Lazy Susan’s garden trends 2020

Whilst I was drafting this months Garden furniture trends 2020 article, it became evident that it would be nice to follow that with a sister post that looked at the broader garden trends in the UK for 2020.

Garden design and garden furniture go hand in hand. Maybe not as much as they should I may add. I often feel many a garden designer treats garden furniture as an after-thought. They focus on hardscaping and landscaping first and some garden furniture may get plonked on at the end. Maybe I’m being a little negative. I’m sure (I hope) that’s not the case, it’s just a general feeling I sometimes get when we attend many of the shows etc.

Take interior design for example. A sofa or dining table is often the springboard (of course along with other considerations such as room shape, colour etc) for the overall design. It’s an integral component. In a living room or dining room they are the dominant feature. Same for garden furniture on a patio. Maybe not the garden as a whole but it is certainly a critical element.

To be honest, I am not a garden designer, and I can’t speak for an industry. However, one thing I am sure of, is the inspiration we take from the garden design side here at Lazy Susan. We are constantly inspired by many of the show gardens and the creative talent across the garden design industry. That all feeds into our product development. We strive to provide classically styled pieces that stand up to the elements, and that complement the great British garden.

Our tips for the latest garden trends 2020

So with that in mind, I wanted to share what the team and I feel/think will be the big garden trends of 2020. The things that are influencing garden designers this year. Or at the very least talk about some of the things we’ll be focussing on in our own gardens. I don’t want to get too deep into design specifics, just touch on some of the more general trend shifts we are seeing across the wider garden world. Take a look at the things we feel are important, many of which tie into each other, and those trends we feel will be of interest to readers of this blog.

The Wellbeing Garden

Lazy Susan's garden trends 2020
The garden is a great source of wellbeing

We were going to touch on this in our garden furniture trends posts as the two very much feed into each other. Garden furniture is integral to achieving a wellbeing garden I suppose is what I’m trying to say. I may incorporate it in the more trends article that I want to publish as a follow up. Anyway, this is definitely about more than just garden furniture, and more about a bigger shift we are seeing across garden design and the wider garden industry in general. I suppose you could argue that gardens have always been a place of wellbeing, but this is more about thinking about how it can deliver on multiple levels from the initial design stages to end use. A less maintenance and more relaxation approach to garden design if you like.

Busy lives demand low maintenance in all aspects of the home, and none more so than the garden. Many of us want it to look beautiful, but simply don’t have the time to spends hours each day tending to it. So utilise materials and planting that fit with that ethos. That said, many of us also find gardening relaxing, and that in itself can be a tremendous source of wellbeing. Gardens and gardening can make us feel good, it’s as simple as that. Get outside, get some fresh air in the lungs and keep fit. However, for me, this is more about making our gardens of place of relaxation and reflection. Somewhere to just kick back and take it easy, take in the hard work you do put in. Create a comfortable place to sit, grow flowers that will attract wildlife and by growing your own food you too can achieve wellbeing nirvana.

Gimme Shelter

Lazy Susan's garden trends 2020
A Gazebo or pergola is a great way to create shelter and stylish seating area in your garden.

Incorporating a shelter into your garden is most definitely one of the big trends we’re predicting for 2020. Not something new you could argue, we’ve had conservatories and the like around for many years now, but trust us when we say that simpler forms of shelter such as gazebos pergolas, awnings and garden umbrellas are being utilised to great effect by many designers. This trend is particularly pertinent here in the UK, where come summer, we want to use our gardens but sometimes the sun doesn’t always shine.

Biophilic design

House Planting
Biophilic takes house planting and incorporates it into the overall design of a room.

Biophilic is the latest buzzword to take the gardening world by storm. It sounds complicated but is basically a combination of traditional horticulture with interior design. Its something we’ve been doing at Lazy Susan HQ for a number of years. We are big fans of using green walls, vertical planting, indoor gardens, hanging plants and the like to add a little wow. Bringing that outside in to use a well-worn term. However, the indoor gardening trend has come along way in recent years, and interior designers are using large statement planting to create both interest and as way of dividing up space inside the home or office. Plus, the market has seen the introduction of some innovative planters and stands to help us better achieve the Biophilic look.

Embrace the curves

Embrace the curves
Are garden designers moving away from the linear to curved?

Many trends seem to come around from necessity or demand but some seem to appear almost in spite of the status quo. They happen or are pushed by those with influence simply to shake things up a little, as a reaction to what is happening. This trend definitely feels like that’s the case. After almost a decade of symmetrical clean lined urban garden dominance, many a garden design expert is talking about an imminent shift towards something a little more free form, softer and more curvilinear. Watch this space for this one. Lets see what we see at the forthcoming summer shows. I like the modern and linear but it can be a little clinical, so let’s see where this one goes, it certainly fits with the lines of many older properties here in the UK.

Repurposed materials

Repurposed materials
Timber is being repurposed in some innovative ways, from pallet furniture to natural wood planters.

Another trend that has been bubbling away for the past few years is a move towards making greater use of repurposed materials. Nothing new again, but what really brings this into focus in 2020 is the innovative use of items you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the garden. Railway sleepers have been done before, and many designers are thinking outside the box to create some truly unique garden art and focal points. A move towards a more ‘reuse and recycle’ mindset can only be beneficial to the environment too.

Wildlife friendly planting

Wildlife friendly planting
We should all be doing more to encourage wildlife into our gardens.

There’s a bit of a garden trend within garden trends with many of our selections for 2020. I think that’s more of general lifestyle thing. Many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Myself, included. And whilst I haven’t gone full vegan, I am trying to reduce the amount of diary etc, use my car less and so on. Gardening is no different. There’s more emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly methods and a big shift towards creating sustainable and wildlife-friendly spaces, no matter what size of plot you have.

As we’ve become more aware of the issues facing our planet, then trends are springing up (literally in many cases) that try to address these issue. The loss of local biodiversity, has driven this trend for gardeners to look at ways we can help to support our local wildlife. This could include growing a greater variety of native plants, to leaving our gardens a little wilder, letting fallen leaves and flower heads lie to form a natural compost or food for wildlife. It all helps to play a part. We need that wildlife as much (if not more) than it needs us. And as gardeners we can always do more, use less chemicals etc.

You can grow your own way

Grow your own way
Growing your own is the trend that keeps on giving

Just like our efforts to support local wildlife, growing our own food has been high on our agenda for a number of years now. I’ll be honest its probably a few years since we’ve blogged about it. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been active. Growing our own fruit and veg has been an obvious route for the Lazy Susan team and I to take in helping to better support the environment. It reduces trips to supermarket, we are using/wasting significantly less plastic and lowering our food miles. Several of the team and I have our own veg plots, its fostered a great spirit within the company, with much exchanging of produce taking place I may add.

So they’re the Lazy Susan broader UK garden trends for 2020. I’m sure we’ll revisit some of these in more detail over the coming months as there’s some really interesting things here. Any thoughts or trends you’d like to share with us, please drop them in the comments.

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