Garden Tables: A Buying Guide

In many cases, our garden tables are the heart of the garden, or at least our patio area. They create a place where friends and family can come together, sit down and enjoy some food when the sun is shining.

Throughout this article I’ve included some of the wonderful photographs we’ve been sent by customers for our Do Some Good campaign. They illustrate how great our garden tables look much better than I can.

And maybe at Lazy Susan we are a little biased, but whilst all of the patios and gardens featured here are beautiful, the garden table is the star. OK that’s what they’re focussing the camera on but I do truly believe no patio is complete without them…

In 2020 our outdoor spaces have become even more important to us. Get a nice day, and that’s where you’ll find me and my family. We will happily sit at our Lazy Susan garden table long into the evening if we can.

The lockdown really highlighted just how much we value and need our outdoor spaces too. We don’t have a big plot but it is just off the kitchen and we can open it all up and truly make the most of it.

So, whether it’s al fresco drinks with friends, a family BBQ or enjoying a cup of coffee whilst reading the paper, my garden table is central to our functioning patio.

When it comes to such a big investment piece, it requires a little consideration before you purchase. Four of the key questions you need to ask when it comes before purchasing new garden tables are as follows:

  1. What shape of garden table?
  2. How will you use your garden table?
  3. What size garden table?
  4. How many garden chairs do you need?

Hopefully, with this article, we will help you establish which shape of garden tables and set is best for you and your garden/patio.

1. What shape of garden table?

Amelia Garden Tables Set
A customer photo of our Amelia garden table set

When selecting what shape of garden table to buy it is very important to be guided by the existing shapes of your patio, decking or the wider outdoor space where the furniture will sit.

If the space is round or features curves, then you’ll want a table that will complement as shown above with our 6 seater Amelia set. On the other hand, a more straight line square or rectangular space may be better suited to square or rectangular garden tables.

Another important consideration is the space limitations of your patio/garden…

A round or oval shaped table will take up less space than a similarly sized square or rectangle shaped table. This is because the curve means no corners jutting out into the space.

However, a square or rectangle table on the other hand can be pushed against a wall or into a corner, therefore allowing you to potentially lose seating but save considerable space. Or at the very least make the space easier to move around.

But to answer that initial question of what shape of garden table is best for you?

Well, its simply the one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your designated space, complements the style of your home/garden and has a style you’ll love for many years to come.

There are a few important things you should consider when choosing a good table though. First, be wary of being swayed by the latest fad or trend. A good garden dining set should last at least 5 to 10 years. Keep it simple and sturdy!

There’s also a wide variety of different materials, styles and designs on the market but don’t let that overwhelm you. Do a little research and narrow it down to the material, shape and style that works for you and your outdoor space.

Round, Oval, Rectangle or Square garden tables?

Round or oval garden tables are great for maximising space, they offer flexibility with seating and are great for socialising. Square tables on the other hand are great for opening up your outdoor space and offer plenty of table top surface. Easy to fit on most patios, a rectangular table is often a popular choice its classic ‘dining table’ proportions.

Start by looking at the layout of the patio or space in your garden where the table will sit. If the patio has a curved layout, a round table will likely fit the space better as highlighted above and vice versa. Just as with size, your patio area (both the dimensions and shape), the wider outdoor space you have, and the style of the home itself should all influence the shape of the table you go for.

There are four main/popular shapes you can go for when it comes to patio dining tables, all of which are available from Lazy Susan. You may think a table is table, but these different shapes do have their individual advantages and disadvantages, some will work on certain styles of patio but not on others etc.

It takes a keen eye but don’t be afraid to break the rules too. However, if you’re even a little bit unsure, always best to play it safe I say.

Rectangular Garden Tables

Brigitte 8 Seater Rectangular Extending Garden Table from Lazy Susan
The Brigitte 8 Seater Rectangular Extending Garden Table from Lazy Susan

I suppose rectangular, much as it is inside the home in our kitchens and dining rooms, is the go to shape. It is adaptable, will pretty much work on any size patio. The majority of patios in the UK tend to be rectangular shaped to, so its often the logical or obvious choice.

