Hot UK garden trends for 2013

I know we recently posted a post looking at some of our favourite garden furniture trends and pieces for summer 2013. But there is so much happening in UK in terms of garden trends at the moment. We really have the outdoor decorating bug in this country and I’ve read some great articles online and in many of the leading national publications and newspapers over recent weeks. It has to be down to all this great weather we’re having.

This month I wanted to look at few more trends that have caught our attention here at Lazy Susan. Not specifically pieces of furniture or garden decor as we’ve done in recent posts, but more over-arching garden furniture trends and styles that people are using to influence or fit with their outdoor space as a whole.

The Outdoor Room is the designers choice

This Urban Garden Design by Katrina Kieffer-Wells at is the perfect example of an outdoor room

This urban garden design by Katrina Kieffer-Wells at is the perfect example of an outdoor room

We had to start with this one, no garden trends article is complete without it. It is a philosophy that is all over the press and is proving very popular with the savvy homeowner. Its a trend that’s been growing for several years now and is only getting more popular. This idea of  essentially extending your living space onto the patio.

As outdoor materials become ever more durable and more in line with what we would associate with interior design, such as outdoor rugs, for example, as well as outdoor throw pillows, outdoor lighting and other accessories. The key is to create groups of deep seating sofas, stone and glass coffee tables and end tables. Pillows, indoor/outdoor rugs, and planting will complete the look.

Transitional Garden Furniture is one of the top garden trends

Monterey Deep Seating Collection

Monterey Deep Seating Collection by Pride Family Brands

Transitional garden pieces are going to be another of the big garden trends this year. And by that I mean a hybrid between classic and contemporary style. Transitional outdoor furniture combines clean modern design cues with subtle hints of the more ornate decoration traditionally associated with more classically styled furniture.

Features such as sculpted seats, arms and backs for increased comfort are being coupled with the clean lines of minimalist design and modern materials and production techniques. It is all brought together to create the best of both worlds.

Your garden should be all about comfort

Zenna Sectional Outdoor Sofa Set

The Zenna Sectional Outdoor Sofa Set – Available at

Comfort is definitely a big garden trend in 2013! Plush cushions and inviting, oversized sofa style seating is a must when it comes to modern outdoor furniture. And if you truly want your patio to become an extension of your living space, then it should be every bit as comfortable as the rest of your living room.

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture is built to stand up to the elements

Quality construction is essential in 2013

At Lazy Susan we pride ourselves on both the quality of materials and construction that goes into our furniture. The days of carefully sitting down on a flimsy plastic chair or having that deckchair fold in on you are long gone. Modern patio furniture worth is solid, stable and durable. A wrought iron chair for example is tough and heavy, whilst cast aluminium will deliver the same strength without the extra weight.

The garden furniture shopper is becoming more discerning, our customers are asking more and more questions regarding materials, assembly and contruction. They’re more savvy than ever before, and demanding that what they buy, is built to last.

Space saving patio furniture is helping those of us with limited outdoor space

6 Seater Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set

6 Seater Rattan Cube Set from Lazy Susan – Seats Out

6 Seater Rattan Cube Set from Lazy Susan

6 Seater Rattan Cube Set from Lazy Susan – Seats In

Between the iffy British economy, more people of retirement age than ever before, and new families trying to get a foot on the property ladder, there’s definitely a trend towards building smaller housing. And smaller housing means smaller gardens. Space saving solutions such as stackable chairs, seating with storage, cube sets etc are increasing in popularity, and they;re more stylish than ever before.

Moving garden furniture is growing in popularity

Iron Glider Bench Seat

Iron Glider Bench Seat from

Another big trend that is gaining attention in 2013 is garden furniture that moves. And by that I mean seating that moves, be it rocking, swivel, swing or glider. Modern materials mean that any moving parts are less likely to rust and seize up, they’ll last longer than ever before with only minimal maintenance needed.

Garden furniture should have that natural look

Bogard Teak Garden 2 Seater Sofa Mama Green

The Bogard Teak Garden 2 Seater Sofa by Mama Green

In the colour department, natural tones continue to dominate framework. Neutrals such as grey, ivory, black, white and stone have a lasting appeal that sits so well on the patio and generally. Garden Furniture in an investment, so it makes sense to invest in quality of material but stick with a colour that isn’t going to date.

Cushion fabrics on the other hand are a totally different story. Bold, vibrant colours and prints that make a real statement are what fabrics are all about in 2013. Bright reds, oranges, greens, stripes, florals, anything goes. And it makes more sense to play safe with the furniture, but add a splash of colour with the cushions. Certainly cheaper to change down the line and stay on trend!

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