The Lazy Susan Do Some Good Charity Campaign

Corporate Social responsibility is important to us. It demonstrates to our customers that Lazy Susan take an active interest in charity work and wider social issues. Issues that are more than just about us making money and selling garden furniture. Of course those things are important to us, but with the success we’ve had, why not give back? Why not contribute to helping those less fortunate than us?

As a company, we pride ourselves on our customer service, our honesty, our integrity. Building a highly regarded and trustworthy reputation is critical to Lazy Susan. We want to build trust with our customers, and demonstrating we’re socially responsible plays a massive part in that. Furthermore, we’ve found that our fundraising campaigns have helped to boost the morale of our employees, opened dialogue with our loyal customer base, and genuinely got people excited about our products.

WaterAid Playing In Clean Water

Children playing in clean water from their new handpump in Hambale, Zambia. Photographer credit: WaterAid and Anna Kari

I truly believe, that every penny helps. Whatever we can do to support these good causes, then we should do it. The end results can have a life-changing impact on so many people and, equally, create a real sense of pride in the people who support it. As a business we’d continue to sell garden furniture without our charity work, but doing that little bit of good, well it just helps us to reap so many other rewards.

Lazy Susan Do Some Good

I’ll be honest I was a little unsure when I sat down to write this blog post. I really wanted to shout about all the great charity work we’ve done over the last couple of years. But then I thought, is that a little crass, will people just think it’s another marketing ploy? However, I said to myself that we should be proud of what we’ve done, so why not shout about it? It might just encourage more customers to get involved, it might even encourage other companies, be it suppliers, competitors etc, to do their bit for charity. So surely that’s a good thing?

For the majority of our campaigns, we’ve agreed to donate a certain amount to various charities for every photographed submitted by a Lazy Susan customer showing us their new garden furniture in situ. I’m not going to lie, all of us here at Lazy Susan have loved seeing them. People have got creative, we’ve had cute animal snaps, and for me personally, I love seeing the family parties. Seeing our furniture being used as it should, sun shining, smiling families enjoying a BBQ or a few drinks. Great stuff!

Lazy Susan’s charity work has supported a number of good causes

We’ve been busy too… On the 3rd December 2015 we raised and donated £4,000 to WaterAid and £338 to Unicef. On the 11th June 2016 we raised $4897 for, and then again on 11th August 2016 a further $3600. 10th September 2016 we donated $10,000 to, taking the total amount raised for this great charity to £19,138.

This year so far we have donated £2,600 to Food Cycle, £2,600 to the Children’s Food Trust and £2,500 to FareShare, the charity setup to fight hunger by tackling food waste. Thats a total of £26.7K, we’re proud of that, and proud of all those customers that helped us achieve it. And we’re not stopping there. Our charity work will continue…

How does our Do Some Good campaign work?

So how can you get involved with our Do Some Good campaign and how does is all work? Well basically, when you purchase any of our garden furniture products, all we ask is that you take a photo of your new furniture in situ and email it to us. And then the Lazy Susan team will do the rest, we will make a donation to our chosen charities…

We will give:

£10 for any set of customer photos of Lazy Susan furniture in your garden
£20 for your garden furniture all dressed up and ready for lunch or an evening BBQ

It’ll only take you a few minutes to take some photos and do some good. So please let’s get the cameras and phones out and please start snapping! Water diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

In 2016 we were delighted to align Lazy Susan with the charity: water organisation who are dedicated to solving the water crisis in our lifetime. Working across countries around the globe including Africa, Asia, Central and South America, they have a focus on helping rural communities get access to clean drinking water for the first time.

100% of the donations charity: water receive is used to fund water projects, and they’ve helped over 7 million people get clean water. In 2017 we’ve continued to support them, and we’ve also partnered with a few more good causes…

Our chosen charities for 2017


An organisation dedicated to helping solve the water crisis in our lifetime, with focus on enabling rural communities to access clean, fresh water.


FareShare take surplus food and re-distributes it via 20 regional centres, where it’s used by partner charities at breakfast clubs, homeless hostels and women’s refuges.


This important organisation promoting the Eat Better, Start Better campaign across nurseries, preschools, children’s centres and local authorities to help shape better eating patterns amongst children.


Food Cycle serve community meals across the country supporting people who are hungry and lonely. Incredible volunteers serve over 850 meals a week using surplus food.

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