Especially with our new build properties… They tend follow the width of the property/garden but don’t extend too far from the property and into the garden as much/or of equal length. Rectangular patio tables are also a good shape for sitting more than 6 people.

Square Garden Tables

Lucy 91cm Square 4 Seater Cast Aluminium Patio Table
The Lucy 91cm Square 4 Seater Cast Aluminium Patio Table from Lazy Susan

If you do have a square shaped patio then the obvious choice is a square garden table. The main advantage of a square table is that it provides intimacy and is perfect for seating a small number of people. If there is 4 people or less, then a rectangular table for example can space people out a little too far.

Oval Garden Tables

Gloria Oval 8 Seater Clearance Garden Tables
Gloria Oval 8 Seater Clearance Garden Tables

Oval shaped tables have always been a big seller for us. No corners make it easier to pull up additional seating and squeeze a few more guests in. The advantages of oval shaped tables is similar to those of rectangular, however, the curved edges help to create the illusion that they take up less space. In terms of actual footprint, there’s not that much difference but they definitely trick the eye. The rounded corners do reduce the space a little but the overall effect always looks a lot greater.

Round Garden Tables

Valerie 6 Seater Round Garden Table Set
Valerie 6 Seater Round Garden Table Set

Round tables are perfect for smaller patios and gardens. Like a square table they feel more intimate, conducive to good conversation. Like oval tables they make good use of space and seem to have a more informal feel to them. The downside of the larger round tables (8 seater plus) is that while you can still see other diners the people on the opposite side can feel a little far away.

Our Lazy Susan Revolving Servers are also perfect for pairing with a round or oval table, and essential if you do opt for a larger round table. Personally, I love a large round table, they look stunning, however, try and think about what fits your outdoor space and which shape functions for you.

2. How will you use your garden table?

If your garden table gets regular use over the summer, then you want to choose a design that is durable and easy to clean. Think about how it feels to sit at the table, whether it will be comfortable for long periods. Think about how you and your family will use the table. Will it be for family BBQ’s, coffee for two on a Sunday morning etc and think about which table shape is best suited to how you use your table.

3. What size garden table?

The look of your garden table is important, of course, but making sure it fits your outdoor space and gives you and your family all the seating you need is definitely the most critical element. No point having a beautiful set if you’ve got legs overhanging the edge of your patio or no room to move around the space.

We have covered this subject a number of times in recent months so I don’t want to spend too much time on it for this post. Our recent Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide and Garden Furniture 101 articles feature a number of sections that look in detail about how to decide what size table is best for the space you have.

Measure the free space you have available

Garden tables need to allow for the number of people you want to seat to sit comfortably around it and then still leave enough space for people to walk about patio etc. To calculate the space you have on your patio and determine what size table will fit onto that space, measure as follows:

Lazy Susan Dimensions for a 210 x 150cm Garden Table
Lazy Susan Dimensions for a 210 x 150cm Garden Table
  • Measure table-to-patio clearance
    How much space have you got from where the table will sit to the edges of your patio or decking
  • Measure the space around the patio
    To allow people to sit down and get up easily from their seats, I always advise people to try and leave at least 75cm (I’d even go up to 1m if you can) between the table and the edge of your patio area.
  • Measure garden table-to-other items clearance
    If there is other items on the patio already such as accessories, patio furniture, containers etc that you don’t want to move, then take that 75cm/1m measurement from the edge of those items instead of the edge of the patio.
Extending Garden Table
Extending Garden Table by Lazy Susan

If you’re short on space, but entertain regularly, then our Extendable Garden Tables (pictured above) are a great option.

The aforementioned Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide and Garden Furniture 101 articles also feature this topic in more detail with tips and tricks on how to best measure and visualise what a potential new set could look like in your garden.

4. How many garden chairs do you need?

We’ve got sets ranging from 2 seater all the way to 10+ seater, so think about how many people you like to sit around your table.

Our 2 and 4 seater sets are ideal if you’re space is limited, whilst our 4 and 6 seater garden tables are great for families with children or who like to entertain smaller groups. You can always purchase some additional stackable seats that can be pulled out the shed or garage when you need them. For larger families or those who like a garden party, then our 8 and 10+ seater sets are perfect for your needs!

