Use stylish lighting to complement your garden furniture

When the evenings get dark, it shouldn’t mean people can’t enjoy their garden furniture, thanks to the range of stylish lighting options available online and on the high street.

There’s now so many different types of outdoor lighting, its easy to find something that suits any type of outdoor space and compliment any type of garden furniture. Whether you go for candles on your table, fixed lamps or the fairy style lights, there’s something for everybody.

Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to give your garden a little extra character, illuminate key features and make your outdoor space a little bit more inviting when the sun goes down in summer or the dark evenings of winter.

Use stylish lighting to complement your garden furniture

Lanterns for example are a great way of introducing candles to your garden and they’ll prevent the wind from constantly blowing them out. If you have a sleek modern outdoor space, then Lazy Susan can highly recommend a Light Box, which can be mounted on the wall, is streamlined in terms of design and is made from simple glass and nickel.

A well-lit garden is most definitely ‘in’; a dark garden is ‘out’, and this is a growing trend that Lazy Susan is a little intrigued by.

Usually, we’ll work in the Lazy Susan garden in an evening, basically until we can’t see what plant we’re working on anymore. Good garden lighting will extend the usable time in your outdoor entertaining areas, but wouldn’t it be great idea to have some lighting that will help you to work into the evening.

Of course lights attract insects, so be careful what you wish for, but don’t let that put you off. Home garden lights is the perfect way to add some glimmering soft lighting to your outdoor garden decorations.

So why not redefine your outdoor living space? Your garden is not just about potted plants and grass here and there. It has a personality of its own and a well designed garden will really complement the overall look of any house. So let Lazy Susan run you through some of our favourite lighting tips, styles and accessories that are guaranteed to brighten up your garden.

But gardens are not just about vegetables and flowers… You can complement the way your garden looks with some unique garden lighting. The most basic thing to remember when selecting outdoor lights for your home is to pick a style that suits the style of your property and garden.

Don’t go for ultra modern solar powered post lamps if you live in a traditional country cottage. Keep things sympathetic to their surroundings. Plus, you are not going to use the lamps during the day, so it is vital that the lights function in a way that reflects the richness of the night.

One popular way to achieve this effect of lighting is by placing dim lights close to the beds of potted plants and that way you give them just adequate light to highlight without bathing your home in football pitch style floodlights.

You can also use outdoor lighting to highlight specific parts of features in your garden. Highlight lighting is one of the brilliant ways to add some interest to the key sections of your garden. For example, if you you have a large garden ornament or water feature in your garden then installing some soft lights around these will add to the charm of your garden at night.

Solar lights are definitely one of the most popular choices of garden lighting today. They are not only economical, they’re incredibly easy to install and will provide just the right amount of subtle light. A set of solar lights on a pathway, patio or driveway will help to make them safer and also ensure that nobody misses the main design features of your outdoor space.

Just remember to keep your garden lights subtle! Lights in trees, bushes and specific plants can add some real character to your garden. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, then go for lights that you can bury in the ground. And while this type of light is dim, it will provide adequate lighting to really bring out the beauty of your garden.

So what are you waiting for? Transform the way your garden looks with some simple garden lighting and make your outdoors as vibrant and beautiful as the interior of your home on an evening!

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