How to Plant a Container Garden

In the second of this month’s always excellent eHow videos we wanted to showcase on the Lazy Susan blog, Yolanda Vanveen shows us how to plant the perfect container garden.

When planting a container garden, make sure the plants get enough sun, water and heat, and that you provide adequate drainage. Keep container garden plants covered or inside during the winter and follow the great tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video.

Container gardening gives you the ability to enjoy a wide array of flora and foliage without committing to keeping the plants in the ground as part of your landscape. Container planting is also ideal for people who live in apartments and don’t have access to large areas for gardening in the ground.

Small container gardening is easy, does not require soil or bark dust and can contain different plants in the same pot for different blooming times. Although small container gardening is easy, small containers can’t hold a lot of water, so learn when to water container gardens with tips from a gardening specialist in this video on plant and flower care.

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