How to care for and maintain your wooden deck

If you have a wooden deck then it is important you look after it. Especially if you want it to last as long as possible! The majority of decks we have in the UK built from pressure treated pine, which can easily last up to 50 years if its looked after correctly.

However, there are still a few small problems that can occur such as splintering, warping, staining and fading. Luckily, Lazy Susan is on hand to help you prevent these potential problems, and by following a few simple steps that we’ve compiled, you can keep your deck in tip top condition.

Maintaining your Deck

To start with, if your deck has only just been installed then you really should start by sealing it. Wait a couple of weeks before you actually do this. After it has been sealed you should then reseal it once a year.

You should also make sure to spring clean the deck at least once a year too, clear away all the much that builds up over the winter. To clean the deck properly you should first remove all furniture, planting etc. 

Give it a good sweep to get rid of all the loose dirt. And whilst doing this keep an eye out for any loose screws or nails, any damage at all really. If see any problems, then fix them right away before you start cleaning.

When that’s done, get the hose out and wash down the deck before with a timber cleaning solution. This will remove the more ingrained dirt that tends to build up, especially around planters etc. Always make sure you check the instructions of any cleaning products before you use them. Timber is very easy to damage if care isn’t taken.

If you’ve got pressure washer, then use it. They’re the best thing to remove any ingrained dirt/stains. Just be careful that you don’t use too much pressure as believe it or not these things are pretty powerful and you can easily damage the timber.

Re-staining your Deck

If your deck has been neglected and is way beyond a spring clean, then its probably time to re-stain it. Between being walked on and the British weather, decks take a a fair amount of abuse. Therefore, you’re generally looking at re-staining them every few years or so anyway.

Choosing the right stain to start and proper preparation are the key. Whichever stain you choose, it needs to be easy easy to apply, provide a high level of protection and keep your deck looking like new for a good few years. My advice, shop online, and read the consumer reviews.

The normal ‘staining’ process of a deck is to start by using a transparent or semi-transparent stain for the first few years after installation. As the years go by and the timber gets a little bit more damaged, switch to a semi-solid stain and then eventually on to a solid stain when that won’t cover the mildew, mold stains etc that build up over time.

The transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid deck stains offer the least amount of protection and need to be redone every 2 years or so. However, they often look the best and require the least amount of prep work. Solid deck stains, on the other hand, require a little more prep work to get the best finish, but they’ll usually last up to around the 5 year mark.

This is a great video from B&K painting showing you how to properly stain a wooden deck. What tools to use and a good deck stain that will last for years:

Whilst this video from Loewes offer some excellent advice with regard to the preperation side:

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