Get your garden in shape for spring 2014

The weather is definitely changing, summer is drawing to a close. We can’t complain, we had a pretty good summer by UK standards, and its only since the kids have gone back to school that the winter coats have come out.

However, for me anyway, now is the perfect time to get your garden in shape for spring. Its still mild and that is perfect for getting out in the garden, preparing for winter and making a few changes ready for next year.

For example its definitely worth taking advantage of any remaining mild days and give the soil in your flower beds a final till so they’re ready for spring planting. And if you need to add some peat or compost, get it worked into the soil now and its another job done, you’re ready to plant come spring.

Plan the location of any new garden furniture and accessories

There is no better time than autumn to get your garden and patio ready for when the good weather returns. And the end of summer season is the perfect time to grab a bargain too. Why not plan where to put that new garden furniture you’re going to buy from Lazy Susan?

During the summer, we are generally too busy working or relaxing in our gardens, and this can leave little time to plan a new patio. So why not spend the autumn months drawing plans to change your garden.

Look at where things are currently, where you’d like them to be. The colder months can also be used to tackle any dirty construction work, such as building a new patio or adding an on-trend permanent fixture such as a gazebo. Getting these jobs done now, means the garden is ready to use for a little R’n’R come spring!

When it comes to garden furniture and accessories, lets face it, we are not gonna be using them again this year… Get them cleaned, stored, covered, whatever. Our garden furniture can easily stand up to the British winter, but we would always advise our customers to give it a final clean and then store it for winter. This way its clean and ready to use when the weather warms up.

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Make those big landscape changes you’ve been putting off

Autumn and winter is the best time to plan for the upcoming year or re-design an existing garden. Whether you are planning on planting vegetables, perennials, shrubs or trees, here are a few steps to follow anytime you are planning to install a new planting scheme.

  • Plan the layout of the area that you are planting
    Ideally you should have the layout to scale. Use graph paper if needed. Choose a colour scheme, textures, and the size/type of plants you want.
  • Do your research
    Use the internet, pick up a few style magazines. Look for plants that fit into the design and spec that you’ve created. There are numerous catalogs and resources online that can help you choose the correct plant for your needs and the conditions in your garden.
  • Work out quantities
    After you have gathered all of your dream plants and done your research, start laying them out on the scaled drawing of your garden. This will help to make sure everything fits. The worst thing you can with new plants is crowd them. If they’re not given enough space and water, they will die.
  • Work out the costs
    Once you have designed your garden, price it out. It’s crazy how much the plants can cost, and its easy to overspend.
  • Stick to your budget
    Do you keep the expensive, amazingly beautiful plants for more budget friendly common varieties? Do you keep a few exotics and supplement them with cheaper perennials? This is the largest stumbling block on the way to your dream garden, but be realistic, you can always add to it next year.
  • Think about maintenance
    Are you planning on spending a few hours a week outside weeding? If you are, great! You may want a mostly perennial garden that you can spend your time tending. If weeding, deadheading and trimming are not your idea of fun, there are many many other choices out there.
  • Choose a time for planting
    We start seedlings the weekend after Saint Patrick’s Day. We keep them in a greenhouse or indoors. Perennials, shrubs and trees can be planted as soon as the ground thaws, but we generally don’t plant anything until early May. Just make sure the threat of frost has passed before planting any annuals, vegetables seedlings or any tender plants.

Add an outdoor fireplace

And its not just planting… Why not incorporate an outdoor fireplace into the design? You can make all those design considerations in advance and have it ready to use for next year. Do you wsnt your fire place purely for the elegant design,  as a useful fire pit for warming up your patio of an evening, or is a functional cooking area more up your street?

Monteray Outdoor Fireplace

Monteray Outdoor Fireplace

What about an outdoor grill area? Consider adding a smooth stone or brick counter and shelves to the side to perform your culinary magic. You’ll need space for your plates and cooking utensils when cooking and a warming cove built in to hold your earlier cooked foods and to keep them at a safe temperature.

Add a new decked area

When thinking wood decking, which is a wonderful option and a choice for many, do educate yourself on types of wood and the ongoing treatment it needs. Check on deck to house anchoring, and the correct digging depth for the frost level in your area.

Jennifer Rattan Garden Chair

Our Jennifer Rattan Garden Chair looks great on a timber deck!

It would be a new homes owners nightmare, to find that as the winter frost sets in, the money you’ve just put into your deck has twisted and buckled. It is so important to hire a reputable landscaping company that has the proper understanding of constructing decks.

So what are you waiting for, get in your garden this weekend, before the temperature drops too low…

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