Lazy Susan and charity: water do some good

We could be accused of blogging and sharing on social media about our Do Some Good campaign too often. However, we do it for very good reason.

We’re immensely proud of what the campaign has achieved and, with the help of our customers, we want those efforts to continue.

I wanted to share an exciting update with you that we’ve just received from charity: water, our principle Do Some Good partner.

All the money we raised back in 2017 has gone directly into funding a new well in Ethiopia. This is the reason why we started this campaign, and why we want to keep talking about it.

The project is now up and running. A well has been drilled, and a handpump is bringing clean water to a village called Maifen in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Exactly 200 people live there and this has transformed each and every one of their lives.

We say that water changes everything. We take it for granted but it directly impacts on so much – health, education, gender equality and dignity.

Maifen villagers using the newly constructed  handpump

Maifen villagers using the newly constructed handpump

charity:water in Ethiopia

All we can say is a massive thank you for your generosity. We couldn’t do this without our customers.

Through our Do Some Good campaign, we’ve made a substantial investment to support charity: water’s mission in Ethiopia.

As an official Water Project Sponsor, 100% of our donation has now fully funded one drilled well.

Ethiopia continues to be an important part of the charity: water strategy to bring clean water to those most in need.

And despite earning top regional scores on UN Millennium Development Goals, much of the country remains impoverished. 60 million people still don’t have access to clean water.

The northern region of Tigray was heavily impacted by civil war and, coupled with environmental degradation, remains heavily economically impacted. But thanks to the support of our incredible customers, we’re working with charity: water to change that.

Map showing the location of Maifen

Map showing the location of Maifen

Since 2007, charity:water have raised more than $86 million to serve the people of Ethiopia. Their local implementation partner, The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), funds a variety of solutions in the mountainous highlands of the northern region.

Specifically, the generous gift we gave them formed part of a $3.6 million commitment to construct 351 clean water projects, bringing clean water access to 70,000 people.

The REST program

charity:water consider REST their flagship program. Together, they’re elevating transparency in the sector and using technology to protect their impact.

With the support of a Google Impact Award, they’ve developed an innovative Afridev hand pump sensor to monitor the flow of water in the region in real time.

The charity:water plaque on the new handpump

The charity:water plaque on the new handpump

These sensors transmit information via a universal mobile SIM card, and the technology complements their partners’ existing maintenance program, giving mechanics even more resources to improve the functionality of water, sanitation, and hygiene programming in the region.

Do Some Good

We are just humbled to be involved with such a wonderful charity, and it’s been an immense privilege to witness first-hand how life-changing clean water truly is for those in need.

All the Lazy Susan team and I can say is again thank you for your overwhelming generosity. It helps bring the charity: water mission to life, and provides hope to their beneficiaries.

Lazy Susan Do Some Good

Since we started our Do Some Good campaign we’ve donated over £30,000 to this incredible organisation. And long may that continue!

To get involved with our Do Some Good campaign, all you need to do is take a photo of your new Lazy Susan garden furniture in situ and email it to us at [email protected]

For each set of photographs we receive, the Lazy Susan team will donate the following:

£10 for any set of customer photos of Lazy Susan furniture in your garden.
£20 if that set of photographs show our furniture all dressed up and ready for lunch or an evening BBQ.

It only takes a few minutes to take some snaps and do some good.

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