Outdoor craft ideas to do with the kids this Easter

The Lazy Susan team have selected some of their favourite outdoor craft ideas you can do with the kids this Easter. From Bird Pizzas to an Easter Egg Terrarium, hopefully, there’s something fun you can do at your Lazy Susan Garden Table during the Easter bank holiday with your kids or grandkids.

With Easter just around the corner, many of us are looking at (or have already started) two weeks off with the kids or grandkids, so we thought it would be nice to share a few outdoor craft ideas to do with the kids this Easter.

I know I’ve got my fingers crossed for good weather, as it means I can continue to get some work done at home and the kids can get busy playing in the garden. I’ve heard talk of a heatwave, but after last week's temp drop and snow, I won’t hold my breath.

If like many of us at Lazy Susan, you want to get them off their screens though, then a spot of garden crafting is one of the best ways to do just that. And there is just something about that long Easter weekend that makes it the perfect time to get the art supplies out. Be it baking or making, there’s a whole host of Easter-themed fun that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. 

However, if the sun is shining, why not get them to sit outside at your Lazy Susan garden table? Cover it with a cloth or some sheets of cards and get them busy in the fresh air. It keeps any mess out of the house and it’s much easier to sweep up or hose away when they’re done.

Lazy Susan’s Top 5 Easter Garden Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, then these are the Lazy Susan team’s favourite outdoor craft ideas to do with the kids this Easter:

1. Make a Bird Pizza from The Den Kit

Entice some feathered friends into your garden with this fun Make a Pizza for Birds Kit from The Den Kit. Simple to make and a great way for your kids or grandkids to feed birds who visit and possibly even invite a few more.

2. Paper Windmills from Baker Ross

Baker Ross has some great craft kits and a quick Easter search brings up a host of fun ideas. However, the Daffodil Windmill Kits get the Lazy Susan vote.  

Create colourful daffodil windmills with this easy to make kit. Each kit contains pre-cut card shapes, windmill sticks and instructions. The overall height of each windmill is 33cm and they're suitable for kids age 5+.

If you don’t want to go down the kit route and would prefer to make your own, then Ideal Home’s how to make a paper windmill article is easy to follow and great fun. 

3. Painted Easter Eggs from Amber Davenport

This is the quintessential Easter craft for us. If these were in any order, this would be number one.

The BBC Good Food's excellent Top 10 Easter craft ideas feature some fab Marbled decorative eggs in their number six slot. 

They look beautiful and are great fun to make and are perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

Amber Davenport has this great video (below) that shows you how she decorates her eggs with spring patterns using acrylic paints. 

You can use wooden eggs, hardboiled eggs, or hollowed-out eggs (Amber shows you how in the video).

4. Easter Cupcakes from Cupcake Jemma

Of course, they can’t be cooked outdoors, unless you’ve got an outdoor oven, however, they can certainly be mixed on your Lazy Susan garden table.

The Home of Family Baking has a classic recipe that’s perfect for Easter and one the kids will love to help you make. 

Cupcake Jemma has a great YouTube video below that shows how you can take the simple chocolate bird nest recipe to the next level.

And even if you can’t bake them outside, you can definitely eat them! 

5. Easter Egg Terrariums from Kitchy Kitchens

There are some amazing articles that show you how to build your own Easter Egg Terrariums. They’re super cute and great fun to make.

House Beautiful’s how to make an Easter-themed terrarium article shows you how you and your kids/grandkids could make a classic hanging terrarium filled with succulents and seasonal decorations (above).

Alternatively, The House That Lars Build have their super cute mini DIY Easter Egg Terrariums (above)

However, our favourite has to be the Kitchy Kitchens little egg terrariums (pictured above). 

After Easter, you can then plant the entire egg in the ground. The egg will add calcium to the soil and help speed up the growth of plants and keep away pests like slugs and snails away.

More Easter Craft Videos

If you’re still in a need of a little further inspiration, then the following videos are worth a watch:

The first video from Sweet Home runs through 20 fab outdoor easter decoration ideas.

The Hallmark Channel have this great video with Paige Hemmis showing how she’s getting ready for Easter with some fun and colourful DIY projects. 

Our friends over at The Little Crafties channel have this wonderful video with 10 cool Easter craft ideas that you can make at home with the kids.

Next up the lovely Alex Gladwin shares some of her easy Easter crafts for kids.

And last up are the good folks at Cleverly with their top 11 homemade decorations that you and your kids/grandkids can spruce up your home with.

If you’ve got any crafty suggestions you’d like to share with the Lazy Living community, then please drop them in the comment section below.

Happy Easter from all the team at Lazy Susan x

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