Consider the average number of people who will sit at the patio table at any one time. Oval or rectangle patio tables are generally longer so they can accommodate more people, whereas squares and circles have less useable seating space as you can’t have people sitting on a corner.

Madison 10 Seater Metal Garden Table
Our Madison 260x120cm 10 Seater Metal Garden Table is shown here with 6 x metal chairs and 2 x garden benches.

Determine the type of seating you want at your table too. Individual chairs work well with all table shapes. However, if you prefer a Garden Bench style, then a rectangular table is in my opinion the best option because our garden benches fit so well with them (as pictured above).

Lazy Susan Garden Tables Collection

10+ Seater Garden Tables

Our Jennifer 10 Seater Set in Antique Bronze
Our Jennifer 10 Seater Set in Antique Bronze

Our large garden tables for 10+ people are stylish, practical and well-made. Constructed from high grade cast aluminium, they offer some distinct advantages over furniture made from other materials such as wood or rattan. It doesn’t rust or rot, it’s robust, yet lightweight enough that you can still pick it up and move around the garden if need be. Even the larger tables, whilst they require two people, they are easy to lift but sturdy enough that they won’t blow over.

Our Victoria set (pictured below) is one of our best selling garden tables. This stylish oval table measures 180cm x 250cm and it’s a great choice if you can’t decide between round and rectangular. As with many of our other round and oval tables, the Victoria comes with a Lazy Susan turntable. A Lazy Susan is a great addition for any large garden table, enabling you and your guests to pass appetisers and condiments around the table without leaning over each other.

10 Seater Victoria Oval Garden Table
Our 10 Seater Victoria Oval Garden Table

Our Vanessa table on the other hand is a rectangular 10 seater metal garden table available in white (pictured below) or antique bronze. Featuring an extension mechanism, you use the table as a 6 seater, and then extend it to a 10 seater when required.

Vanessa 10 Seater Garden Table White
The Vanessa 10 Seater Garden Table in White from Lazy Susan

If 10 isn’t big enough then you may need to go for a 12 seater garden table. If that’s the case then my recommendation would be to go for our Isabelle table (pictured below). This is another of our extension models.

Isabelle 12 Seater Garden Tables Antique Bronze
Our Isabelle 12 Seater Garden Table in Antique Bronze

And if 12 is still too small then it has to be our largest set, the 16 seater Madison table (pictured below). This rectangular 520 centimetre long garden table is available in antique bronze or white and is perfect for those with the space and a love of a garden party.

Madison 16 Seater Garden Table
The Madison 16 Seater Garden Table is the largest set in our collection

Once you’ve chosen the right 10+ seater table, you can choose which chairs to pair it. A default chair will be available at no extra cost, however, take a moment to consider the other garden chairs, such as the Rose, Maria or Kate chairs. You can pair one of these other styles of chair with your 10 seater table for between £5 and £25 per chair. These garden chairs are made of the same weatherproof and robust cast aluminium as our tables.

Our 10+ seater garden tables and chairs can also be enhanced with a range of coordinated accessories such as seat cushions and parasols too. It ups the comfort significantly. Underneath the section on the page where you select your choice of chair, you’ll also find offers for seat cushions in various colours and parasols.

Purchasing these accessories in combination with our garden furniture sets will allow you to save up to 70% on them, compared to when you purchase them separately, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to grab a bargain!

And those aren’t the only special offers available in our shop. You can get between 20% and 80% off various other complimentary furniture pieces such as side tables, garden benches or sun loungers. But these offers are unique to these sets, so combine them with your main order to take advantage.

You will also find have some outstanding deals on our Clearance pages too. These stand-alone deals apply to everything, from side tables to 12 seaters. They change all the time so check back regularly, and if you see a bargain on something you like, get it before they sell out!

