Lazy Susan garden furniture assembly videos & PDF’s

Clicking ‘buy’ on your new Lazy Susan furniture is just the start of the process. The items need to shipped, delivered, un-packed and then assembled before they can be placed in your garden.

Most of our larger sets (4/6/8 and 10 seater sets) are shipped on a wrapped pallet. We aim to get 99.85% of all orders packed and dispatched within 24 hrs, delivered within 2/3 days.

Deliveries are made by Geodis, a trusted partner, who will take charge of your furniture from our warehouse to your front door.

Garden Furniture Assembly Videos

The new Lazy Susan garden furniture assembly videos

We ask the carrier to deliver the goods in a vehicle with a tail-lift, so the consignment can be lowered to ground level and delivered to your front door.

It is possible for the driver to use a pallet truck on a flat surface to manoeuvre the load a little too. However, this all depends on ease of access too.

The smaller sized items we sell such as our garden benches, bistro sets and some 2/4/6 seater sets we can send on a next-day delivery service. 99.94% of these orders are dispatched within 1 working day too.

We use a number of carriers including Parcelforce and DHL to deliver smaller items, depending on the dimensions of the goods.

Please make sure that you always give us a mobile number when you complete your order. The courier will then be able to text you the delivery date, and delivery slot on the day.

Full details of our Delivery service are on our Delivery & Returns page.

Unpacking and inspecting your new Lazy Susan garden furniture

Once you’ve removed all packaging, it is vital you inspect your new Lazy Susan furniture to ensure you’re happy with it.

If, before you’ve even unpacked, you think that your Lazy Susan order might be damaged, please accept the delivery but check the relevant box on the paperwork.

Sign your delivery note as ‘damage to tabletop’, ‘damage to chairs’, ‘damage to parasol’ etc. The delivery note must specify what is damaged, so that we can ensure a speedy repair or replacement.

However, rest assured that we will never avoid our responsibility. Our first priority is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your garden furniture!

We generally find that any minor damage such as scratches can be easily repaired with our touch up paint. In this situation we’ll usually offer compensation by way of free gifts or discounts for the inconvenience.

You will find full details of our Delivery & Returns policy over on the main site.

Our new garden furniture assembly videos & PDF’s

Assembly Instructions

The new Lazy Susan Assembly Instructions page

Anyway, I didn’t want this article to be about ordering from us. Yes, I appreciate it has kind of gone that way a little, but I felt the points we’ve made were pertinent.

The main point of this article was to promote a new section on our website – Assembly Instructions

We recently hired a YouTube’er to shoot new assembly instruction videos for us. This project is quite advanced, and the first videos have recently been uploaded to this section and our YouTube channel.

We wanted to provide easy to follow videos and make the PDF downloads (an example of which is shown below) of all assembly instructions easy to find.

The Assembly Instructions page is broken down into sections for easy navigation.

An example of a page from the PDF copies of our assembly instructions

An example of a page from the PDF copies of our assembly instructions

Lazy Susan furniture assembly tips

Our furniture videos are pretty self explanatory but it’s also worth sharing a little bit of our wisdom…

Start any furniture assembly by inspecting the floor where you want the new pieces to go, especially if you plan to assemble outside.

Sweep up any loose stones etc as they can damage the furniture as you manoeuvre it into position.

Choose where you plan to build the furniture carefully too. I always think it’s best to assemble our furniture where you want to put it. That way you don’t have to risk carrying it through the house where it could damage furniture or doorframes.

Make sure the surface you build on is flat too. And if that is outside, make sure you put something down to build on.

Table tops needed to placed faced down and they can be easily scratched. A large blanket or piece of cardboard is perfect.

Open up all the packaging asap as missing parts or damaged parts can occur. This way you can get straight on to us and sort a replacement.

Always open the packaging carefully, never with a sharp knife. Make sure you follow any packaging instructions that advise you to open this way up etc.

Lay all parts our on the floor. Clean each one with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt and inspect each piece as you go.

Get all the tools you need out and ready. A spanner is included and the only other tool you should need is a phillips/cross head screwdriver. No adhesives etc, our furniture bolts together with relative simplicity.

Try not to use an electric screwdriver as it is very easy to over-tighten and damage screws/bolts.

Use a tray with sides to organise all the different size screws, nuts, bolts and washers. This will make construction a little easier, and you’ll be less likely to use the wrong size bolt or lose a washer down a crack in the patio.

Avoid some of the common garden furniture assembly mistakes

To ensure pieces fit together evenly and that you don’t damages any of the materials, start by screwing all the hardware finger tight. Once all pieces are together, then tighten them slowly a little at a time.

In order to protect your hands, I would advise that you wear a good pair of DIY gloves when working with our furniture.

I swear by the DeWalt Finger Framer Gloves. They protect your hands but you still have the freedom to grip the bolts etc. And they are very reasonably priced too.

And one final little tip, to help the screws/bolts go into any pre-drilled holes, just rub them with a tiny amount of washing up liquid. Just helps to reduce friction and the risk of crossing threads.

Happy furniture building!

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