How to keep cushions on outdoor furniture

A cushion can make all the difference to the comfort of your Outdoor Furniture. Here at Lazy Susan we take our relaxation very seriously and have developed a range of cushions to suit your needs. Specifically designed for our chairs, they’re a must have accessory.

How to keep cushions on outdoor furniture
Lazy Susan keep our seat pad cushions on our outdoor furniture with a simple tie

Our Outdoor Cushions are made from a hard-wearing acrylic with a low-stress wipe-down surface. If you do need to wash the cushion covers, they all have a side zip for easy removal of the foam pad. Extremely strong, they require very little in the way of maintenance and will last for many years to come if looked after.

We have four colours to choose from: Stone – an excellent neutral, Navy Blue – a classic, Terracotta – a vibrant rust red and Apple Green – a fresh natural inspired hue. And all our cushions have cooridinating Parasols to match in the same fabric.

Our chair cushion pads feature a generous, supportive, 5cm thick foam pad for extra comfort. We have both seat pad cushions (a base pad) and high-back cushions (both base and back rest combined) depending on your preference. We also have cushions for our Garden Benches and Sun Loungers.

If you would like to order a fabric sample to see the cushion colours for yourself then please click this option on the website.

  • Easy to remove, machine washable cushion covers
  • Fast-drying, weatherproof material
  • Also available in 3 other stunning fabric colours

Highly practical due to its ease of use and fast-drying cover, you can leave the cushion outside come rain or snow as it is completely waterproof, and the cover includes a zip which allows the padding to be removed and the fabric to be washed. The cushion itself adds an abundance of comfort and style, providing the perfect place to relax by the pool or enjoy that sunny spot in your garden.

Tips and tricks to keep any troublesome cushions on outdoor furniture

If your cushions and pillows didn’t come with ties then you could take a chance that the wind will never blow and they won’t slip off when you’re sat on them.

However, over the years we’ve picked up a couple of tips for keeping them in place. As I say, ours come with tie tabs and are designed to fit/work with our furniture, but many don’t.

QIJOVO Outdoor Furniture Cushion Non-Slip Pads
QIJOVO Outdoor Furniture Cushion Non-Slip Pads

One option is to place a non-slip matt under the seat cushions such as those by QIJOVO (pictured above). They’re made from an eco-friendly PVC and feature a layer of soft foam mesh, so they won’t scratch your outdoor furniture but the non-slip effect is surprisingly strong. You simply cut them approx to size/shape and place under your seat cushions.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution but don’t feel confident enough to attach your own ties then Scotch™ might have the solution with their Scotch™ Outdoor Fasteners. They say:

Keep patio furniture cushions in place and prevent them from blowing away in stormy weather. Simply attach them to your furniture with Scotch™ Outdoor Fasteners. The fasteners are easy to apply and virtually undetectable. For furniture indoors, use Scotch™ Indoor Fasteners so chair cushions won’t slip when friends, family or little tykes sit down.

Scotch™ Outdoor Fasteners

If you’d rather attach a more permanent solution, then this How-to from the Family Handyman is one of the best I’ve found. The video below is another great easy to follow guide if you wanted to make your own seat tie outdoor cushions from scratch:

Another solution to this problem if you’re sewing skills aren’t up to the task is to apply sticky velcro strips to the underside of your cushions and the chair. This is more of a temporary solution as they do eventually unstick and will need replacing. However, a large strip you can cut a piece off to the desired size is pretty inexpensive.

Keep them clean

If your cushions are fairly new or they’ve been well taken care of, then you will only have to do a little gentle basic cleaning. At least once a year, you need to give your cushions a basic clean to help keep them fresh. 

If your cushions are zipped as per the type we retail at Lazy Susan or a velcro fastening, then remove them and place them in the washing machine using a low cycle and a mild detergent. 

To preserve the life of your patio furniture cushions, do not to wash the foam insert. If you saturate the foam inner, you run the risk of causing mildew or mold growth. 

If your foam inserts do get wet or you can’t remove the covers and therefore you have to wash together, then make sure you dry them completely before replacing the cover. 

Best way to do this is place between two towels, walk on the cushions to squeeze any moisture out and leave to dry against a radiator or in an airing cupboard if you’ve got one. Do not tumble dry or foam seat pads or covers!

In order to reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do on your patio furniture cushions (and prevent the need to replace them), it’s a good idea to be proactive. 

For example, consider spraying the cushions with Scotchgard™ Outdoor Fabric Protector before using them. This forms an invisible barrier which repels water-based liquid such as rain, wine and coffee and helps protect against stains, making them easier to clean in the future. 

Store your outdoor cushions indoors when not in use

The best way to cut down on the need to clean is to properly store the cushions during the winter and when not in use. We don’t get the weather too just leave them outside, even in the summer rain is inevitable.

Use airtight containers or a breathable storage bag to store them. Don’t wrap your cushions in plastic or store them in bin bags as this can encourage mould and mildew to grow if air is trapped inside the plastic. 

Protective Outdoor Cushion Storage Bags
Protective Outdoor Cushion Storage Bags from Cielive are available to buy in various shapes and sizes from

I’m a big fan of the Protective Outdoor Cushion Storage Bags from Cielive (pictured above). Designed specifically to protect your outdoor cushions they’re are constructed from a high quality oxford fabric which is durable, tear resistant, water resistant but breathable.

Lazy Susan Cushion Collection 2020

Our cushions can be tied to our outdoor furniture, are designed to fit perfectly on our chair collection and fully coordinate with our parasols. You can shop the full collection in our Shop.

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