Match your garden furniture to your lifestyle

If relaxation is of paramount importance when you’re buying new garden furniture, then there’s a vast selection of different products on the market to make your outside space as comfortable as the inside. For those who like lying in the sun if it ever decides to shine, you’ve got extended reclining garden chairs that are super comfy to luxurious outdoor sofa sets that offer a great laid back alternative to the formal dining sets. At Lazy Susan we hear many a tale of people spending large sums of money on super stylish furniture that nobody ever sits on as it is just too uncomfortable. By all means, if you’ve got the money and inclination to purchase such a set for appearance and then keep your comfy chairs in the shed to be dragged out when needed, then go for it. But surely it would make more sense to do your research and find a set that is both comfortable and stylish?

Emily Square Rattan Garden Furniture Set

With such a wide variety of garden furniture online and in-store, choosing what to buy can be tough. Making the right choice will ensure your garden looks spectacular in any season. However, get it wrong, and your garden furniture could ruin everything. You probably already have an idea of the type of furniture you want, but if not, then start by deciding what type of garden furniture you want. Do you want a large oval garden table and six chairs to entertain with? Or are you after a small two seater bistro table that oozes quality yet won’t overpower the rest of your garden or patio?

Think about how you currently use or plan to use the space. Do you have the space for a set of table and chairs or is there barely room for a garden bench? How do you use your outside space – do you prefer to dine al fresco, or sun bathe on a comfortable reclining chair or sun lounger? If you want to treat your garden as simply an extension of your home that just happens to be outside, then what about a garden sofa set with a small coffee table? For gardens and patios with plenty room, there are many other types of garden furniture you can choose from. If you have established trees or walls that can be used to support weight, then you could go for a hammock, day bed or even garden swing seat.

At first glance, choosing new garden furniture appears to be a pretty simple task… Many people think (and do) just walk into their local garden centre, pick up a table and chair set and its job done? Well that’s fair enough, however, your garden should be the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life, so it really does pay to take a little time to carefully plan how you want your garden to look. When choosing furniture for your garden there are many things you should take into account. So before you buy just any old piece of garden furniture, here are a few basic questions that will help you decide what type of garden furniture is best for your outdoor space…

No matter how small or large your outdoor space is, there are many different styles and materials you can choose from that will all look great in your garden or on your oatio. It may seem like common sense, but choosing inappropriately sized furniture for your garden size is a common mistake that we see at Lazy Susan time and time again. For example, if your garden is a tidy, compact affair, you will really suffer if all available space is taken up by a large table and chairs that you can’t put away. As we’ve already said (and is something of a Lazy Susan mantra if I’m honest), think about what you’ll be using your garden for? Will your garden be primarily for you to sit and read the morning papers while eating your breakfast? Or a place for family to eat together on warm summer evenings? Or even a space to entertain friends with a BBQ? However you use your garden, it definitely helps to have a clear idea of this in mind before spending on garden furniture.

It is also important that you have a good idea of what kind of material you would like your furniture to be constructed from (and what will work for you) and choosing garden furniture can become overwhelming because there are so many different materials and hundreds if not thousands of styles made from those very different materials. The type of materials that you choose should depend on your personal preference but also on things like the local climate where you live, whether your patio is covered or uncovered, your budget and several other factors, with the most common materials in the UK being wood, wicker and rattan, metal, and PVC/plastic. However, by keeping in mind how you use your outdoor space and carefully thinking things through, selecting the right type of garden furniture material for you can be relatively straightforward.

