Our favourite Christmas garden décor ideas

To help get you inspired for putting the decorations up, Lazy Susan has picked our favourite Christmas garden décor ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

With many of us looking to put our Christmas decorations up this weekend, the Lazy Susan team have got our heads together to compile our favourite Christmas garden décor ideas.

Now, we’re not talking the Griswold’s here. Anyone too young to know what we’re talking about with that reference, please Google it, and make sure you watch it this Christmas. It’s a classic! 

That said, we love Christmas, and the team love to “trim up” both at home and here in the Lazy Susan HQ. 

However, one area that seems to never find any middle ground is the garden. It is either an OTT grotto or nothing at all. 

We definitely prefer a less is more approach though, and there is some great Christmas décor that can make a real statement without creating discord with the rest of the space.

The customer below definitely got the memo with our Mia Garden Table looking fab styled with festive garland and candle centrepiece:

Mia Garden Table with Christmas Décor 

Our philosophy is not to try and be the most festive house on the street, just keep it simple… 

How about some fairy lights in a tree or bush out the front? Beautiful wreath on the front door? A centrepiece on your Lazy Susan Garden Table in the back garden? Maybe some seasonal planting? A few bits of patio décor for the children or grandchildren?

Outdoor Christmas décor is about so much more than inflatable Santas and light up Reindeer (although there is nothing wrong with either of those). And, of course, there are some classic staples like a good LED fairy light that just never go out of style. 

So, to get you inspired, we’ve picked our favourite Christmas garden décor ideas for this holiday season.

Hopefully, the Lazy Susan team can add to your existing collection of festive garden décor, help you change up the look a little bit, or maybe even inspire you to create a whole new look for Christmas 2021.

Garden Table Christmas Décor

One of the best ways to bring a little festive cheer to your garden table (as shown in our photo above) is with items such as lanterns, planters, wreaths, garlands, a festive centrepiece, etc.

Lights4Fun have some beautifully elegant lanterns that can be styled and dressed with candles or LED lights:

They also do these great Outdoor LED Candles:

Battery operated, sold as a set of 3, the flickering flame is perfect for their Lanterns.

On the planter side, Waitrose has these wonderful Outdoor White Winter Gardens that make for the perfect garden table centrepiece:

And if we're talking purely just decoration, then the 3-piece Rustic Robin Red Breast Statues from RapidShip on Etsy would look great on your garden table or patio:

Patio Christmas Décor

The patio can be the outdoor area where you can get a little more creative in terms of the décor elements you can incorporate.

You could highlight any pathways with these Outdoor Luxe Path Lights from M&S: 

And you just can't beat a good log reindeer! They are just perfect for a patio or by a front door. This one from RobinsonMade on Etsy has a great set of antlers and fab hat and scarf:

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your patio, then the Christmas Ball Ornaments on Amazon are brilliant and they can be used inside or out:

If you want to keep things classic on your patio, then it has to be these Potted Battery Operated Pre-Lit LED Christmas Trees from John Lewis & Partners:

Something a little more contemporary? Then we love Sarah Raven’s Snow Dusted Tree:

And for the kids or grandkids, how about this great Reindeer Parking Sign from the YorkshireWoodenDuck on Etsy:

Christmas Garden Lighting

We love these Habitat Set of 4 Christmas Tree Path Finder Lights from Argos:

If you want to hang something between trees, along a fence or from an arbour, then we would say festoon, and Festive Lights have you covered with their ConnectGo Large Festoon LED Lights:

If you’ve got a large tree on your property, then you can give that some festive bling with these dramatic Meteor Shower Lights from Amazon:

Front Door Christmas Décor 

A front door is a great place to tastefully set the scene for the rest of your property, and these door planters from Gardening Express are perfect.

Christmas Door Planters 

If you already have planters, then you can bring them to the party with some simply stylish LED lights from The Range.

As for the front door itself, in our opinion, a wreath is essential, and you just can’t beat The White Company for quality:

However, if you really want to make a statement at your front door, then how about this fab pair of Large Mr Snow & Father Christmas from White Stores:

Christmas Garden Décor Videos

If you're in need of a little more inspiration, then these are some of our favourite Christmas garden decor videos...

How’s It Growing have some great tips and ideas in their series of videos:

While Garden Answer show you how to make a wonderful DIY Christmas Door Swag in this next video:

Our next video is from Jessie at Tonkadale Greenhouse, and in it she shows us t how to make a decorative, outdoor spruce top pot that would be perfect on a Lazy Susan Garden Table:

If you wanted to have a go at making an outdoor winter planter then this video from Emily Hall:

Still in need of a little more inspo, then the team at House & Home have some great outdoor winter decorating ideas in this video:

And last up, if you need a little help in the lighting department, then this video from Lowes is a must-watch:

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