Lazy Susan’s garden trends for 2012

Forget all those predictions about impending “galactic alignment’ and doomsday 2012. From a garden point of view, this year promises to be very exciting for Lazy Susan and the wider world of gardening. Gardeners are now in a position to conserve water, take all the hassle out of gardening and save themselves some a little money in the process. These are our (please don’t hold us to them, as we have been known to get things a little bit wrong in the past) predictions for what’ll be the hot garden trends in the world of gardening this year…

It’ll be all white

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

White metal furniture has a special crispness to it. White just gives a balcony or patio a fresh playful look. It creates a bold statement without fighting against the green or stone of a classical garden. Described as “well-made” and “beautiful” buy our customers,  the white Lily set from Lazy Susan (shown above) is a stylish and classic metal patio furniture set made from solid cast aluminium that is designed for use outside all year round.

Classic and modern collide

Samantha Sunlounger

Furniture designs for 2012 will definitely feature a combination of modern and classic features. There were many examples of modern chair designs at last years furniture shows, with square tubes that then incorporated classic or flower laser cut details. Take our recently launched Samantha sunlounger that features an antique bronze metal frame combined with a modern black textaline mesh. The end result is a classically constructed sunlounger that features a chic modern twist thanks to the inclusion of modern materials and form.

Native UK Plants

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

Landscaping with plants native to the UK is now more acceptable now than ever before. Mixing native varieties into a landscape full of your classic cultivars is a quick way to add durability and unique truly English twist to your garden. Lazy Susan is a big fan of the Dog Rose (shown above) a large native fast growing deciduous shrub which has arching branches that bear two inch (5cm) wide white to pale pink flowers in June followed by glossy red egg-shaped hips in the autumn. They are also good for rose-hip syrup, and provide excellent bird food and interest in your garden during the winter.

Our New Year resolution is skinny trees & shrubs

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

Narrow trees and shrubs are in great demand. Nurseries are working hard to develop upright varieties of almost every tree out there. With landscape space at a premium, this trend will not change any time soon. In the Lazy Susan showroom garden we’ve created a lovely feature using Juniperus ‘Blue Arrow’ conifer’s (see above). It is a columnar conifer, which means it grows high and very slim, making it an extremely architectural specimen. Blue Arrow is very straight and narrow, with beautiful, shimmering, light blue foliage. Its an Evergreen too, so you get the blue foliage all year round, and its totally unaffected by wind, frost, ice and will even sit happily in a pot.

Think urban chic…

For consumers that like a little modern city glamour, the 2012 trend for urban chic will be right on the money. It offers extravagant design-oriented shapes and refined details. More and more of us are turning our courtyards and rooftops into chic city retreats.

All you can eat with an edible garden

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

Edible gardens are becoming very popular as a great way to feed the family, do your bit for the environment and save a little money in the process. Whether you’re planting fruit trees, or growing a vegetable garden, almost everyone is open to the idea these days. People are beginning to understand the importance of buying locally grown or sourced produce, which in turn is encouraging them to experiment with growing their own… This trend is only going to continue and 2012 will be a big year for the edible garden.

Renovate your garden

With our stuttering economy, a big trend we expect will roll over from 2011 is the move towards renovating your existing garden landscape. People are opting against moving as mortgages go crazy and are planning to stay in their homes for longer that they probably would of as little as 7 or so years ago. However, we still want a beautiful home and garden, and with us staying put for the foreseeable future, 2012 will see many people opting to invest in high ticket items such as garden furniture, landscape lighting, firepits, and low maintenance landscapes such as decking and patio areas.

Go big with colour or go home

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

Probably one of the most significant horticultural trends we (and its only our humble Lazy Susan opinion) expect to see taking off in 2012 is more experimentation and the addition of larger flashes of colour throughout people’s mixed borders, in terms of both flower bloom and foliage. Our local garden centre is seeing an increased demand for orange, certainly more than in last few years, and to be honest its a great flower colour when combined with grey/blue foliage plants. Black (such as the bewitching Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ shown above) and amber shades of planting will also continue to be a strong colour trend in 2012. Often viewed as an exotic colour in the gardening world, black and dark purple planting is not as elusive as it first may seem. People have already been left open mouthed by the drama that can be created with black plants, and as we learn to design planting schemes with them more effectively, they’ll only become even more popular this year. Amber shades of planting are also becoming very popular too and when mixed with black you can add some real sophistication to your borders.

Professional landscaping for less

In the current economic climate, competition between your local landscape companies has never been more intense. Its a big costly investment, so naturally, fewer commercial landscapes are being installed, so many of the larger companies are taking on smaller residential contracts and this shift has brought considerable savings to us, the homeowner. With plant prices also at an all-time low and competition high, there has never been a better time to have your garden professionally landscaped.

Water saving plants and products

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

The majority of landscaping professionals, in fact anybody and everybody in the garden(ing) industry are focussed on the issues surrounding gardening and water, be it the use of water or the recycling of water, people are trying to use the water they have as economically as possible. People are making sure they’re watering responsibly, choosing plants that aren’t too thirsty and incorporating sophisticated rain sensors into their irrigation systems. Water-wise plants are also the perfect choice for the water conscious gardener and if people (as we predict) go down this route, then you can expect an increase in Mediterranean style gardens in 2012. Light and spacious courtyards, textured hardscaping such as mosaic walls, unglazed terracotta pots and most importantly low-growing, drought-tolerant plants, trees and vines. In terms of water recycling, we expect to see many more UK gardeners are catching their own rain water in large barrels and cleaning or recycling waste water from appliances such as washing machines, especially as many local councils are now saying that saving water is not only important, but that it should also be mandatory.

Low-risk, high-value planting

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

Just as consumers are being more careful with their water usage in 2012, at Lazy Susan we expect to see green fingered consumers shopping smarter for their planing too. In particular, they’ll be looking for low-risk, high-value plants that not only look good in the garden center, but have a tried and tested success rate in the average British garden. Plants that have bred to withstand attacks from pests/diseases and that are also tolerant of climate and soil extremes across the UK will provide gardeners with much better value for money. And for us, you can’t go wrong with a classical selection of a variety of different annuals, perennials, and bulbs such as Forget-Me-Not’s, Geranium’s, Lupine’s, Iris’s, Pansies, Tulip’s and Periwinkle’s that’ll all lend an air of cultivated formality to your garden.

Synthetic rattan and wicker

Jill 4 Seater Rattan Wicker Cube Garden Furniture

It was big in 2011, but with some fantastic new designs coming onto the market, 2012 is gonna be bigger…

Seasonal interest

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

We’ve already published a blog to promote the winter garden, so when the weather gets colder, and the blooms are gone and leaves have fallen, we’re seeing more people keep their ornamental grasses instead of cutting them back in Autumn, so they can provide a little extra interest during the Winter too. For the same reason, they’re also looking for plants with winter berries, evergreens, barks of different colours and textures or deciduous trees and shrubs with dramatic architectural shapes. But they’re also adding plants that change with the seasons, offering new interest at different times of the year.

A little lost secret garden magic

Lazy Susan's garden trends for 2012

A dreamy, slightly nostalgic look is one that we think will be right on trend for 2012. UK consumers want their gardens to feel sensual and romantic, so we expect to see whimsical, fantasy gardens offering total escapism making an apperance at the likes of Chelsea flower show. Furniture designs will follow suit and people will be looking for classical, playful and light garden furniture that features traditional fluent lines.

About Lazy Susan

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a small family business that specialise exclusively in wicker, rattan and metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium. Visit to find out more and view our complete product range.

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