Patio furniture tips to get you ready for 2013

Summer 2013 might seem a long way off with all this talk of ‘frankenstorms’ and snow falling in October. However, if you spend the time now and spread the cost, you can be ready and waiting for the first rays of 2013 with some stylish new garden furniture. I mean, surely next year has got to be better than this one? I don’t think we saw more than 2 weeks of good sunny weather. So when we get the first glimpse of sunshine beckoning us outside into the garden, what better way to enjoy it than by relaxing on some spanking new garden furniture.

Therefore, in order to help you shop smart, we’ve compiled our latest patio furniture tips, trends, and tricks for the new year:

  • Exterior decorating
    We’ve posted a few articles on this subject recently and we are firm believers that your garden should no longer just be a place for the occasional family BBQ. You can transform it into an exciting ‘outdoor room’, think of it as an extension of your home, and design and decorate it just as you would any other room in your house. In 2013 we will see even greater emphasis on indoor-like items that have been designed specifically to function outside such as outdoor lighting, accessories, sofa style furniture, art, fireplaces, kitchens and outdoor fabrics.
  • Be brave with colour
    No longer should we be playing it safe with neutral colour schemes. 2013 is not just about being bold with flowers, bright colours are appearing on our garden furniture, and our patios are becoming bolder and much more fun for it. When it comes to outdoor furniture, Simple blacks and browns are now being mixed with vibrant colours, white, taupes and even shades of grey. Don’t go too OTT, but try and bring out some bold and bright colours with your outdoor fabrics on the cushions, parasol etc, while keeping the frames more neutral and natural looking and you’ll be on trend. For me, if we had to pick one colour that is going to be the must have for 2012, then neck out, it would be grey. Not what you’d initially pick as a bold, but in the garden furniture world it is and for some reason it just makes a great statement on your patio.
  • Be on the lookout for the latest materials
    Technology in our industry has moved at a phenomenal rate in recent years and we’ve seen some big improvements on the materials side. From exposed powder coated aluminium and stainless steel frames with colourful stain/mold resistantoutdoor cushions, to upholstered style outdoor sofa seats, there’s some fantastic innovation in the garden furniture sector. Keep your eyes peeled online and in magazines for the latest innovations and styles.
  • Furniture fit for a family
    Let’s be honest here, many of us have gardens that probably err on the wrong side of untidy. With dogs and small children running around, its can be difficult to maintain the wow factor with patchy dead grass and toys strewn all over the place. However, design your garden with the right materials and you can have both. You need outdoor furniture that not only stand up to the elements, but children and pets too. It needs to be easy to clean, easy to move around. You should be able to use the garden hose to wash away dirt without worrying that the furniture could rot and this is why cast aluminium paired with innovative new stain resistant outdoor fabrics will continue to rise in popularity in summer 2013.
  • Extendable garden tables
    Everybody loves inviting their friends and family over for BBQ in the summer, but with the latest in extendable garden tables, it’s a case of the more the merrier. They are ideal when it comes to catering for extra guests when needed, but not taking up vast amounts of patio space when not. There is now a fantastic range of practical, stylish and versatile extendable garden tables, in a wide variety of styles and materials, on the market. With more expected in the new year collections, you’ll have no problem finding range to suit your choice of style and budget.
  • Bring a little light to your garden
    Good outdoor lighting will add a whole new dimension to your garden; extending the time you can spend in it late into the evening and adding interest when you look out from your home. The key to good garden lighting is to choose the right effects in order to achieve a beautifully lit garden but without seeing any of the light fittings and fixtures. From multi-purpose illuminated tables, balls and squares are beginning to subltle up-lights set into the stone on your patio or timber decking. To be on trend keep the lighting soft and rechargeable to provide a nice comfortable light for entertaining.
  • Multi-functional and high-tech garden furniture
    How about a sun lounger with incorporated sound system? Yes, its coming… Multi-functional high-tech outdoor furniture is a trend to watch. And if you don’t believe me, keep an eye out for Vondom’s Faz lounger with incorporated sound system that is due to go on sale in 2013. We saw it presented at Maison et Objet, and it surely has to be the future!
  • The trend for wide weave rattan wicker furniture will continue inside and out
    In 2013 we will definitely continue to see the more ‘chunkier’ furniture, especially as the the popularity of wider weave rattan and wicker furniture continues to rise. Synthetic rattan and icker furniture that can withstand the elements is still the must have material because the technological advances in our industry are allowing the plastic rattan and wicker to look just like the real thing. In 2013 we also expect to see an influx of traditional style vintage looking synthetic rattan and wicker making a big splash. Shabby chic wicker in distressed whites and creams, will be the must have in modern synthetic rattan, woven over strong cast aluminium frames!
  • Glass and aluminium tables
    Mixed material outdoor furniture is a trend that has been bubbling under the surface for the last few years, but in 2012 we expect glass topped with an aluminium frame tables to be pretty hot. Consumers have always liked glass tops because they are super stylish and easy to clean… No little crevices for food to get stuck in and they can be wiped with nothing more than a damp cloth if they get dirty. Twin that with a light but sturdy weatherproof cast aluminium frame and you’ve got a match made in patio heaven.
  • Al fresco dining
    I think this has been my buzzword for 2012, but there is nothing like (weather permitting of course) eating outside, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a family BBQ in the early evening. We’ve had such a rubbish summer this year that I’m putting this in the list as I’m positive (I think) that we will have a better summer in 2013. Oh and in terms of a tip, just make sure that your seating is comfortable yet stylish, and that way, you and your guests can spend hours outside enjoying the sunshine. Go for tables that allow for social interaction – round tables are ideal – with one of our Lazy Susan’s in the middle of course to allow access to everything in the table.
  • The outdoor sofa is here to stay
    Again, another one of our big hypes in 2012, but this is a trend that just, well, makes sense. It will continue to rise in 2013 as more people want to bring indoor style and comfort outside. Many garden furniture retailers in the UK are now offering an outdoor sofa, however the best ones to choose for fuss-free relaxation has to be synthetic PU rattan and wicker. Not only do they look as attractive and are as comfortable the real thing, they can withstand regular use especially in the changing weather conditions that we regularly experience here in the UK.
  • Less straight lines and more curves
    And finally, to conclude our little list of tips and tricks for making sure your patio is on trend and taking into account that patio furniture generally tends to have many straight lines, this year we expect to see an explosion of more curved forms on our garden furniture…

And there you have it… Feel free to tell us if you agree, disagree or even pop back next summer and tell us how wrong we got it! But that’ll never happen!

About Lazy Susan

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a small family business that specialise exclusively in wicker, rattan and metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium. Visit to find out more and view our complete product range.

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