How to incorporate a garden side table

Our garden side tables are probably the most versatile piece of furniture we have in our collection.

Pair them with seating to create a relaxed informal bistro style setting, perfect for an evening G&T or Sunday morning cup of coffee.

Utilise them as an ancillary to a larger table to free up space on the main table. Place them alongside you BBQ as a chef’s table. They’re a multi-functional solution that will give you a little bit of extra table space.

BBQ Side Table

This customer photo shows how a Lazy Susan garden side table can be utilised when space is a premium.

Why every patio should have a garden side table

I feel like I’ve written this before. A touch of bloggers déjà vu if you like. But it’s important you don’t just leave the layout of your patio to chance.

Don’t just buy random pieces and hope they’ll fit and flow. By adopting a few simple design principles, you can create a space that not only looks good, but functions.

Along with the outdoor dining or sofa set, the placement of a good garden side table, can form the functional spine of your patio. Not to mention the fact they look good.

Positioning your garden side or coffee table can create a focal point on your patio, much like the same piece can in your living room. However, in the wrong place, it can have a dramatic impact on the way your patio flows.

Choosing a new garden side table comes down to more than just looks too — shape and size need consideration. So, before you buy, here’s a few Lazy tips help you incorporate a garden side table on your patio.

BBQ Side Table

A Lazy Susan BBQ Sode Table is for more than just BBQ’s

Garden side table size

The question ‘what size table do I need?’ is a one we get asked on almost a daily basis. And unfortunately there is no simple answer. It depends on the size of your patio/outdoor space, and how you like to use that space.

However, when it comes to a garden coffee/side table, there’s one piece of advice we always give our customers to help them decide what tables will work best.

Alessia White 2 Seater Bistro

The Alessia White 2 Seater Garden Bistro Set from Lazy Susan

When arranging your outdoor space, try to position a side or coffee stye garden table at least 50cm from your main seating or dining set. Before you buy, measure it out and you can calculate what size of side table will work best.

The distance of 50cm is close enough for you to reach over for a drink or condiment without encroaching on leg/walking space.

Garden side table height

With regard to height, again there is no rules set in stone. It depends how you plan to use the table. If it is purely as a side table to sit alongside a BBQ, then you’ll want it a little higher than if you plan to use it as a coffee table.

Our range of garden side tables includes a variety of shapes and heights. However, if you are using it as a coffee style or bistro table, the general rule of thumb is to keep the height of your table close to the height of your garden chairs give or take around four inches.

Console Table

Our sleek Console Table is incredibly versatile.

This will allow you easy access to the table when sitting down. Our side tables are designed to ergonomically fit with our chairs, so they can be used as a table in their own right as pictured in many of the photographs.

However, they will also function as a side table when paired with one of our larger outdoor dining sets. If you want to use them alongside a BBQ, then go for one of our BBQ side tables or Console table.

Garden side table to seating ratio

Scale and proportion is critical in getting your finished patio right. Good proportions will ensure your patio layout is easy on the eye, and functions as a free flowing space.

Claire Outdoor Coffee Table with 2 Chairs or a Bench

Our Claire Outdoor Coffee Table paired with 2 chairs or a garden bench is just one of our great small garden furniture ideas.

Although, again there is no hard and fast rules, we advise our customers to get a side table that’s around a quarter of the size of your main set.

Our 6 seater sets are the perfect partner for a BBQ side table, but that said they’ll not overpower a 4 seater set if the patio has good proportions.

The focal point

The focal point of your patio is generally the centre of the entire space and it is, in most cases, the best position for an outdoor style coffee table if you plan to pair it with seating.

Sounds little like stating the obvious. However, on patios that are wide and thin, or L-shaped, there could be more than one visual centre point.

In this situation, it makes more sense to position your table on the centre point that is closest to your seating arrangement. A table situated centrally within your seating will creates a more sociable patio.

Sandra Cast Aluminium Side Table

Sandra Cast Aluminium Side Table by Lazy Susan

Some gardens and patios already have a focal point such as a fire pit or large planter. Quite often our outdoor dining sets will be the focal point.

If this is the case, then all you need is side table, it is will simply support the main table, providing additional – and functional – counter-like space.

However, even though I’ve said all of that, rules are there to be broken. When it comes to patio design, it is whatever works, and whatever looks good for/to you.

What I can say with confidence is that a Lazy Susan side table paired with seating is a great focal point, and one that has proven incredibly popular with our customers.

It works as a main table because our side tables have a strong, eye-catching shape and design. They lend themselves perfectly to smaller patios and terraces where space is limited.

An extremely multi-functional piece of garden furniture, you can also pair it up with an existing dining set, or position it alongside your BBQ as a chefs table.

The Lazy Susan Garden Side Table Collection

At Lazy Susan, this flexibility has resulted in our side tables becoming incredibly popular. We have a wide range of garden tables to suit your personal style.

Hannah 90cm Round Garden Table in Sandstone

Hannah 90cm Round Garden Table in Sandstone

Our range features a number of colours, styles and sizes to choose from including black and white, square and rectangular coffee tables, gorgeous consoles, handy BBQ side tables and even a drinks trolley.

With over 70 products to choose from within our cast aluminium side table range, I’m confident you’ll find the right table, however, you plan to use it.

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