Garden room furniture ideas and inspiration

At long last you’ve got that new Garden Room you’ve always wanted… Weeks of planning, tradesmen trampling across your garden, and now its complete, now its time to enjoy this new ‘outdoor/indoor’ space and decide how you want to decorate it. Or perhaps that beloved garden room you installed a few years back could simply do with a little TLC, the introduction of some new stylish furniture to replace that old sofa you moved in there when you redecorated the living room?

So with that in mind, I just wanted to pull together a few ideas that you might want to consider when looking at purchasing new furniture for your garden room. Many of these points may seem a little on the obvious side but you’d be surprised how many get overlooked and hopefully there is some useful info in here too.

Choosing the right furniture for your garden room

The starting point whenever you purchase new furniture is always to measure your floor area, making allowance for all doorways and walkways. I always find it helps if you draw up a plan, and that way you can decide what items you can fit in your garden room. Another great way to be double sure is to mark out the dimensions of each piece of furniture on the floor where you’d like to position it. This will give you a great feel for the fit and how the room will flow when the furniture is in situ.

Always take into consideration how many people live in your house and how you use the space as a family. There’s a wide variety of different sizes and styles of furniture that work in a garden room from dining sets, chairs and sofas. And your not just limited to interior, garden furniture makes a great addition to any garden room, but thinking about how you want the space to work will help you decide on the right style of seating and configuration.

Access to the garden room is also a very important factor that many people fail to take into account. From our experience of delivering garden room furniture to properties with either restricted or even no access at all to the rear of the house, this can cause problems on the day of delivery, and of course lead to disappointment. So plan before you buy and if there is limited access, look for furniture that can be assembled in your garden room.

If you only have a small garden room and space is limited, then less is definitely more too. Avoid over cluttering your garden room, they should feel light and airy anyway. Instead of a full sofa suite, consider opting for a 2 seater rattan style outdoor sofa and low coffee table, or maybe a a cafe style bistro set such as our range below.

April Bistro 2 Seater Garden Table

Traditional vs Contemporary

When it comes to the styling of your garden rooms interior, there are hundreds of different styles of furniture on the market ranging from traditional cane conservatory style to the more modern contemporary synthetic rattan weave. Choose furniture that works with the garden room. If you have a modern modular style room such as our Easyhome range then you definitely don’t want traditional cane style conservatory furniture. If, however, you have something a little more classically styled such as our Jabo Kullabo the cane furniture would be a perfect match.

The most popular and practical choices when it comes to purchasing new furniture for a garden room are rattan, cane, willow or lloyd loom, which is where kraft paper is twisted round a metal wire frame to form paper threads that are woven into mats. Metal, specifically cast aluminium, and glass are also very popular choices, while stone, mosaic tiled or marble topped tables are very much in vogue for coffee table tops. Unlike the conservatory, you can also opt for a more comfortable, but casual, upholstered sofa in a garden room. The solid roof cuts down the levels of direct sunlight, so they won’t fade as quick as they would in a conservatory.

Furniture Cushions & Fabrics

Once you’ve made the decision on the type furniture, it could be that you’re undecided on the cushions or fabric. Again, there’s hundreds of different options to choose from, ranging from the more traditional floral prints to modern neutral fabrics. At the end of the day, its all down to personal taste and what works with your chosen colour scheme. If pushed, I would always advise the majority of our customers to go for the more neutral fabrics, play it safe if you like, let the beauty of the garden room itself do the talking. And if I had to offer one bit of advice, just make sure that all cushion, seat covers etc can be removed for easy washing in your machine! If you use your garden room as much as we do in the summer months, the seats can get a little grubby, especially if BBQ food is brought into the equation.

Shop for Garden Room Ideas & Inspiration Online

We would say that, we’re an online based supplier of furniture, but the internet truly is a great option as you’ll find an extensive choice of different furniture at competitive prices. Both weave and fabric samples are usually available and can be posted in advance to help you make that final decision. Many companies, Lazy Susan included, will also have a showroom which you can visit, so that you can view and more importantly perform the comfort test! Furnishing a garden room will give you the opportunity to use new ideas, different materials and styles of furniture that you maybe wouldn’t or couldn’t use in other rooms of the house.

A Garden Room Is Different To A Living Room

The garden room as a room is a little different from the other rooms of the house, apart from the fact its detached and usually down the bottom of your garden. First off, in the summer months the humidity will be higher, many garden rooms feature large windows and sliding doors too, so the levels of natural light can be a little higher. In winter, whilst dry and designed to stand up to a Scandinavian winter, they can still be a little on the cold side, especially if you have no heat source. The trick is to try and select furniture with these conditions in mind, and that is why modern patio furniture can be the perfect solution for you garden room.

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