Get your children into the garden

Children love to do anything you do, especially when they’re little. The garden is the perfect place for them to learn about plants, planting, and the little beasts that help a garden grow. So if you want to get your children out into the garden, here’s a few ideas for you to try…

Get your children into the garden

The Garden as a Learning Environment

There’s so much for children to learn in the garden. Ask them what you need for the plants to grow, get them a watering can and ask them to help you water the garden. Its more fun if you get them involved, they’ll feel part of the job in hand. Explain that plants take time to grow and that they need sunlight and water.

Go for plants that grow quickly, keep them interested. Get them to create labels for their plants, or paint their own pots so they know which is theirs.

Gardening is also a great way to develop the physical skills that children need to learn before they start school, such as listening to instructions, concentration etc.

And young children especially love plants which stimulate the senses, anything with soft leaves they can touch or big flowers with bright colours. And what’s even better, is if they can eat them…

Growing Vegetables with Kids

One of the the most fun things you can do in the garden with your kids is to grow fruit and veg. There is no better way to introduce your children to healthy eating than growing-their-own?

It can be difficult to get them to even try veg, but trust me they’ll want to try it, if they’ve put the effort in to grow it. I can’t guarantee they’ll like it, but its a great place to start!

You don’t need a huge allotment either, there is no excuse, it is so easy to grow many vegetables in containers. Just for starters, how about growing strawberries in window boxes or growing potatoes in a planter made from an old tyre?

Here is a couple of great videos I found on YouTube. The first is a great little cartoon to get those of pre-school age interested, while the second and third look at some great veg gardening ideas specifically for kids…

To The Garden

It’s never too early to start little ones on healthful eating habits. Ask Nina and Jeff, two energetic mini-monsters who live in a garden full of wonderfully nutritious goodies.

Vegetable Garden Ideas for Kids

If your kids want to cultivate a green thumb, show them how to grow radishes, beans or other container plants with these easy vegetable garden ideas. Give your children a rewarding new hobby with the help of this free video on vegetable gardening by Rose Keppler.

How to Plant a Vegetable Garden for Children

More advice on planting a vegetable garden with these easy step-by-step instructions from Rose Keppler again. Children of all ages can learn from this free video on vegetable gardening.

Herb & Vegetable Gardening with Children

Gardening Expert Melinda Myers appeared on the Morning Blend to talk about tomatoes, herbs, a pizza garden and other fun and creative gardens and containers to get the kids excited about gardening.

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