How to clean and maintain your timber decking

If you have timber decking, then it is important you look after it. Especially if you want it to last as long as possible! A good timber deck, if done properly, will always add significant value to your home.

However, I’m afraid that does not mean it is maintenance free. You will need to give it a little regular TLC if you want to preserve those good looks. If you don’t clean your decking then it will attract dirt and grime.

In addition, due to the fact we see our fair share of rain in this country, you run the risk of battling mold, moss and slime that will build-up on the surface. The only way to retain the appeal and integrity of a your decking is to make sure you regularly clean them.

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Cleaning & maintaining your timber deck

Many modern decks are created using pressure treated pine, which will easily last up to 40 years if its cared for and well looked after. However, there are still a few small problems that can occur such as splintering and discolouration.

Luckily, Lazy Susan has trawled YouTube and pulled together a selection of vids that will help you prevent these potential problems. And by following these simple videos that we’ve compiled, you can keep your deck looking in tip top condition…

First up is this video from Wattyl Weathergard Decking Water-Based Oil that will show you how to achieve a rich, transparent finish on your exterior timber deck and protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Whilst this video from Home Timber & Hardware looks at why you need a proper maintenance program to keep it looking at its peak. They say if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. So if you follow their simple steps, then you’ll get the most out of your timber deck for many years to come. For me this video is the pick of the bunch!

This short video tells you the three most important things you need to know about maintaining your deck: Preparation (repair, cleaning, other prep work), Staining (choosing a stain, applying a stain, when to apply stain) and Getting it Done (Do nothing or get it refinished; Hire a contactor or do it yourself; Working with a contractor). Plus they’ve got a full book on decks!

If your deck is a little weathered and worn, then this is video for you. A little cheesy but its a great video that looks at how to clean, brighten, stain and seal a deck, as well as how to fix warped boards and countersink nails.

And finally, in this video from, you can learn how to maintain your deck in top conditions for many years. And if you are looking for step by step deck plans, then I highly recommend you check out their website too. There you have over 12,000 deck plans that you can choose from and they’re all of the highest quality.

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