  • Wooden Garden Furniture
    Wooden patio furniture is very popular and and if cared for properly can last for many years. In general, wooden patio furniture can stand up to the elements like very hot sun or summer storms pretty well. However, if you decide to use wooden patio furniture you should treat it with a water resistant coating to protect it from drying out in the sun or becoming damaged from being out in the rain. It is a good choice if you do a lot of entertaining because it’s very strong and rigid, thus can accommodate people of all different sizes. It’s also simple to change the look of wooden patio furniture with just a new coat of paint in the color of your choice. Good quality wooden patio furniture can be expensive but if you carry out regular maintenance every few years, the furniture will last.
  • Wicker Rattan Garden Furniture
    If you like to change the decor of your patio frequently and don’t want to have to buy new furniture every time then wicker & rattan patio furniture would be a good and decent choice for you. It is durable, light weight and to a certain extent – flexible, making it great for patio furniture that needs to be brought indoors or moved frequently. Wicker is actually not a material by itself. Wicker is the end result of weaving rattan with other materials, usually bamboo slats, to make furniture. Rattan easily accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colors and it can be worked into many styles. Both rattan and wicker furniture is a less expensive alternative to hardwood, if you want to have furniture that is made from natural renewable resource. Rattan garden furniture does not require a lot of maintenance and can be used in or outdoors all year round.
  • Metal Garden Furniture
    Metal patio furniture is often a more economical choice compared to hard wood type especially for people who want the stability of wood but don’t want to spend too much money. Metal furniture is also great for people that want furniture that has low maintenance costs because most metal furniture doesn’t require the same degree of maintenance that wooden furniture does. There are three main types of metal patio furniture that you can choose from, including wrought iron, cast aluminum and tubular steel. Wrought iron is probably most expensive type but it is incredibly popular, adds a very classic feel to a patio and offers a high level of durability. On the downside, wrought iron furniture is heavy so it is difficult to lift (although this too can be as positive as it won’t blow away in strong winds) and it requires a little upkeep to prevent it from rusting. Aluminum is often used commercially because it’s so easy to maintain, light-weight and tough. Hotels, public pools, restaurants, resorts, and other types of businesses that deal with the public often use aluminum patio furniture for their outdoor patios. Aluminum is a very much lighter metal than wrought iron so if you will frequently need to move your furniture, aluminum may be a better choice. Aluminum furniture can be a bit pricey for some people but the cost is negligible over time as aluminum patio furniture will last for many years to come. Tubular steel patio furniture is the least expensive type of metal, but it still has some of the durability that other types of metal patio furniture have although it is not as strong as aluminum or wrought iron. Tubular metal doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can lasts for a long time, but it can easily become bent/dented and can never quite be bent back into its original shape. It is also light enough to easily be blown away in a strong wind.
  • Plastic or PVC Patio Furniture
    Plastic or PVC patio furniture is the cheapest option and can be easily found at most garden centres/DIY stores. Plastic or PVC patio furniture is easy to maintain because all you need to do for cleaning is simply wipe the dirt off with a little bleach and washing up liquid. It stands up well to the elements (except strong winds) and usually it will only last for a few years or so. They’re not very sturdy and can break easily, plus there is a high possibility it becomes a safety issue if you have small children using it as does have a tendency to tip over. If you are looking for some low cost patio furniture to see you though a couple of summers, then plastic is the best choice but just don’t expect them to last too long.

To complement your furniture why don’t you add a few pillows or some outdoor throws and up the comfort factor further? Just remember to store them properly. It is not advisable to leave outdoor pillows (or any outdoor fabrics for that matter) out in all weather as they will fade and start to look weathered. Also, purchase pillows that are made from a material that can be removed and washed in your washing machine, as this is a big help in the battle to keep them looking good. Also, consider the available storage space you have.

The British weather is unpredictable at best, so its important to take into account whether your garden furniture will survive for long periods in the open. You may have room to store your furniture in your shed or garage. However, depending on the size of the furniture you choose, it may be easier and more practical to keep them outdoors with covers over them to protect them. Rattan especially can be left outside through the winter and will not rust, making it an ideal choice for those with little or no storage space and a simple cover will help to keep the dirt off. And at the end of the day, any garden furniture you purchase should be built for comfort and durability, as well as fashion and style. You should always match your garden furniture to the style and decor of your garden. Good garden furniture should always compliment the landscape and new furniture is just like choosing living room furniture or dining room furniture for your home, and your bottom should agree.

About Lazy Susan

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a small family business that specialise exclusively in wicker, rattan and metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium. Visit to find out more and view our complete product range.

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