Garden room and conservatory furniture

This is my first garden room and conservatory furniture based blog in a good few months. Not sure why? Maybe with all the bad winter weather we’ve had, focussing on garden furniture is my brains way of willing the UK to have a good summer. The garden room is not so weather dependant I guess. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is great when the sun is shining and you can throw the doors wide open. But I love working in mine when its cold, windy, with the rain lashing down. Reminds me of being in a caravan as a child.

Anyway, this has got me thinking about my garden room… Its a good 3 years old now and I’m in it pretty much everyday as it is my place of work. It is definitely in need of a little TLC. So if like me, you spend a lot of time in your garden room, then it is vital that you consider the decor as much as what it looks like from the outside. It goes without saying that the building itself has to have that wow factor. It will form the primary focal point in you garden. However, to really get the most out of a garden, it is critical that the decor is straight from the pages of an interior design mag too.

The first consideration you need to make, is to what purpose will your new garden room be used for? Do you want a new home office, children’s play area or just a space to relax with a coffee and a good book? A garden room is a very cost effective solution to help you and your rediscover new space in your home. Cheaper that a loft conversion or brick extension, it will add significantly more value to your home than the cost of installation.

Much like the garden room, the conservatory is also now an all year round room. Improvements in materials, under floor heating etc, mean the modern day conservatory is warm and fully insulated. You can use them during the winter months too. In fact I think the main reason we love the conservatory so much in the UK though, is that they allow us to enjoy a little more of that elusive luxury – sunshine! Even if we can’t sit outside, they allow us to feel like we are sitting outside. So again, creating a comfortable and stylish conservatory becomes paramount. If you want to maximise enjoyment, and make the most of what little sun we do get, then the decor needs to be something a little special too.

Garden room and conservatory furniture protection

However, the conservatory in particular, and to some extent the garden room (depending on design/position etc), presents us with a bit of a problem when it comes to furniture. The top requirement from most consumers is resistance to sun fading and furniture that in terms of style will help to bring the outside inside. Whilst a little fading is inevitable for any furniture, even in your living room, in the conservatory it can be a real problem. However, there are a few simple steps and choices you can take that will help you to keep it to a minimum. In terms of the garden room, while fade is not a major issue, style is important. The choice of furniture should work with the style of the building.

Conservatory window and roof blinds are the most comprehensive form of protection. Modern solar reflective fabrics will fully protect the contents of your conservatory from the sun. They also have the added benefit that they provide a little extra privacy, especially when using your conservatory at night. Window blinds offer a fantastic alternative to curtains. In addition to providing privacy and protecting furniture etc from the sun, they also block out heat to ensure that rooms are kept cool, but offer insulation to keep it in the room when the temperature outside drops.

It is also a good idea to move ant furniture that is in direct sunlight for much of the day around your conservatory or garden room (in fact any room in the house). Also turn your cushions on a regular basis. This way the furniture will fade more evenly and the effects of the sun is greatly diminished. And if your conservatory or garden room is not installed yet, then specify glass with built in tinting for added UV and fade protection. Yes it will cost more to start, but it will save you money in the long run as furniture will not need replacing as frequently.

Rattan is the perfect solution for garden rooms and conservatories

If you want a material that can stand up to the heat inside a conservatory, or the flexibility to move it from your garden room to the patio when the sun is shining, then for me, it has to be synthetic rattan. It is the perfect material for garden room and conservatory furniture. The word synthetic might suggest that it is fake, that it’s not as good as the real thing. Well I’m afraid that is not the case, and is many ways, it is better than the real thing.

It has been designed to look as good as natural rattan, and by utilising today’s modern production techniques and advancements in technology, you would have to ask before you could even determine if it is synthetic or not. It looks as good, if not better, than the real thing. However, the great advantage that synthetic rattan furniture has of natural, is that it is UV resistant, it will not change in colour or fade when left in the sun. It is perfect for the conservatory. It is not damaged by being exposed to constant weather changes, it is totally water resistant, so it can even be left outside on the patio. If it gets wet, a quick wipe with a towel, and its ready to use.

Choose the right type of furniture

Today there is such a vast choice of different types of furniture that choosing what to buy for your conservatory or garden room can be a bit of a challenge. Making the right choice will ensure that your garden room or conservatory looks good. Start by deciding how you plan to use the space and what type of furniture will work. Do you plan to use the conservatory as a dining room; do you need a large table and six chairs to entertain with? Or is your garden room purely there for relaxation and enjoying the early morning sunshine? Would a large sofa set with low coffee table be more up your street?

Think about how you currently use or plan to use the space. Do you have the space for a set of table and chairs or is there barely room for a small two-seater sofa? Whatever you choose, your garden room or conservatory should be the perfect escape from the rest of the house, be it for relaxation or even a home office in the case of a garden room. It really does pay to take a little time and carefully plan how you want it to function, as much as how stylish the new furniture will look.

Fleur Rattan Sofa Garden Furniture Set

Fleur Rattan Sofa Set by Lazy Susan

It may seem like common sense, but choosing inappropriately sized furniture for the garden room and conservatory is a common mistake that we see time and time again. I have the same problem in my living room. I would love a sectional corner sofa, but with the odd shape of my living room, I just can’t make it work. No matter how small or large the space you have, there are many different styles and materials you can choose from. You are not just limited to indoor furniture. You can bring the outdoors, indoors; the garden room and conservatory are the perfect room to merge with your garden or patio, and outdoor furniture just works.

If you like to change the decor of your home on a frequent basis and don’t want to have to buy new furniture every time you decorate, then I’ll say it again… Rattan outdoor furniture is the ideal choice for your the garden room and conservatory. It is flexible, durable, lightweight, can be used in or outside all year round, and is easy to maintain. Stylish and on trend, it the ideal solution for any summer room, conservatory, or garden room.

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