New Lazy Susan furniture for summer 2018

Product development is the life-blood of most businesses. More so in an industry so heavily driven by fashion, the latest home and garden trends.

Customers demand it. We need it. Without new products, Lazy Susan furniture would simply wither on the vine, finding ourselves left behind by our many competitors.

And whilst the design of many of the pieces in our collection would be best described as classically styled, timeless pieces that won’t go out of date if you like, we’ve chosen to innovate in other ways.

Our furniture appeals to British homeowner, it fits with the styling of our patios and homes. However, the materials used, many of the design features and the ergonomics of our furniture is all very much at the forefront of our industry.

Function is just as important as form. We want Lazy Susan furniture to look beautiful, but we also want it to stand up to the elements, to deliver all day comfort. After all, what’s the point of a good looking garden seat that hurts your back and fades in the sun?

Our collection has been fine tuned over a number of years too. We know what sells, we have a good feel for what our target market wants. We’ve worked hard to identify what works in this country in terms of colour, style and functionality etc.

We’ve focussed on cast aluminium as we feel it is the material best suited to the UK climate. Other materials we’ve stocked in the past such as rattan have let us down.

Customer service is important to us, and we want to know we’re selling a quality product. We want total confidence in what we sell. Easy to maintain, durable, designed to stand up to the sun, wind, rain, snow, you name it!

New Lazy Susan furniture for summer

It’s the start of June, summer officially starts on the 21st. And to be fair, we have had a cracking Spring. Best I can remember in terms of temperatures in a long time.

It’ll probably mean a hose pipe ban come July and August, but hey ho, if it means many a BBQ to come then its fine with me. Plus, from our point of view, nothing helps us sell Lazy Susan garden furniture like sunshine.

So now seems the perfect time to remind you of what new pieces we’ve got hitting the collection this summer. We did share this information a few months back, but never any harm in doing a fresh post…

Garden Sun Loungers

This year we wanted to focus on our garden sun loungers. The collection, while perfectly formed, was small. So we wanted to increase the colour options and bring a few more modern styles out. They’re the ultimate in garden relaxation. If the sun’s out, nothing beats lounging.

I always used to say that if you buy one piece of garden furniture, then get a garden bench. And whilst that’s probably still true, there’s definitely an argument that a couple of sun loungers might be a better option?!

The garden bench is the practical choice, especially for those with limited space. However, if your time in the garden is limited, then a lounger might be the best bet.

If you’ve had a busy week at work, you just want to relax for a couple of hours on the weekend, then the sun lounger is the perfect solution.

This summer we’re getting 2 new types of lounger from the classic range (Stella & Rose), which I’m afraid I don’t have pictures of just yet. However, watch this space as they’ll be available soon.

Amber Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

Amber Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

We’re also launching a slate grey version of our popular Amber style lounger. Pictured above in Antique Bronze, the slate grey variant will be available soon, and is guaranteed to be a popular seller.

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze & Champagne

Our new Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze & Champagne

Our Michelle lounger has proven to be another Lazy Susan furniture best seller. It combines comfort with minimal contemporary styling.

The weatherproof cast aluminium frame is clean, simple and designed to stand up to the elements, while the luxurious soft mesh weave delivers all day comfort. All those things we strive for with our furniture.

It was an easy decision for the Lazy Susan team to agree to bring to market a wide selection of new colour combinations. Michelle has proven to be both a popular choice here in the UK and across our Export markets.

We listened to customer demand, and this summer we are launching the following options:

  • Antique Bronze Frame with Blue Fabric
  • Antique Bronze Frame with Terracotta Fabric
  • Antique Bronze Frame with Green Fabric
  • Antique Bronze Frame with Champagne Fabric (pictured above)
  • Black Frame with Champagne Fabric
  • Slate Grey Frame with Blue Fabric
  • Slate Grey Frame with Champagne Fabric
  • Slate Grey Frame with Green Fabric
  • Slate Grey Frame with Terracotta Fabric
  • White Frame with Blue Fabric
  • White Frame with Champagne Fabric
  • White Frame with Terracotta Fabric


Jill Garden Table with April Chairs in Slate Grey

Our new Jill Garden Table with April Chairs in Slate Grey

Our slate grey colour has also proven to be a very popular choice since its launch, so we’re extending it with some exciting new pieces this summer. The beautiful picture above was taken by one of our customers in Italy and it shows our new slate Jill table with April chairs.

The slate grey range currently includes over 80 pieces, with many more coming this summer. You can view the full collection of slate grey Lazy Susan furniture over in our Shop.

Bistro Sets

Alessia Square Bistro Set

New Lazy Susan furniture for 2018: The Alessia Square Foldable Bistro Set in Slate Grey

Another focus for the product development team was to expand our range of bistro sets. The Alessia bistro set has proven to be one of our most popular styles, so we are going to launch it both antique bronze and slate grey (pictured above).

The team have also listened to customer feedback and improved the ergonomics of the chairs. They will now feature 3 slats instead of 2 on the back rest, to deliver even greater comfort, support and stability.

Our Zara and Rachel bistro sets (which are the same style as Alessia but with a square and rectangular table top respectively) will both be available in white, black, antique bronze & slate grey from Summer 2018.

And last but by no means least on the bistro front, we’re launching a new classic style set called Tulip in white and antique bronze. Sadly, I’m afraid I have not pictures as yet, but I will share them as soon as I can.

Garden Art

Lazy Susan Garden Art Sculpture

Lazy Susan Garden Art Sculpture

Summer 2018 will also see us introduce our first garden sculpture. Featuring a pair Crane birds this beautiful piece of garden art is colour matched to our antique bronze furniture. Hopefully, this will be the first of many coordinating outdoor art too!

Lazy Susan Bundles

The final piece of Lazy Susan furniture new I can share with is our plans to launch some new ‘bundles’. Interesting pairings with some great price savings. Very much a work in progress as I sit and type this post, so I’ll share some better examples and more info as soon as I can!

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