The rise of the garden office

The garden office is one of the fastest growing home improvement trends in the UK. The reasons are simple, but by far the main one is that it is just so enjoyable to have a garden office or outbuilding conveniently placed at the bottom of the garden.

Many people, particularly designers etc find that the ambiance of a garden office is far more conducive to creativity. It is certainly a more relaxing and productive environment than some busy city centre office. It has to be the perfect way for the home-worker to separate home life with the professional. And best of all no commute, well a quick stroll up the garden, but that beats the rush hour any day!

Rosenlund 15 Garden Room

Rosenlund 15 Garden Room by Lazy Susan

Garden offices have always been around but in years gone by they tended to be the exclusive domain of the more well to do. Those who had the money and space that it took to have a summerhouse built on their plot.

However, in recent years new materials, manufacturing and construction techniques and developments have made the garden room so much more affordable and even in some cases within the realm of many a DIY-er.

The average homeowner has become so much savvier in terms of property improvement and investment too. The end result is that more people are realizing the great investment potential of incorporating a garden office or secondary outbuilding into their homes. In short, the garden room is a great way to add significant value to your property.

Jabo Haldarp Garden Room

Jabo Haldarp garden room by Lazy Susan

The garden room market is now a myriad of different design styles and price points and this has been a significant contributing factor to their rising popularity. It is far easier for homeowners to now find a style that fits their home and garden, as well as their budget. From contemporary modular solutions to classic summerhouses and everything in between, there is something for everybody.

Also, more people are discovering the many different functions for a well thought out and constructed garden room. Even if they don’t need a home office, garden rooms are a great alternative to expensive extensions or an unsightly garden shed from your local garden centre or DIY superstore. Also, they make great children’s playrooms or a detached guest room.

Today’s garden rooms range from the highly decorative to the more minimal. Modular designs with more straightforward functional lines and features that are popular in places like Scandinavia provide even greater design flexibility.

In fact, today’s garden room can easily be found in just about any design – from the more contemporary styles, to classical Victorian inspired structures. We are now even seeing more exotic styles, such as the Japanese teahouse style, finding their way to these shores.

Keep your garden office tidy

A garden room makes the perfect home office; detached from your home life, without any laborious rush hour commute. Although taking away the burden of the commute is often replaced with the loss of a contract cleaning company to tidy up at the end of each day. It now falls on your shoulders to keep your garden office clean. After all, a clean office is a happy office!

EasyHome Modular Garden Room

EasyHome Modular Garden Room by Lazy Susan

It goes without saying, if rubbish tends to accumulate in your office, then adding a bin will cut down on clutter. And I know that generally they’re not the most attractive of items, but if you shop around there are some pretty funky designs on the market. They can also smell, so if you’re using it for food waste, get one with a lid. Scented deodorising bin liners are also a must, and make sure you empty the bin at the end of each day.

Paperwork will also accumulate at an incredible rate of knots, and before you know it, you’ve filled every available surface. Invest in a filing cabinet and keep on top of things, sorting and purging as necessary. File paperwork immediately rather than just putting it to one side. And if you don’t need it, then shred or dispose of it straight away.

Position IT equipment in terms of how frequently you use it. If the printer is used daily, it should be within easy reach. If the computer hard drive is only accessed for turning the power on/off or troubleshooting, then pop it under or to the side of your desk. If your scanner is rarely used, place it in a cupboard and connect only when needed. In addition, when setting up your computer, be conscious of access to disk drives, USB ports and cables etc.

Jabo Kallabo 15m square Garden Room

Jabo Kullabo 15 square metres Garden Room by Lazy Susan

To cut down on many of these problems, you can invest in things such as an all-in-one desktop computer, wireless keyboard, mouse etc to cut down on cables and ultimately save space. For any cables you do have, invest in cable tidy solutions such as trays, zips and drops, and always label them so you know what’s what.

Every efficient garden office needs defined working areas, and the garden or home office is no different. Allocate adequate space for your computer and peripheral equipment. Have suitable shelf space for reference materials, filing space and some form of storage for frequently used office supplies. Make sure your office furniture provides ample space for both working and storage.

Ideally, you should tidy your office at the end of each day, putting books and files back in their place. In terms of cleaning, you need to dust the furniture and vacuum or mop the floor depending on the flooring at least once a week. It is vital that your garden office remains structured and mess free. After all, this is your livelihood and your business is reflection of you.

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