Lazy Susan on ITV’s Love Your Garden

We were recently approached by ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’ to see if we could donate garden furniture for an episode featuring a local lady who lives close to our head office.

Betty, is a 90-year-old lady from Fareham, who is partially blind from macular degeneration, and spends her time volunteering to help others who suffer from the same disease.

She can often be found abseiling to raise funds and awareness for the Fareham Macular Society. Yes, you read the right, abseiling at 90, simply incredible. Betty is one remarkable lady!

Macular degeneration is a condition that causes loss of central vision in both eyes. But that hasn’t stopped Betty…

She has abseiled down the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth – not just once but six times – as well as founding two organisations and continuing to volunteer in and around Fareham.

White Mia 4 Seater Garden Set

White Mia 4 Seater Garden Set

Why Lazy Susan agreed to donate to the show

Through our Do Some Good campaign, we as a business, have tried to do our bit for several charities that are close to our heart. However, it has been a while since we’ve donated any furniture to a TV makeover show.

Most of them are just looking for a freebie, and that’s OK, we get some some positive promo out of it. People get to see our products etc. But this one was a bit different, you can’t help but be inspired by Betty.

We wanted to get involved, and we were more than happy to help the show create her dream garden by donating a Mia table (pictured above) with 4 April chairs and a Claire coffee table.

Betty’s episode was aired on the 24th July 2018 on ITV, so if you missed it, then please head over to the ITV Hub where it is available to watch for the next few weeks.

Alternatively, the 4 minute YouTube video below gives a short overview of the episode:

What is Love Your Garden?

If you’ve not seen Love Your Garden, it’s a fab show, a big favourite here at Lazy Susan HQ. Gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh surprises deserving people across Britain by transforming their outdoor living spaces.

Alan and his team of experts nurture neglected gardens and turn them into something stunning, all while sharing handy hints and tips.

However, what we really love about the show, is the finished gardens aren’t just some over-the-top-look-good-for-TV Chelsea style show garden. They function for the people who’ll live with them. The designs are achievable, with ideas we can transfer to our own outdoor spaces.

Donation to ITV's Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Betty sat in one of our April chairs enjoying her garden

Why we decided to support Love Your Garden

The show was first broadcast on ITV back in June 2011 with Alan at the helm and his team of co-presenters David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill.

Presenter Alan Titchmarsh of ITV's Love Your Garden

Presenter Alan Titchmarsh of ITV’s Love Your Garden

The first series saw Alan visit a range of different ‘theme’ gardens around the UK, specific to the topic of each episode, and advising viewers on how they could transform their outdoor spaces in the same way.

However, since the second series Alan and the team have focussed on the gardens of people who they describe as “deserving them the most”.

From injured veterans to those who give to their local community, the team has set out to transform their gardens, and hopefully their day to day lives in some way too.

Betty with Alan and the Lazy Susan Garden Furniture we donated

Betty with Alan and the Lazy Susan Garden Furniture we donated

And most important of all… Betty loves her new garden

With Betty’s garden, Alan and the team wanted to make it more accessible, visually more striking and they even added a more personal touch with a beautiful portrait of her from her theatre days.

About her new plot, Betty was quoted in the local paper as saying “I’m absolutely delighted by it. The first thing I do every morning is look out the window to check if it’s still there. It honestly feels like I am still dreaming a bit. Beforehand my garden was a bit of a concrete jungle, so they started from scratch with it and have done a fantastic job”.

A stunning water feature based on the Spinnaker Tower, wide access steps, sectioned beds, raised planting, and of course her new Lazy Susan furniture, all combine to create a garden perfect for Betty. Watching the episode you can clearly see that Alan and the team made her dream garden a reality.

Alan with the Love Your Garden team

Alan with the Love Your Garden team

Of Alan she said he “is the loveliest and kindest man I have ever met. We went for coffee together at the Spinnaker Tower and he was great to chat to”.

She continued “I get such joy from doing things for other people, and I am incredibly grateful that people have organised to do something as lovely as this for me”.

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