8 Seater Garden Tables

The Catherine 8 Seater Set in White from Lazy Susan
The Catherine 8 Seater Set in White from Lazy Susan

Much like the 10+ sets, our stylish 8 seater garden tables are durable, stylish and constructed from cast aluminium. Again, we have a great range of tables in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Our Rosemary (pictured below) set has been one of our best sellers for a number of years now. Available in choice of White, Slate and Antique Bronze, this stylish oval garden table it measures 210cm x 150cm. As with many of our other larger round and oval tables, Rosemary also comes with a Lazy Susan rotating turntable.

Rosemary 8-Seater Garden Table
Our Antique Bronze Rosemary 8-Seater Garden Table is shown here with Lazy Susan and optional seat cushions.

Alternatively, we have our round Olivia table (pictured below). This is a 8 seater set is also available in white, slate grey or antique bronze.

Olivia 8 Seater Garden Table
The round Olivia 8 Seater Garden Table works perfectly with this curved patio/garden lawn

Our 8 seat rectangular sets such as the Florence and Virginia are also extendable to allow you to host more guests and provide additional seating for that special occasion.

6 Seater Garden Tables

Amelia 6 Seater Antique Bronze
I love this customer photo of our Amelia 6 Seater Set in Antique Bronze and it illustrates that you can break the rules and place round garden tables on a square patio to dramatic effect.

In our 6 seater garden table range there’s again a variety of styles in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. Our June set (pictured below) has been our best seller for a number of years now. This stylish oval table measures 150cm by 95cm.

June 6 Seater Garden Table
The June 6 Seater Garden Table is a Lazy Susan best seller!

If oval isn’t for you we have our round 6 seater Frances table and the rectangular Sophia table that are also popular choices.

4 Seater Garden Tables

Anna 4 Seater Garden Table in Slate
This customer photo of our Anna 4 Seater Garden Table in Slate is a brilliant example of choosing garden tables that complement the shape of your patio!

Within the Lazy Susan 4 seater collection there’s again a wide variety of tables in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. Our Alice table (pictured below) is another of our best sellers. This stylish round garden table measures 120 cm round and comes in slate, white and antique bronze.

Alice 4-Seater Set
Our Alice garden table (shown here in slate grey) is a 4 seater set. However, the customer has photographed it here with a couple of additional seats and our stone parasol.

Elsewhere, we have the Anna and Mia tables, 4 seater metal garden tables that come in a choice antique bronze, white or slate grey. In addition, we have oval styles such as the June table, again available in antique bronze, slate grey and white.

2 Seater Bistro Garden Tables

Garden Tables: A Buying Guide

Our 2 seater bistro style garden tables again come in various stylish shapes, and versatile colours. As with all our larger dining sets, the Lazy Susan bistro sets also come with a choice of chairs. So once you’ve chosen the right 2 seater garden table set for you, select which style of chair you prefer. A default option is available at no extra cost, but take a moment to consider others, such as the Emma, Rose, Georgia or Abigail. You can pair one of these other chairs with your 2 seater table for between £5 and £25 per chair.

London Rose 2 Seater Bistro Set
London Rose 2 Seater Bistro Set was only launched at the start of summer 2020 but has already proven to be one of our best selling 2 seater bistro sets this year.

Launched earlier this year, our London Rose set (pictured above) has proven to be very popular. This classical style is  bordered with beautiful roses bringing that quintessential English country garden feel to any patio.

Buying Garden Tables from Lazy Susan

We offer free delivery on all our garden furniture. So there’s no need to worry about extra charges at checkout. Our cast aluminium sets are delivered as a large package or on a wooden pallet by our partner couriers Parcelforce or Geodis.

Both offer online tracking of your order from the day of dispatch. Geodis will also call you the day before delivery to arrange a time slot that works for you. For more details about delivery you can have a look at our delivery information page or give us a call.

The Lazy Susan customer service team are on hand to take your calls or answer your emails from 08:00 to 18:00 daily. They can provide more information about our garden furniture and respond to any other queries you have. They can also send you fabric and metal samples that will give you an idea of the quality of our materials, and can help you choose a colour.

Call us on 01243 71 71 97 or email us at [email protected]. We try to answer emails within 2 hours during office hours but over the summer months things can get a little hectic. You can view our full garden tables collection in our shop!

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