Getting the best from a garden room

To put it simply, a Lazy Susan garden room is a fantastic, modern, innovative construction that will give you extra space without the hassle of moving house, building an expensive brick extension or building a conservatory that is too cold to use during the winter.

Today’s modern garden rooms are used in many different ways – office, gym, music room, art studio, games room, the list goes on. However, probably the most popular use for a garden room is as a home office.

The number of homeworkers and home-based businesses in the UK has risen dramatically over the last 10 years as more and more people take advantage of accessible technology and cutting out the daily commute.

The garden room has stepped in as the ideal way to keep your home life and work life separate, but a home office is just one reason to purchase. In this post we will look at the popular reasons why people invest in a garden room and how you can get the best out of this additional secluded space…

People purchase a garden room to maximise space, especially those with a limited budget, who’ve extended their home as far as possible or  maybe they simply can’t extend as the property is listed.

Building a garden room is different to having a traditional brick extension or conservatory, generally they are not attached to your home and therefore don’t always need planning permission depending on size and position.

With a Lazy Susan garden room they are constructed to withstand a Scandinavian winter, they are thermally insulated and double glazed, so when the temperature drops outside it will still retain heat, plus they can be fully plumbed and wired so you can have water and power.

A garden room will form an integral part of your garden, and if designed correctly, they will become a part of the garden rather than standing out. They are constructed on strong concrete foundations so will be sturdy and easily stand up to the UK weather.

Whether you need a garden office, garden studio, chill out or lifestyle space, this great video from Green Retreats shows you what you can achieve with a garden room:

Whilst this excellent short film from North Light Media looks at building of garden room for a home office:

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