not only greener, but with the credit crunch, we’ve got to try and save every penny we can.

Repairing Paint Chips on Aluminium Garden Furniture

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